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The 15 Best Hairstyles for Widow’s Peak Male (2024)

By Jason
June 21, 2023
8 minutes

You probably might have seen some folks with a V-shaped hairline or perhaps you have them too. It’s called the widow’s peak and no, it does not have a direct connotative meaning as its name. Perhaps, you ever thought about how you got that, well, you are not alone and rest assured that such thoughts have crossed the minds of those who have it too. Although there are different types of hairline shapes, however, the focus of this article is the V-shaped hairline also known as the widow’s peak .

A little backstory here: The widow’s peak is a V-shaped descending extension of your frontal hairline just at the mid-point of the forehead. It is scientifically termed a morphogenetic trait, which is an inherited trait, meaning that either of your parents has this type of hairline too.

While some love this widow’s peak and would do anything to have one, others don’t and could literally wish it away. However, if you are on the extreme end of not wanting a widow’s peak, sad to announce that there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it. What matters is that you choose hairstyles that would fit your type of hairline.

Perhaps, you’ve been wondering what hairstyle would be suitable to rock your widow’s peak, worry no more as we’ve got you covered in this article with the 15 best hairstyles for males with widow’s peak. It’s an all-encompassing and fun read. So, stick with us.

1. Buzz cut

We begin with the commonest of them all, the buzz cut. You just have to love this style because it is low-cut, cheap, and easy to maintain. Nothing fancy, just a normal clip-down for a masculine look. Also, it does a great job of making your widow’s peak less prominent. So, if you are part of the crew who detests the widow’s peak, then you may want to shift your focus to this easy style. However, before settling for this style, a great consideration would be to consider the shape of your face and head. This is because the style draws attention away from your hairline to other features like the shape of your face and head. Feel free to add any design if you wish to spice things up a little.

2. Butch cut

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for the perfect classical look, then look no further as the butch cut has got all you need to have that look. The style is simple yet masculine. Even lucky if you are running out of time and do not intend to stay at the barber shop for a long period. The cut is short and you get the same length for the sides, measuring about a quarter inch all around your head. To accentuate an irresistible modern and classy look, personalize this cut to suit your choice. Unlike the buzz cut, this cut does not in any way hide your forehead even though it does a good job of taking the spotlight off your widow’s peak.

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3. Crew cut

Image credit: Pinterest

Whether you want to show off your widow’s peak or you want to hide it all away, the crew cut allows for both options as it accentuates the widow’s peak but in a very subtle manner. This is made possible because the hair at the hairline is slightly cut leaving it longer than any other area of the head. The effect of this cut on your overall appearance is that it partially shifts attention away from your widow’s peak to the front of your head, thus making your widow’s peak blend in with the length of the remaining part of your hair.

4. Comb back

Image credit : Pinterest

This style got its name based on the pattern of styling. For this style, the hair is combed and styled in a backward direction, away from the hairline and widow’s peak. The style is great if you wish to flaunt your widow’s peak and if you are looking to add volume to your frontal hair, making them look naturally fuller and thicker. The comb back brings on the traditional masculine look and it’s one of those styles rocked by royal princes as well as those belonging to the royal clans. It has also been adopted in the modern era for a formal appearance. You can opt for this style irrespective of your hair texture. Feel free to spice it up with some side fades or lines up.

5. Comb over

Image credit : Pinterest

Similar to the comb back, the comb over does pretty well in adding volume and thickness to your hair, however, the only difference is that it is combed and styled sideways instead of combing backward. This style can be modified to accommodate different hair lengths and textures, and it can be given a modern twist with a fade or line-up for volume and structure. In addition, this style gives the impression of fuller front hair while accentuating your widow’s peak but with a more flattened and subtler hairline.

6. Ivy League

Image credit : Shutterstock.com

If you ever wonder why this style bears the name it does, then you probably didn’t attend any of the Ivy League schools. It got so popular amongst them that it earned the name Ivy League. This is a simple and neat cut for an everyday professional look. The hair is trimmed close to the head but at different lengths with the front hair slightly longer than those at the back. This makes the hair appear as though it has more volume than it normally would. You don’t have to stress over styling as the style is easy to maintain. However, it does not shift the focus of your widow’s peak but it is a great complement to it and at the same time, softens your hairline to give you a more mature and professional look.

7. Brushed back hair

Image credit : @Chef_baba_jay

The brushed-back hair is crisp and speaks the class of whoever wears the style. It is easier to achieve this look by brushing your hair backward (just as the name connotes) towards your scalp. You would definitely love this style if you would like to flaunt your widow’s peak not minding the attention it would draw to your forehead as that is what the style achieves. It does not matter the texture or length of your hair, you can rock this hairstyle as you wish. However, to achieve a more professional appearance, ensure to keep the length shorter.

8. Slick back

Image credit : Pinterest

Want to look very professional without losing touch on sophistication? Then the slick back hair is your best bet. Just as its name implies, the hair is slicked backward using a styling gel to hold it in place, little wonder why it always seems as though people with such style have their hair appear wet. Great style for all age categories as it complements the hairline, especially for those who love to flaunt their widow’s peak crisply. A little caution here is to cut down on the amount of gel being applied on the hair so, it doesn’t become too hard and firm.

9. Hard part

Image credit : Haircut inspiration

If masculinity and classy styles top your list of traits for what a man should look then you can never go wrong with the hard part style. An overtly masculine and classy haircut, the hard part features a side parting, done with the right hair clippers , razor, or trimmer to help complement a variety of hairstyles including the slick back and pompadour, depending on how you wish to pair this style. This hairstyle in itself does not hide your widow’s peak, however, the hair brushed away from the parting line can help to conceal it.

10. Caesar cut

Image credit : Beardoholic

Where are the short-hair lovers? We finally found a perfect fit for you. The Caesar cut is one of the most preferred hairstyles for those who love to rock their short hair. The style is cut short to a point where it can be styled forward appropriately and then the shortfalls are trimmed horizontally. It does not matter your hair texture, this style would still fit. You can decide to try other styles depending on the length of your fringe. Feel free to pair the Caesar cut with other styles including the fade to differentiate between the side and top of your head. Of course, the fringe part of this style helps to perfectly conceal your widow’s peak as it partially overlays your hairline.

11. Textured fringe

Image credit : Pinterest

Any fringe (an original or modification) hairstyle is great for taking off attention from the forehead to the eye level. This means that your hairline and forehead wrinkles are well covered. So, this hairstyle is perfect for you if you intend to conceal your widow’s peak and hide those fine lines on your forehead. While the textured fringe could create a messy outlook on your hair, it still gives the impression of fuller and thicker hair.

12. Short natural curls

Image credit : Pinterest

Curls are an exciting way to wear your short hair but they are more stylish when they are shorter. This is because short hairs are easy to style and do not get tangled easily thus making the curls last for a longer period. You can personalize styling to suit your appearance. However, if you wish to hide your widow’s peak or make them less noticeable, then you should choose to pair this style with others such as the side part where the hair partially falls over your hairline and or face to cover your widow’s peak. However, on some occasions where your hair is slightly longer, your widow’s peak might blend in with your curls to give a more natural look.

13. Undercut

Image credit : Pinterest

The undercut style is for macho men who are looking to wear a bolder appearance in a subtle way that could pass for a structured and cool look. Although the undercut doesn’t hide your widow’s peak, instead, it complements it most stylishly. To achieve this style, the sides and back are cut very short, leaving the top hair much longer to give it a fuller and thicker appearance while considerably emphasizing the contrast between the side and top hair. It is worthy of mention that hair texture is no barrier to what you can achieve with this style.

14. French Crop

Image credit : @scammellsbarbershop

The French crop is mostly popular amongst high school students. The style features a short blunt-cut fringe whose lengths are equivalent to others across all sides. It is great for all hair textures and is a perfect style to conceal your widow’s peak even though it does not totally hide your forehead and hairline. With this style, you are at liberty to play around with hair modifications, especially in terms of length and cuts.

15. Messy fringe

Image credit : The trend spotter

Away from the neat, professional, and more sophisticated look, we’ve got something for the oldies and groovy guys too. We meant it when we mentioned that this article was all-encompassing. Messy hair gives your appearance a purposeful air of disarray and is great for adding texture too. It is great for achieving a calmer and more reserved look. You can pair this style with other types of styles. The messy fringe totally conceals your widow’s peak and adds volume to the frontal part of your hair. We bet the guys who wished they never had the widow’s peak who stylishly wear this hairstyle.

Final note

A long ride, indeed but definitely worth the read, yeah? We take pleasure in helping with solutions to help make your hairstyle journey easier and more exciting. We hope this article can give you well-rounded information on the best styles you could adopt for your widow and the different ways you could style your hair while wearing these hairstyles. Who knows, maybe your widow’s peak is a blessing in disguise, after all? Perhaps, now is the time to embrace your widow’s peak and rock these styles in the most alluring and inspiring way.

Remember, your looks matter, so make sure the style fits. Don’t forget to use the right hairbrushes where needed.

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