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4D Shaver vs. Blade: Which is Better for You? (Pros & Cons)

By Jason
May 9, 2023
6 minutes

Men have been trimming their beards for centuries to look younger, well-groomed, or just follow up the dressing code of their fellows. They mostly use razors or electric trimmers for their routine shave. Similarly, women have been shaving their bodies and recently their faces as well to look cleaner and make their skin smoother.

Initially, a manual razor was the only option for shaving. However, a few years back electric shavers started gaining popularity and now people find themselves confused when it comes to choosing one of these.

If you have used both, you can vaguely feel the difference. But if you are new to shaving and want one for an ultimate shaving experience, let us help you by stating the features of both along with their pros and cons in his article.

4D Shaver vs. Blade

KeyPoints of 4D Shaver vs. Blade

Here are some major features of hair trimmers like blades and 4D shavers that make them from other methods of removing hair.

  • Both 4D shavers and blades cut the hair from the surface of the skin. However, the process of cutting hair is different in both.

  • In an electric shaver, there are two blades or a blade and a foil that traps the hair and cuts it from both sides while the single blade of a manual razor cuts the hair in one stroke.

  • Common types of blades include cartridge razors, disposable razors, safety razors, and straight razors.

  • Basic types of 4D shavers include foil shavers and rotatory shavers.

  • A blade gives the closest shave and cleanest skin.

  • Electric shavers are more feasible to use but the shave is not much close.

  • 4D shavers come with multiple attachments making them versatile and easy to use.

  • Blades can only be used on wet skin. You can dampen your skin with shaving creams or gels.

  • 4D shavers can be used on dry or wet skin making them more suitable for people who want to shave on the go.


Comparison Table

Here is a table for comparing 4D shaves with manual blades.


4D Shavers


Power Source

Electricity or batteries






$50-200 per set

$10-50 per set

Closeness of shave

Less close


Neatness of skin

Less smooth

More smooth

Hair regrowth

1-3 days

3-6 days




Compatible with dry/wet shaving



Shaving on the go



Safer for skin



Side Effects

Occasional ingrown hair and bumps

Cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair

All About 4D Shaver

Philips A 4D shaver is an electric razor that utilizes energy for its operation from main power or batteries. So, it can be corded or cordless. Additionally, some of them can only be used on dry skin while others are compatible with both dry and wet shaving.

Electric shavers use rotary blades or foils to cut the hair like scissors.


Below are the advantages that help electric shavers take the lead over blades.

  • 4D Shavers can be used for a variety of purposes like trimming beards, removing hair from the face or even eyebrows, and grooming body hair.

  • They are easy and safe to use as there is no risk of razor cuts and nicks.

  • Electric shavers are faster than manual blades. So, all you need is a few minutes to get done with shaving.

  • These easy-to-clean shavers need no products like shaving foam, gel, or cream to remove hair allowing you to shave anywhere anytime.

  • Electric shavers often come with a warranty. In addition to this warranty, they can last for a few years if they are maintained well.

  • 4D shavers are more suitable for people with sensitive skin and shaking hands.


Following are some disadvantages that might make you reconsider 4D shaving.

  • Shaves with 4D shavers are not very close to the skin. So, your hair began to sprout out within a day or two. Also, you can see some hair with blunt ends because they are not trimmed at a deeper level.

  • 4D shavers cost a few hundred dollars making them expensive.

  • Also, there is always a chance of losing or damaging the attachments of an electric razor.

  • If electric shavers are not used according to the instructions, the experience can be uncomfortable.

  • Some electric shavers are only compatible with dry shaving and there is no option for wet shaving.

  • You may forget to change the batteries of your shaver or electricity might not be available on the go. So, you cannot shave.

  • Electric shavers are heavy to hold, carry, and use as compared to manual blades.

  • It might take a little time for you to get used to electric shaving.

All About Blade

blade A blade is a manual razor that uses single or dual sides blades to shave off unwanted hair from the face or body. There are razors with horizontal heads for body hair while razors with tilted heads for facial hair in women.

Razors are classified into disposable and refillable types. Disposable razors are disposed of after a few shaves while refillable razors come with replaceable blades and durable bodies.


Blades are still in the game of shaving because of the following reasons.

  • Manual blades offer closer shaves and make the skin look smoother and cleaner.

  • These manually controlled blades are easy on the pocket and each blade can be used for 5-10 shaves.

  • They are lightweight and easy to carry. So, they are travel-friendly.

  • Safety razors are mostly the first equipment people try when they start shaving.

  • Razor blades are easily replaceable.

  • There is no need for electricity or batteries for using them.


These disadvantages of blades make electric shavers better for shaving.

  • There is an increased risk of razor burns, cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair after shaving with manual blade razors.

  • Razor blades need to be replaced every now and then.

  • They cannot be used on dry skin. So, shaving gel is a must.

  • The accumulated cost of manual razors exceeds that of electric shavers.

  • It takes a long time to shave with a manual razor as compared to an electric shaver.

  • Blades are not suitable to be used on skin conditions like moles or sensitive skin.

  • You need to be careful while shaving with a new sharp blade.

How About IPL Hair Removal Instead of Shaving with a 4D Shaver or Blade?

Ulike Hair removal with a shaver, whether a 4D one or a manual blade can be quite challenging for people new to shaving. Also, the obligation of shaving regularly makes one frustrated and loathe unwanted hair. But we want you to take it easy and try some other method for removing hair if shaving gets too overwhelming.

One of the methods we like the best is IPL hair removal for several reasons. Let us tell you those reasons here taking Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Handset as an example because this amazing handset is gaining popularity lately.

No Need to Shave Every Other Day

Using a manual blade will make your hair grow back within a few days and shaving with a 4D shaver will make you hairy within a day or two. While using IPL hair removal devices will save you from scheduling hair removal every other day.

With the Ulike Air3 IPL device, hair regrowth is reduced significantly within 3 weeks making the spans between your sessions longer and longer.

No Razor Burns, Bumps, or Cuts

No matter how careful you are, as long as there is a blade, foil, or razor, you are exposed to the risk of skin redness, burns, cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair.

Although the first step in using IPL devices is shaving, Ulike Air3 IPL handset treats unwanted hair in a way that you experience no such side effects.

No Chances of Pain or Infection

Shaving can be a little painful if you have sensitive skin and it can cause infections as well when the shaver is not well-sterilized. On the other hand, the Ulike Air3 hair removal IPL handset makes hair removal pain-free and safe with its revolutionary 4 steps ice-cooling technology.

Ulike Easy and Speedy Treatment

Although shaving takes only 10 minutes for the face, you spend a much longer time period in shaving your body. So, if you lack free time, resort to IPL hair removal.

Ulike Air3 IPL device only takes a few minutes to half an hour to treat the full body along with the face. Moreover, the device is user-friendly with its simple settings, comfort modes, and intensity levels.

Affordable in the Long Run

Manual shavers might seem cheap at first but having to buy razors often makes them expensive. Similarly, while you only spend $50-200 on a 4D shaver, it does not last for a whole lifetime.

On the other hand, Ulike Air3 stays with you for your whole life because of its durable build and unlimited flashes.


Shaving is a safe and relatively painless method of removing hair from the body as long as you know how to use a razor (electric or manual) skillfully. Both have their pros and cons as we talked about earlier. So, choosing the more appropriate of the two is completely a personal choice.

But if you want a device with better results and a better experience than both, give IPL hair removal a go.

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