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10 Top Beautiful Fitness Women & Girls To Follow On Instagram

By Viktoria
June 16, 2023
6 minutes

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging in today’s sedentary society, but there are beautiful fitness female influencers on Instagram who can inspire us to make positive changes. These women&girls not only share their workout routines and healthy meal ideas, but they also promote a balanced approach to fitness and self-care.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest fitness women and girl influencers on Instagram who are encouraging young people to prioritize their health over screen time. From yoga gurus to weightlifting queens, these influencers are dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

We’ll delve into the most famous social media accounts of these beautiful fitness influencers, exploring their work and what they believe when it comes to health and wellness. Get ready to be inspired by their passion for leading a healthy lifestyle!

List Of Top Beautiful Women & Girls Fitness Influencers On Instagram

Influencer ID name

Instagram Profile Link

No. of Fans Instagram


Sommer Ray

@ sommerray

26 Million


Kayla Itsines

@ Kayla_Itsines

15.7 Million


Anllela Sagra

@ anllela_sagra

13 Million


Jen Selter

@ jenselter

13.8 Million


Michelle Lewin

@ michelle-lewin

15.5 Million


Katya Elise Henry

@ katyaelisehenry



Krissy Cela

@ krissycela

3 Million


Cassy Ho

@ blogilates

2.3 Million


Kelsey Wells

@ kelseywells

3 Million


Emily Skye

@ emilyskyefit

2.7 Million

1. Sommer Ray (@sommerray)

Instagram: @ sommerray

Followers: 26 Million

Sommer Ray’s rise to fame is impressive, from winning two awards in the 2015 N.P.C. Colorado State Championship to becoming an internet phenomenon with over 25 million Instagram followers.

She has motivated and inspired many through her fitness journey and positive body image message.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is also notable, as she aims to build an empire and empower others to do the same.

Sommer’s natural beauty is refreshing in an industry that often promotes unrealistic standards, and it’s encouraging to see her embrace and celebrate her unique features.

2. Kayla Itsines (@Kayla_Itsines)

Instagram: @ Kayla_Itsines

Followers: 15.7 Million

An icon among fitness female influencers who inspired women across the globe to achieve their fitness goals, thanks to her Sweat App and Bikini Body Guide. Itsines started her journey as a personal trainer at the age of 18 years and quickly rose to fame with her fitness books and guides.

Itsines and her team designed the workout and meal plans themselves, and they chose to create an app to help like-minded people connect with each other as they struggle with their fitness challenges.

She created a support community and environment to help motivate people to improve and retain their fitness because people lose their motivation quickly.

3. Anllela Sagra (@anllela_sagra)

Instagram: @ anllela_sagra

Followers: 13 Million

Anllela Sagra is a beautiful Colombian fitness model, social media influencer, certified personal trainer, and entrepreneur who aspires to become a fitness model and fashion designer. She gained popularity through her inspiring fitness videos on social media and has over 13 million followers on Instagram and over a million on Facebook.

Despite conservative views towards women in the fitness industry in Colombia, Anllela pursued her passion for bodybuilding and participated in a fitness competition where she received positive feedback from judges and participants.

Her success as a fitness model has changed her life and she has a net worth of $7-9 million USD with her own app and 8-week transformation program.

4. Jen Selter (@jenselter)

(Image Source: Jen’s Insta )

Instagram: @ jenselter

Followers: 13.8 Million

A hot fitness woman and social media influencer who started the “belfies” trend on Instagram. She is yet another fitness influencer who started her journey when she was 18 (yes another personal trainer). Her moment of fame was her sculpted backside and fitness tips.

Jen’s philosophy is based on hard work and dedication. She encourages her followers to develop realistic expectations and consistently work towards their fitness goals to achieve them.

Jen also identifies herself as an advocate for body positivity and encourages her followers to accept and love her body, despite their size and shape.

5. Michelle Lewin (@michelle-lewin)

Instagram: @ michelle-lewin

Followers: 15.5 Million

A beautiful fitness model and social media influencer, Michelle has several bodybuilding awards. She started her journey as a bikini model and went viral on social media thanks to her physique and fitness content.

Michelle’s fitness philosophy revolves around balance and moderation; she believes a healthy diet and exercise should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

According to Michelle, improving your health or physique is all about making healthier choices in your daily life; it’s not only consumption obsessed.

Michelle also launched her app, Fitplan, where she shares her workout programs and diet plans. The app has excellent ratings on the app store, with users praising its ease of use and Michelle’s flexible plans.

6. Katya Elise Henry (@katyaelisehenry)

Instagram: (@ katyaelisehenry )

Followers: 8 Million

Katya Elise Henry is a beautiful American fitness model, personal trainer, and social media celebrity who was born on June 14, 1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She has two sisters and her father is a professional watchman while her mother is a wellbeing coach. Katya gained academic recognition as a cheerleader at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale.

She is known for inspiring fans around the world to follow in her footsteps towards fitness through her intense training regime, and is the founder of Workouts by Katya.

Her social media accounts have huge followings, with over 183,000 followers on Twitter and over a million followers on Facebook. Katya has been romantically linked to singer Austin Mahone in the past, but is currently dating NBA star Kyle Kuzma.

7. Krissy Cela (@krissycela)

Instagram: @ krissycela

Followers: 3 Million

Krissy Cela is a hot fitness girl, fit tech entrepreneur, and personal trainer who built her social media following by sharing her fitness journey as a way to cope with stress.

She has over 3 million followers on Instagram and more than 1.22 million subscribers on YouTube. Krissy believes that finding health and fitness success is different for everyone and encourages people to find an approach they can incorporate into their daily life for sustainable results.

Her fitness app Tone & Sculpt and fitness apparel line, Oner Active, have been successful ventures, and she plans to continue developing her fit tech company, EvolveYou, while also hosting in-person fitness events.

8. Cassy Ho (@blogilates)

Instagram: @ blogilates

Followers: 2.3 Million

Here is a fitness influencer who had the guts to challenge a mainstream store’s ad for unnatural-looking fitness levels. What’s more, she had them apologize for altering the photo post-production.

Cassy Ho is among the top health and fitness women, the power behind YouTube channel Blogilates. Based in Los Angeles, she started her journey as a Pilates instructor. Later, she started posting workout videos and healthy recipes online, making her popular.

Cassy believes workouts should be anything but boring, therefore, she promotes the thought of workout and health routines being fun and enjoyable. She has her own fitness clothing line.

9. Kelsey Wells (@kelseywells)

Instagram: @ kelseywells

Followers: 3 Million

A personal trainer who started her fitness journey after becoming a mother. Kelsey is the brains behind PWR, a workout program. A true Texan who rose to fame through social media, her impressive transformation, and motivational messages.

Kelsey believes fitness goals are only achieved through patience, consistency and dedication. Her training program centered around weightlifting to help women build their strength and confidence.

A sweat trainer who faced and struggled with postpartum anxiety and depression, a battle in which she changed her personal pressure into personal acceptance. A mother and wife herself, Kelsey has branched out to poetry, painting and podcast recently.

10. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

Instagram: @emilyskyefit

Followers: 2.7 Million

One of the most recognized female fitness trainers, Emily has struggled with weight issues and faced anxiety and depression. What makes Emily different as she is vocal about her struggles with postpartum depression and body image.

She believes women should be strong and confident in their bodies, despite their size or shape. Her advocating self-love and body positivity are what resonates with several of her followers. Using her fame for good, she shares inspiring transformation stories and messages regularly on her social media platforms. According to her, doing so will help her followers just as it did with her own transformation.

Final Word

Fitness influencers on Instagram are not only motivating but also visually appealing. With their toned physiques and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, they have become the go-to source for fitness inspiration.

These beautiful girl & woman fitness influencers share their workout routines, diet tips, and wellness advice with their followers, encouraging them to adopt healthy habits and stay active. Their social media presence is unmatched, as they regularly post stunning photos and videos that showcase their hard work and dedication to fitness.

Whether you’re looking to improve your own fitness or simply admire their beauty and dedication, following these influencers can be a great way to stay motivated and inspired.

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