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What Are the Benefits of Fish Oil for Hair? (& How to Use)

By Sejla Selimovic
March 9, 2023
5 minutes

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has been one of the desired, easy-to-find supplements in many circumambients. Generally, it is known to be used as a beauty treatment. It is mostly preferred for treating hair loss, and thin and weak hair, but its potential is impressive!

Learning About Fish Oil

Fish oil would be exactly as it sounds: extracted oil from the fish tissue, commonly from species such as anchovies, salmons, tuna, and sardines. Since it is rich in proteins, fish oil is at the top of the list of food supplements, which is compounded by the fact that the human body cannot produce it on its own, so it must be consumed as a dietary supplement. What occupies most of the composition of fish oil is omega 3 fatty acids, especially two types, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). It is also rich in iodine, phosphorus, and vitamins such as A, E, and D. Fish oil is produced and sold in the form of capsules or liquid. Now we also have fish oil products enriched with different flavors, which makes it easier to consume, especially with kids! It strengthens immunity, helps regulate cholesterol, improves the general blood picture, and helps with blood circulation.

How to Use Fish Oil

fish oil

As mentioned before, today’s use of fish oil is mostly concentrated on beauty treatments for hair and skin. It can be consumed as capsules and liquid, but also as an external mechanical application by oiling the hair and skin, which is less preferable because of fish odor.

So, the easiest and most efficient way to use fish oil is by consuming capsules, since it is the most composed of omega-3 products and has almost no side effects. To be clear, this applies only when using fish oil correctly!

If you are considering to start using fish oil, there are a few things you should know:

– Harvard Health research shows that a standard amount of EPA and DHA per day for an adult ranges from 250–500 milligrams (mg). But, depending on the brand of capsules, the amount in supplements varies — 1,000 mg of fish oil may contain a different amount of EPA and DHA than the same amount of oil from one brand than another.*¹

Different ways of using fish oil have different effects. If you use liquid fish oil, whether it is by consuming it or simply applying it on your hair and skin, it will not be as efficient as expected. Also, this method does have side effects, some of which are:

1. the bad fragrance of breath and sweat,

2. fishy tastes of whatever you consume after liquid fish oil,

3. weakening of immunity,

4. diarrhea,

5. rash

If you decide to start using fish oil capsules, you have chosen the best way to do so! The only thing you need to consider before the start is to consult with your doctor on how much of it is good for you according to your health status.

Side effects of using too much fish oil (no matter the method):

– indigestion

– nausea

– high cholesterol

– low blood pressure

– vitamin A saturation

– stroke

– insomnia

– bleeding

Fish Oil and Haircare

While speeded way of living has taught us to always be prepared, you should start using fish oil as a preventive. Due to hormonal changes or stress, women face hair loss a little easier than men.

Here is a list of the most known benefits of using fish oil for hair:

fish oil and haircare

1. Improvement of hair density – in the case of alopecia, which is a state of massive hair loss and the appearance of bald spots, fish oil works in a way to increase the supply of nutrients by boosting blood flow to the hair follicles. This promotes hair growth.

2. Increases shine and softness of hair – closing of the split ends and hair scales, inhibits pigmentation.

3. Dealing with dry and lifeless hair – fish oil helps save dry hair by overlaying it with an invisible layer, which prevents outside factors that affect hair health, such as wind, sun, ultraviolet radiation, wrong way of drying and combing, etc.

4. Repairs multiple damages of hair – by using fish oil, the amount of oil scalps can be reduced. This will help hair get the nutrition and vitamins it needs.

5. Prevents irritation – reduced oil scalp leads to reduction of dandruff and infections, which are usually very itchy.

6. Nourishes the hair – the main action that fish oil does to hair, by internal or external use, is that it keeps the moist inside of the hair. This keeps the hair’s nutrition for longer, making it look shiny and glossy!

These are the general benefits of using fish oil for hair, although some experts believe more studies need to be done to ensure the maximum effect. But what is known to be an improvement of fish oil works in our bodies is taking prescribed antioxidants. Be sure to consult with your doctor.

However, if you decide to engage with external use, here is a tip on how to have the least side effects: hair masks!

fish oil hair care We bring you a couple of ideas from “Oilypedia”, posted by Nastassia Green:

For dry and normal hair . Beat an egg yolk and mix it with two spoons of slightly heated fish oil. The mask should be evenly applied through your hair, starting from the roots and finishing with tips. Roll up your hair in a towel, then wash it in 20-25 minutes. For healthy hair, it is recommended to use this mask every two weeks.

For damaged and over-dried hair . It is good for treating hair loss as well. Take fish oil and mix it with some other oils, for example, burdock or castor. Take 2 tablespoons of each ingredient. Rub the mixture into the scalp and soak hair roots with it, then cover the head for one or two hours. Wash the mask off the hair. It is recommended to repeat this procedure 2 times a week, the course of treatment is 15-20 masks. If apply this mask regularly, hair will become soft and elastic and will get a beautiful shine.

For split ends. This is the easiest way. Soak the ends of the hair with the heated fish oil and hide them under the polyethylene, wash it with shampoo in 40 minutes. This mask should be done once or twice a week, it is recommended to hold from 5 to 20 procedures.”*²


Surrounded by various sources available with fish oil, today it is very easy to stay pumped with omega-3 which is very helpful to our overall health. As a dietary supplement, fish oil plays an important role in our lives, due to the fact that our body cannot produce it by itself. No matter the method we choose to consume fish oil, it will always have an effect, though a stronger effect with some methods than others, depending on what we want to use it for.

Even though it is generally safe to use fish oil, we must consult our doctor on how much and how long should we use it. Especially be careful when it comes to kids since they are more likely to be allergic to fish oil.

There are plenty of benefits of fish oil for hair, like improvements in hair thickness, softness, moisture, and recovery of split ends.


– *¹( 4898 )

*²( Fish Oil: Hair Care and Hair Mask Recipes – Oilypedia.com )

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