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Braun Series 8 vs. 9: Which Shaver is Better?

By Jason
February 21, 2023
6 minutes

Are you tired of your safety razors and the cuts, nicks, and pain you end up with using manual razors?

Have you finally decided to treat your skin with an electric razor but finding it difficult to choose the right electric shaver for yourself?

Are you stuck between Braun series 8 and Braun series 9 ?

braun series 8 vs. 9

If yes, then don’t worry, we got you.

Before buying an electric razor, you must look into features like compatibility with wet shaving, cordless/corded use, charging time and battery life, upgraded shaving technology, digital display interface, design, self-cleaning features, and lastly its price.

Braun is one of the top names in the electric device industry. It has also made several reliable electric shavers.

So, in this article, we will make a thorough comparison between 2 of the latest Braun series to help you choose the most suitable one.

But before that, let us take a sneak peek at what is an electric shaver and why is it worth the hype.

What is an Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver is an electricity-powered razor. It trims the hair of the body or face by using electricity. The shaving part of an electric shaver consists of a thin metal foil that traps the hair on the skin’s surface and small blades that cut the entrapped hair. Moreover, using an electric shaver requires no shaving cream or water.

There are three main types of electric shavers; single foil, rotatory, and foil. All three types work on a similar principle of hair trimming. However, they work more effectively on different types of hair. Foil electric shavers are best for straight or wavy hair, rotatory electric shavers are for curly hair, and single foil shavers work well on dense hair as they prevent ingrown hair.

Braun Series 8 vs. Braun Series 9

1. Design: Winner – Series 9

Both of these Braun series have an easy-to-hold design with a power off/on button on the top. The difference between both designs is very subtle. Both of the devices are blade foil electric razors.

Additionally, Braun series 8 measures 9.96 x 6.42 x 6.24 inches with an item weight of 2.78 pounds. However, Braun series 9 measures 6.18 x 6.18 x 9.12 inches and weighs 2.14 pounds.

The Braun series 8 comes with 3+1 cutting elements while series 9 has an extra cutting blade to trim the longer, thicker, and multi-directional hair more effectively. Moreover, the series 9 handset is sleeker and feels more comfortable in the hands.

2. No. of shaving elements: Winner – Series 9

braun series 9

Braun series 8 has 4 shaving elements with 3 cutters including 2 optifoils for the shortest hair and 1 direct cut trimmer to trim hair flawlessly and a skin guard to protect the skin from shaving cuts.

However, Braun series 9 is updated by including an extra cutter in addition to the above-mentioned shaving elements. It is the lift and cut trimmer. This specialized blade is made of titanium and is designed to elevate the flat-lying hair and give your face a smooth clean shave.

3. Shaving Experience: Winner – Series 9

Both of the devices come with powerful 10,000 CPM motors to effectively trim hair while protecting the skin. The series 8 device has 30,000 cutting actions per minute and allows rotation in 8 directions. While the series 9 device has a cutting action of 40,000 and 10-direction rotation.

When it comes to the overall experience, the series 9 gives a more quiet, powerful, faster, and gentle shaving experience making it a better device. Moreover, it works more effectively on thick, dense, coarse, and flat-lying hair.

4. Smartcare Station: Winner – Both

Both devices come with a multi-purpose smart station. This acts as a cleaning station by automatically selecting the intensity to hygienically clean the device after shaving, lubricate it, and ultimately dry it. Moreover, this smart care station is also used to charge the device.

There is no difference between the quality and effectiveness of the charging stations of both devices. Furthermore, the series 8 device can also be charged in the series 9 station but it needs its own station for cleaning and drying.

5. What’s in the Box: Winner – Series 9

The Series 8 package comes with a series 8 shaver, smart station, cleaning cartridge, cleaning brush, charging cord with an adaptor, and a travel-friendly case. While the Series 9 package comes with a series 9 device, cleaning cartridge, cleaning brush, smart adaptor, clean and charge station, charging stand, and a travel case.

6. Charging Duration and Battery Timing: Winner – Series 8

A 60-minute charge of the series 8 lasts for 60 minutes making the device go for a whole month uncharged. However, it takes 60 minutes to charge the series 9 device and it lasts for 50 minutes.

Moreover, there is a quick 5 minutes charging option if you are in a hurry and your handset is dead. The series 9 device is a little downgraded when it comes to battery timing.

7. Digital Display: Winner – Both

braun series 8

Both of the devices come with a smart digital display. It is present just below the power button and displays battery life, charging indication, cleaning process, headlock, and replacement alert.

There is no significant difference in the LED display of both devices.

8. Sonic Technology and Precision Trimmer: Winner – Series 9

Both of the devices have built-in sonic technology. This sonic technology uses 10,000 vibrations to smoothly glide on the skin and capture hair. It is an auto-sense technology that enables an electric shaver to capture dense hair and trim them effectively.

Additionally, the Series 9 device comes with a precision trimmer for the finishing touches. There is no such trimmer in the series 8 device.

9. Price: Winner – Series 8

The Braun series 8 electric shaver costs $219 while the Braun series 9 electric shaver costs $269.

Comparison Table

Let us take a quick look at the comparison table to make the best choice.


Braun Series 8

Braun Series 9



9.96 x 6.42 x 6.24 inches

6.18 x 6.18 x 9.12 inches

Series 9


2.78 pounds

2.14 pounds

Series 9

Shaving Elements



Series 9

LED Display




Head Directions



Series 9

Charging Time

1 hour

1 hour


Battery Life

60 minutes

50 minutes

Series 8

Cutting Action per minute



Series 9

Wet and Dry Shaving




Built-in Precision Trimmer




Sonic Technology







Series 8


Braun series 8 and Braun series 9 are the top electric shavers developed by Braun. They came after the series 7 and have better features, more effectiveness, and better results. Both these series are similar with a few differences.

The design of Braun series 9 is more ergonomic. It is better in terms of cutting action per minute, shaving elements, and overall shaving experience. The only feature where the Braun series 8 takes the lead is its battery timing.

So, if your hair is coarse and stubborn and you have the budget, the Braun series 9 is definitely worth it. However, if you want a relatively pocket-friendly device, and you do not need advanced features, go for the Braun series 8.

Benefits of an Electric Shaver

You must be wondering why should you invest in an electric shaver when safety razors are more handy and inexpensive. Well, electric shavers are better than manual razors in many aspects and are totally worth the investment. Let us have a look at some of these.

Comfort and Convenience

Electric shavers are designed ergonomically to work closely on the hair while preventing any cuts, irritation, nicks, and shaving burns. While with manual razors, you always have to be careful to not cut your skin.

Moreover, they are easier to use as you need no shaving cream, aftershave, and manual cleaning of the razor. All you need is to turn on your shaver, trim your beard, and put it into its station. Easy and convenient, right?

Cost Effectiveness

You need to buy safety razors every now and then even if they are cheap. In contrast, electric shavers are a long-term investment. They last up to 10 years and even longer if you use them gently and carefully. So, electric shavers are more cost-effective if you compare the money spent on safety razors, foaming creams, and aftershave gels.


The electric razors do not cut, irritate, or damage the skin as their foil prevents contact between their blades and skin. Moreover, they prevent ingrown hair and eliminate hair from a deeper level.

The Versatile Use

Electric shavers can be used for several purposes in addition to shaving your beard. You can trim your hair, shave your head, groom your sideburns, or shape your mustache with electric shavers. Moreover, they are waterproof and also chargeable. So, you can carry them on the go and groom yourself at any place.

Wet/Dry Shaving

Electric shavers are mostly used on dry faces. However, if you have sensitive skin and prefer applying the cream before shaving, no worries as electric shavers can also be used on damp skin.

However, not all electric shavers are compatible with wet shaving. So, check out the device specification before buying it.

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