Tria vs. Philips Lumea: Which Hair Removal is Better?

Tria vs. Philips Lumea: Which Hair Removal is Better?

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Are you looking for an at-home hair removal method that makes you hairless for months or years? Have you come across IPL and Laser hair removal procedures while scrolling? But you are not sure how these technologies work and which device you should buy.

While IPL devices have been around for years, you might not have seen a laser device that can be used at home. So, here we are with one of the top IPL devices in the market, Philips Lumea, and one of the most effective laser devices, Tria Beauty.

Before getting into the details of these devices, let us see how these devices actually work to eliminate hair from the roots.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser

triaTria Beauty 4X hair removal device uses Laser to kill hair follicles. Its small round window delivers a monochromatic beam of light into the hair, which is absorbed by hair roots, destroying them and putting the hair into a resting phase.

This energy-dense light only targets hair with no effect on the surrounding skin. However, you might feel skin irritation, stinging, and mild burns after your laser session. Moreover, it can also be used on dark skin tones, unlike IPL devices.

Philips Lumea IPL

Philips Lumea 9000 is the latest series of Philips IPL devices. However, Philips Lumea has other series like Prestige and Advanced. It uses a non-coherent polychromatic beam of light that is absorbed into the hair roots. Thus, it also destroys the hair follicles just like a laser.

The difference between the two technologies is that IPL technology works by targeting the difference between skin and hair color while Laser only focuses on hair pigment.

Tria vs. Philips Lumea: Which One is Better for You

1. Design: Winner - Tria Beauty

Both Tria and Philips Lumea are gun-shaped devices. Philips Lumea can be used with or without a cord while Tria Beauty is operated on a battery. The stem of Philips is straight while Tria has a curved handle which makes it easier to hold.

The light window of Philips is rectangular to target more hair at one time while the window of Tria is round that specifically targets a few hair follicles at one time. Moreover, Tria Beauty has a digital display that shows battery level and intensity. It also has fans to cool down the device.

Tria Beauty laser device wins with its digital display and easy-to-hold handle.

2. Skin Tone Compatibility: Winner - A Tie