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Braun IPL Review and Hair Removal Tutorial (4 Months Later…)

By Jessica Ford
February 23, 2023
5 minutes

With the internet flooded with Braun IPL reviews, it’s honestly difficult to find true Braun Ipl hair removal results compared to other IPL devices. But before we dive deeper into the Braun IPL review, it’s good to know what IPL is and how IPL laser works.

The contents of this review article and the Braun IPL research findings herein are based on the practical use and tests of the device over others.

Let’s now start by understanding what IPL is.

What is IPL Hair Removal and How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and is also referred to as Photofacial. IPL hair removal is a home treatment device used to remove unwanted hair and retard hair growth. Although IPL hair removal treatment doesn’t give exactly the same results to all skin colors and hair shades, the SmartSkin sensor is usually designed to adapt to nearly every skin tone.

IPL hair removal devices work by releasing a gentle beam of concentrated light rays targeted at the hair melanin which aids the rays to reach the hair roots which are contained in the follicles. These rays destroy the dermal papilla (the part responsible for regulating hair growth) in the follicles thus affecting hair growth rate.

Once the follicles are affected, the hair becomes thinner, loses its color making it less visible, and makes the skin smooth for a couple of weeks or months. It depends on the sessions of hair treatment you’ve taken.

Reasons For Choosing Braun IPL Over Laser and Wax

Braun IPL is the perfect hair removal tool as you can use it at home and at any time. And whereas it’s used to remove hair at the armpits, bikini line, legs, and stomach, you can also use it for hair treatment on more sensitive areas like the face.

Since laser hair removal can still work on the same body parts, here are the reasons you should choose Braun IPL over laser;

1. Less Expensive

Both laser and waxing hair removal methods are quite expensive compared to using Braun IPL.

Given the average cost of laser hair removal is between $100 -$800, and one can undergo up to six hair removal treatment sessions, the cumulative costs are too high. And even though Braun IPL is expensive, you’ll only purchase once and no other costs will be incurred.

2. Home Convenience

Waxing and laser hair removal methods are time-consuming. With Braun IPL, you’ll spend less than 20 minutes of your time while comfortably seated at home. But with waxing and laser, you’ll need an expert plus make trips to the salon.

3. Braun IPL is Less painful and More Comfortable

Laser hair removal is uncomfortable and irritating during the treatment process. Waxing is equally painful though the pain intensity varies from person to person. Comparing the laser and waxing with Braun IPL, the latter is less painful even when used in the most sensitive parts like the pubic area.

4. Hormonal Changes Causes Faster Hair Regrowth After Laser Hair Removal

Hormonal changes which may be caused by giving birth sometimes trigger hair regrowth even after a full laser hair removal treatment. Going through another laser hair treatment due to faster hair regrowth is time-consuming and expensive.

But having purchased Braun IPL, it’ll cost only a few minutes but zero dollars.

5. Braun IPL has a Long Lifespan

Braun IPL Pro 5 has the potential to produce 400,000 light flashes or pulses. It’s, therefore, possible to use this device for over 24 years – an extremely long period of time. Now imagine not going to a salon for hair removal treatment or visiting a doctor for consultations for 24 years as opposed to the laser or waxing hair removal process.

6. Anytime Use

With waxing and laser, you have to let the hair grow, which is uncomfortable for many people. You’re free to use Braun IPL before the hair grows to an intense level making you live uncomfortably.

Is Braun IPL Painful?

Honestly, using the Braun IPL device isn’t as painful as many people do imagine. Even with the highest Gentle setting, it’s not painful. Whether you use it at the bikini line or underarms, it’s comfortable and the after-hair removal treatment results are amazing.

Braun IPL Hair Removal Results

After the nervous first time use of the Braun IPL device, my body skin looked like I had never grown hair. Unlike laser hair removal which leaves small pitches of fuzzy hair feeling fuzzy.

Instead of shaving the hair on your legs, chest, arms, bikini area, or stomach almost every day, using the Braun IPL will increase the hair shave interval to one week. That’s when you’re starting.

After thirteen weeks of continuous hair removal treatment, it took eight days post shave for the grown hair under my armpits to become intense and ready for a shave.

Once you’ve done full hair removal treatment with this device, you’ll start seeing the Braun IPL hair removal results after the first two weeks. The tiny patches of hair left when using the Braun IPL device will start to appear. Repeat the process to clear off the hair on the left patches.

Referencing the results on the Braun IPL tracker app on the phone, the hair patchiness can be seen after two weeks. And by week 16 of consistent use, only one air can be seen under one armpit. Which is a good result.

Braun IPL Tutorial

Braun IPL comes with two heads; the regular and the smaller head to use on body parts hard to use the regular size like around the knees.

Connect the device to an electric outlet, pop in the regular head to treat large areas, and press down the glide button to turn it on.

To set the gentle settings, click on the round button (gentle button) once and you’ll have set it to the extra gentle mode and there’ll be one indicator light. To make it more gentle, click the gentle button twice and for standard gentle mode, do it three times.

When using Braun IPL to treat large areas like the legs, switch the device on, hold down the treatment button and glide the device over the area. Once the SensorAdapt automatically detects skin contact and the white power light flashes. But when not in skin contact or the device does not sense the skin tone, it’ll flash red.


For smooth skin, a comfortable experience and prolonged leg, underarm, chest, and bikini line shaving intervals, Braun IPL has proved to be the best. And ensure no area is left without treatment, this device is equipped with sensitive SensorAdapt technology.

You can also learn about the Ulike Sapphire IPL Hair Removal which promises noticeable results after about four weeks and works from head to toe.

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