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Hair RemovalBraun Series 7 vs. 9: Which One Should You Buy in 2023?

Braun Series 7 vs. 9: Which One Should You Buy in 2023?

Six years. How long is that, especially for you?

Ask a student, and he or she will tell you it’s enough to get a college degree and start working. That is not a short time either for any consumer trend that constantly changes with time.

Body care products such as shavers are no exception, including Braun. Its third Series debuted in 2015 , and six years later, we are talking about Series 9, the finest electric shaver from this German company to date.

The question on the lips of many admirers of this brand who have used Series 7 is: does new means better? Do they need to upgrade or stay put with Series 7, which isn’t doing badly by every standard?

If you are a newcomer, you will also want to know whether to opt for the latest electric shaver by Braun, which is more expensive, or settle for an older version that still gets the job done.

So, this article will clarify this by comparing both models and giving verdicts on which of the two outperforms the other using relevant parameters. But before doing that, there is something you must know about both series.

Variations for the Two Series

Braun’s series 7 and 9 have variations. That means you can hold two Series 7 shavers in your hand, which won’t be the same. The reason is that some variations support wet usage while others work in wet and dry conditions.

The name and color of models also differ, depending on the target market. However, in 2022, Braun stopped producing the dry-only variants of the Series. Both series have witnessed updates since their first release, and this comparison will only focus on their latest updates.

The latest Series 7 updates begin with 78 (e.g., 7856cc, 7865), while the latest updated series 9 starts with 92 (e.g., 9294cc, 9296, etc.). Our comparison in this article will take each series as a whole and not the individual variants of each.

Braun Series 7 vs. 9 Comparison

  1. Speed: Winner – Braun Series 9

Series 9 An electric shaver’s speed determines how quickly and efficiently it can cut hairs presented to it. A slow-moving shaver can cause pain or ingrown hair .

While both series are excellent in speed, Series 9 is some steps ahead of its Series 7 counterpart. Its motor is more powerful, enabling it to complete shaving faster than Series 7.

Nevertheless, if you take your time with Series 7 and set it to the highest speed, you will still get the same clear and clean shave as the most recent Series 9 will give you.

  1. Comfort: Winner – Braun Series 9

Shaving is always a nightmare for men because of the irritation it causes to those with sensitive skin. For a long time, Braun Series 7 has been the standard for comfortable shaving. It features micro pulsations that make shaving feel more like a massage, and the head doesn’t become hot no matter how long it’s in use.

The various speed settings in Series 7 also mean that you can adjust it to your skin’s tolerance. However, with speed reduction also comes a decline in the shaving rate. You will still be OK with the highest speed if your skin is not overly sensitive.

Series 9 does not have speed graduations, but it slightly improves the comfort level of Series 7. Brain redesigned the head of the series 9 to keep it perfectly cool and supremely gentle to your skin while you shave. You can even press the shaver on your skin, and it won’t hurt.

The Series 9 comes with an extra trimmer that helps to lift hairs lying flat on the skin for easy mowing. You can’t get any bumps or irritations using the Series 9, even in your pubic areas and armpit.

  1. Design & Build: Winner – Braun Series 9

Braun’s shavers are generally top-notch regardless of their series or models. Series 7 represented the best of the company as of its release time, and four years later, it still hasn’t dropped form. It vibrates 40,000 times a minute through its patented SyncroSonic technology for a smooth haircut.

Series 9, the latest flagship, operates with the sophisticated Ultra ActiveLift technology that lifts and cuts stubborn hairs without irritating the skin. So, this flagship captures everything once instead of repeated shaving that Series 7 would require to capture some hairs.

Series 7 is not as flashy as Series 9. Most variations are matte-finished, although their chunky bodies give the holder a solid appearance and a feel-good experience. The abundant rubber material of the Series 7 shavers also provides a firm grip that keeps everyone’s eyes off the girt.

Considering it has been around for a few years without garnering significant negative reviews, the build is probably not a sufficient reason to jilt the Series 7 shaver.


  1. Value for Money: Winner – Braun Series 7

Although Series 9 model prices have dropped since their first release, they still cost more than the Series 7 models. Besides the purchase price, the cost of maintaining Series 9 shavers is significantly higher than Series 7. The purchasing price difference between the two series ranges from $100 to $150.

As you may know, shavers generally require a change of cassettes (the head/blade), and for the Braun models, regular cleaning of the cartridges. For both series, the cost of cleaning their cartridges is similar; however, their ownership costs are some miles apart.

Therefore, if you want a shaver that gives great value for money, Braun Series 7 is an excellent choice to pursue.

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance: Winner – A tie

Series 7 Both Braun series have models that come with cleaning stations and those that don’t. The models without the cleaning station are cheaper than those that have, but newbies will find the cleaning station very helpful.

There is, however, a difference in how each series’ station dries it after cleaning. For older Series 7, the induction heat component gets the shaver dried in minutes, while Series 9 models rely on fanning technology. You can’t use the cleaning station of one for the other.

  1. Battery: Winner – Braun Series 9

It is not so easy to separate these two shavers based on battery strength. However, many tests by independent users affirm that the Series 9 battery lasts slightly longer than the Series 7.

Both come with powerful lithium batteries that take roughly an hour to charge fully. The difference is that the Series 9 battery can stay up to sixty minutes while the Series 7 cannot exceed forty-five minutes.

  1. Weight: Winner- Braun Series 7

A shaver’s weight determines its ergonomics and the convenience of taking it around. While both series are not burdensome in this regard, Series 7 is lighter than Series 9 because of its small head. Series 9’s other trimmer, plus its slightly bigger battery, makes it heavier.

Braun 7 vs. 9: Which One Should You Buy?

In terms of functionality and efficiency, both Braun series are superb. Unless you place both side-by-side, you can hardly differentiate their output effectiveness. Therefore, choosing between the two will depend on your budget and personal preferences.

For someone with a low to medium budget, Series 7 is an excellent buy. It doesn’t leave you with less-to-be-desired features, and it even beats many latest shaver brands. If you already have a Series 7, upgrading is unnecessary, especially if it is not faulty.

But for luxury users with large budgets, Series 9 is preferable as it builds on the earlier Series and comes with improved comfort and effectiveness. You can fearlessly use it on your sensitive skin because it doesn’t hurt. Also, if you regularly shave, series nine is preferable.


Braun is an industry-leading brand in shaving, and the German company has come a long way in producing highly-efficient shavers. With the 7th and 9th Series, the difference is more of convenience or luxury than functionality. Both product types are still relevant in 2023 and will conveniently beat the latest products of other brands.


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