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Sports & Fitness10 Best Fat Burning Exercises at Home for Females

10 Best Fat Burning Exercises at Home for Females

Fat burning exercises are crucial for the overall body’s health. Besides looking better, exercises will also make you feel physically fit and athletic. As you keep doing fat burning exercises at home, observing a calorie-deficit diet will help shed more fat faster.

The best fat burning exercise for females to practice at home is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as it increases calorie burning rate and reduces body fat faster. Running is another fat burning exercise that produces excellent results per hour.

If your mission is to burn fat, you’ve to maintain a balance between your daily exercises and diet routine. You can’t keep running and jogging to burn fat and yet sweetened beverages, bananas, sugary breakfast cereals, and French fries dominate your meal plate.

15% -20% of a woman’s body weight is fat. It’s this fat that gives them the round surface and the characteristic grooves and folds on their belly, thighs, and arms.

How Do Exercises Burn Fat?

Body muscles can be equated to a car engine that has to run on gasoline. Once you begin doing fat burning exercises, the muscles become metabolically active and start using the extra energy stored in muscle cells as glycogen at a higher rate thus increasing energy consumption.

If you’re exercising moderately, your muscles will start to burn mainly fat after about 60 minutes. But if you’re practicing high-intensity interval training or high cardiovascular exercises like weightlifting the muscles will start burning fat after about 30 minutes.

Why is it Important to Burn Fat?

Women store more fat in their bodies compared to men. While men have their body fat stored around their stomachs, women have a higher body fat percentage in their hips and thighs . Women do also have belly fat which is hard to burn and more on their arms and butt.

Whereas it’s possible to lose some fat through non-surgical treatment methods using weight loss supplements and Coolsculpting, exercises are more effective and have no negative effects.

Here’s why it’s good to burn fat:

  1. Fat burning makes the body have less fat. Excess body fat is associated with obesity, heart disease, and stroke.

  2. Losing the excess stored fat improves mobility by loosening up big joints, developing greater flexibility, and ramping up the heart rate.

  3. Burning the fat around the arteries reduces the chances of coronary heart diseases that lead to heart attack and improves blood circulation.

  4. Fat burning prevents the body from gaining future weight and accumulation of excess fat again. As the body becomes lean, food cravings reduce and food intake also reduces which makes the body maintain its weight and fat percentage.

Best Fat Burning Exercises at Home for Females

All the exercises listed below will help you burn fat and look lean but if there’s consistency and the diet contains high protein foods and fewer carbohydrates. The majority of the exercises will make you burn about 100 calories up to 300 calories exercising for 30 minutes with 60-second pauses after every 10 minutes – take caveat.

  1. Interval Training

Interval training workouts are the fastest exercises any woman should do at home to burn fat. One of the reasons we recommend HIIT workouts is that they burn fat faster while maintaining muscle mass. A 20-minute session of HIIT will burn equal calories compared to a 40-60 minute cardiovascular fat burning exercise.

Doing HIIT exercises 2-3 times a week is enough to lose a significant amount of body fat. It’s also possible to lose fat by doing intensive interval training workouts for 10 minutes every week. As a beginner, start with the low-impact HIIT exercises and collectively, ensure you work out for 45 minutes in a week.

Among the low-impact HIIT workout you can start practicing at home without any equipment is the Stationary Skater

Do this exercise at least three times a week and perform each move for 45 seconds at your maximum intensity.

Step 1. With the feet wider apart than the hip-width, bend your right knee into a side lunge.

Step 2. Extend the left leg and simultaneously move the left arm forward and the right arm backward with the elbows bent.

Step 3. Shift your body low to a squat position and quickly jump sideways shifting weight to each side you jump. Repeat the sideway swings for 45 seconds.

Other low-impact interval training exercises for women include jump-free burpees, butterfly squats, mountain climbers, and push-ups.

  1. Aerobic Exercises

Including 30-minute aerobic exercise in your daily routine will burn off visceral fat. Aerobic exercises or cardio are the cardiovascular exercises that will get your heart pumping. They’re repetitive and structured physical activities that cause hard breathing and force the heart to pump oxygenated blood faster.

Think of aerobic exercises as swimming, cycling, hiking, brisk walking, rope jumping, and stationary bike. Except for the stationary bike, all the other exercises require a small space and can be performed anywhere.

Before starting these exercises, warm up for 5 – 10 minutes.

  1. Jump Rope

Any woman can jump rope provided the hand and foot can coordinate. Get yourself gym shoes or sneakers and adjust the jump rope to your height.

With the jump rope in your hands, swing the rope over the head and jump slightly high for the rope to pass under the feet. For the body to start fat burning, maintain a rhythmic jump for 15-20 minutes. On average, you can burn up to 200 calories by skipping rope for 10 minutes each day.

  1. Brisk Walking

Brisk walking is among the simplest but most effective exercises women need to do every day to burn fat. The body needs energy to breathe, walk, and function. Brisk walking increases body reactions including metabolism and heart pumping rate which causes the burning of fat.

In fact, brisk walking for 1.6 km burns approximately 100 calories.

  1. Yoga

Dare to practice yoga poses such as Kumbhakasana, Ashtanga, power yoga, and vinyasa, every day for 30 minutes and you’ll be surprised by how much belly fat you lose . In one yoga session of 30 minutes, expect to burn between 100 – 300 calories. But if you weigh approximately 160 pounds, doing 60-minute yoga will burn about 200 – 600 calories.

To target belly, harm, buttock, and thigh fat, engage in different yoga poses within your 30 or 60 – minute session and be consistent.

  1. Plank Exercises

Plank exercises engage multiple body muscles at once thus making the muscles require more energy. By doing plank exercises every day, your body will have to burn stored fat causing you to lose weight, improve body posture, and enhance a lean look.

Experts suggest 10 – 30 minutes of planking is enough to burn some fat. You can either choose to do the standard plank, forearm plank, single-leg plank, knee plank, or side plank. But to lose fat in all body parts, it’s better to do a combination of at least 3 planks.

  1. Squats

Squatting exercises do actually burn fat. Once you start doing squats, you begin to burn fat. As you go down, the core muscles get flexed, and as you up the core muscles will need fuel to move. So some fat has to be burned as you squat. With each squat burning 0.32 calories, if you do 100 squats you end up burning 32 calories.

Start slow and intensify your squatting exercises and even include kettlebells as you gain more muscle strength. There are different squat variations and all can be done at home.

The fastest squats to burn fat are the barbell back squat, jump squat, barbell front squat, and split squat.

  1. Lunges

If you want to work on your lower body to burn fat, improve muscle strength, and boost metabolism, start doing lunges. Among the plunge workouts that will target your glutes are reverse lunge, forward lunge, lateral lunge, and curtsy lunge.

When you do lunges with moderate effort, expect to lose 5.7 calories each minute. This translates to 344 calories per hour and for heavy lunges, you’ll burn about 515 calories.

  1. Burpees Exercises

Burpees help burn fat even faster than traditional aerobic exercises. They’ve shown to burn fat after you’re done with the workouts. Besides burning calories, burpees will build and strengthen your muscles, reduce blood pressure, and improve heart health.

Many include burpees as part of their high-intensity interval training (HIIT) daily workouts. To make the body burn more fat, we recommend intensifying your burpees exercises by adding push-ups, rotation, or jumping on every move.

Expect to burn 10 calories after every minute of burpees. This translates to 100 calories after 10 minutes. On average, you should do 20 burpees per minute and about 200 burpees per day if you want to burn fat.

  1. Swimming

It’s possible to lose weight after consistently swimming 30 minutes each day for a duration of 12 weeks. If you know how to swim, practice butterfly stands, breaststroke, and backstroke to burn belly fat. Would you imagine burning 920 calories after swimming for 60 minutes? Yes, that’s how butterfly stands are so effective.

Swimming requires more energy compared to walking, or jogging. Because of the extra resistance from water, you’ve to force the muscles which leads to burning more calories. As you burn fat when swimming, you also reduce cholesterol, improve flexibility and decrease hip circumference.

  1. Kettlebell Swing

According to the America Council for Exercises, kettlebell swinging burns an average of 13.6 calories per minute. To burn calories plus stored fat, mix interval training with kettlebell workouts and exercise for 20 minutes. Swigging the kettlebell every day also helps improve endurance, enhance body posture, and support weight loss.

To do proper kettlebell swings;

i) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and ensure the kettlebell is a foot from your feet and on the ground. With your torso almost parallel to the ground, bend your waist and grab the kettle by the handle.

ii) While pulling your shoulders down, brace your core, and then lift the kettlebell. Bend slightly and Let the kettlebell swing between your legs.

iii) Using force, push the hips forward and propel the kettlebell into the hair while holding the handle firmly until it’s parallel to the shoulders.

iv) While maintaining the core engaged, allow the kettle to freely swing back through your legs and fluidly move the body as the kettlebell descends until the hands point backward.

v) Let the kettlebell now swing forward and place a foot on the ground from your feet.

  1. Mountain Climber

Just as you would crouch when climbing a mountain, so you should do the mountain climber exercise. The muscles worked during mountain climbing are the triceps, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, and core. As you use energy to keep the body stable and lift the foot off the ground, calories have to be used.

If you weigh on average 130 lbs, a 30-minute mountain climbing workout will force your body to burn approximately 300 calories.

To do a mountain climber, be in a push-up position and ensure your hands are below your shoulders. Start with the right foot and lift it off the ground then move the knee towards the chest and return to the starting position.

Repeat these movements alternating the legs until you feel worked out.


Whereas going to the gym sounds fun, it’s possible to perform fat burning exercises at home for females and lose belly, harms, thighs, and butt fat within 3-4 months. With consistency, expect to burn hundreds of calories doing any of the fat burning exercises listed above.

Choose the exercise you can practice at least 3 times a week and start slow then advance. To burn fat faster, we recommend mixing high-intensity interval training with aerobic exercises and reducing the consumption of carbs.


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