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Sports & FitnessEchelon vs. Peloton Bike: Which is Better for You?

Echelon vs. Peloton Bike: Which is Better for You?

Indoor workouts and physical training to build up stamina and stay in shape is a trend since 2019. More than being a trend, it is feasible, cost-saving, and time-saving making people invest in home gyms. So, getting new equipment and updating your home gym is the new norm for physical fitness enthusiasts.

But getting the right equipment from a reliable brand is also necessary because gym apparatus and accessories are expensive. One of the must-have equipment for a home gym is exercise bikes as they help in building strength and muscles. Also, they reduce the impact on joints.

Echelon and Peloton are the top exercise brands in the market. Both offer high-quality bikes, interactive workouts, live classes, and a premium workout experience. Additionally, they have a touchscreen digital display, ergonomic designs, comfortable seats, and easy to hold handles, and more.

But which of both is better for you? Let us find out below! However, if you are also interested in other home equipment brand comparisons, check Peloton and Nordictrack .

Echelon vs. Peloton Bike: Brand History

Brand History

The story of a brand, its history, and its goals provide insight into how the brand came into being, what made its founder create a brand, what it wants to do for its consumers, and how thoughtful it is. So. Let us check out why Echelon and Peloton were created and how they win the hearts of a huge population of fitness freaks.



Country of Origin: Tennessee, United States

Country of Origin: New York City, United States

Founder: Lou Lentine

Founder: John Foley, Graham Stanton, Yong Feng, Tom Cortese

Year of Foundation: 2017 (6 years)

Year of Foundation: January 3, 2012 (11 years)

Brief Brand History: The founder of Echelon, Lou Lentine is a strong believer in getting the best of his personal experiences and turning misfortune into success.

As a successful entrepreneur, he built a $30 million business of decorative laser lights to simply save people from struggles and risks associated with light strings after his father got through the same.

Then in 2015, after being told by his doctor to lose weight, he invested his time and energy in building equipment that helps in losing weight without any impact on his joints.

In 2017, he launched Echelon and now it is a global brand, one of the top ones at that.

Brief Brand History: Peloton literally means “A group of cycle riders bound together” in terms of cycling.

John Foley, an executive at Barnes & Noble E-Commerce felt like it was not easy to work out in your personal space, and interactive exercise was more motivating and fruitful.

So, in 2011, a revolutionary idea of interactive cycling workouts hit John Foley. He then talked about it to his friends and they started a journey to make workouts easier and more effective.

So, they set out the foundation of Peloton Fitness in 2012 and sold their first bike in 2013.

Ever since then, even with only 2 bike models, it is at the top in the industry of home workout interactive bikes.

Specific Features: Echelon features a number of connected bikes, treadmills, rowers, and smart mirrors.

Specific Features: It features exercise equipment like bikes, treads, and rowing machines along with interactive classes.

Interesting Fact: The fact that Echelon started right before the pandemic helped it greatly improve its sales and achieve the best when people were stuck in their homes.

Interesting Fact: Peloton’s logo the slanted “P” in monochrome colors represents “Pedal”. Along with its bold font and attractive looks, it radiates power, passion, and playfulness.

Reputation: Although much younger than Peloton, Echelon is considered an affordable alternative to Peloton’s home gym equipment.

Reputation: The Best digital bikes with interactive interfaces you can find in the market.

Focus on: Echelon is all about offering exercise equipment for everyone, in every price range, and with every requirement. Additionally, it focuses on long-term connections.

Focus on: Peloton focuses on strength training, yoga, running, boxing, cycling exercises, and more.

It helps in making workouts more productive through constant interaction.

Bottom Line: Both brands, regardless of their age, have come a long way, have interesting stories of their launch, and provide the best equipment in terms of user experience, durability, and motivating sessions.

The only difference is that Echelon originated because of its founder’s personal experience while Peloton was a sudden yet thoughtful idea by its Founder.

Echelon vs. Peloton: Main Features

Main Features

Although Echelon and Peloton offer a variety of exercise equipment, their bikes are the most famous and most sold exercise machinery. So, here you can see a comparison of the features of their bikes to see why is Peloton considered more of a luxury brand while Echelon offers high-quality equipment and has not yet reached the level of Peloton.



Design: Large seat with pads, device holder, SPD pedals, charging ports, and water bottle holders.

Design: Sports saddle, front, and rear-facing speakers, water bottle holders, dumbbell holders, camera, headphone jack.

Display: No display in two of its bike models while 3 of them have a 10-24 inches HD screen that can be flipped to 180 degrees.

Display: 21.5 to 23.8 inches digital HD display with rotatable screen

Weight: 88 to 124 pounds

Weight: 135 to 140 pounds

Resistance: 32 levels of magnetic resistance

Resistance: 100 levels of manually controlled resistance

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Training Options: FitPass membership also has a number of workout classes.

Training Options: All-access membership that offers countless workout classes.

Warranty: 1-year parts warranty, 30 days return policy

Warranty: 1-year parts warranty, 30 days return policy, 5-year frame warranty

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Connectivity: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection

App: The app has classes on yoga, strength training, toning, core training, HIIT, and kickboxing.

App: The app has classes on Yoga, HIIT, pilates, strength training, cardio, meditation, outdoor exercise, and boot camp.

Membership fee: $39

Membership fee: $34.99

The major difference in the features of both brands is that even with fewer models as compared to Echelon, Peloton has better resistance options, better digital display, more workout classes, better connection, and a longer warranty. Additionally, Peloton has more to offer with the same membership fee as that of Echelon.

Regardless, Echelon is still a great option. Its 32 resistance levels are enough to customize your workout and improve strength progressively. Moreover, Echelon is more lightweight and its pedals and seat are also more comfortable.

When we talk about the quality of classes, both almost provide the same training options but the trainers and instructors of Peloton are more precise, engaging, and motivating.

Echelon vs. Peloton: Range of Items/Equipment

Range of Items/Equipment

Both brands have a wide range of items including exercise equipment, accessories, merchandise, app, apparel, and more. Let us see what you can find in both.




  • Connect bikes including GT+, EX-5, EX-5s-10, EX-5s-22, and Ex-8s

  • Smart treadmills including Echelon Stride, Echelon Stride s, and Echelon Stride 5s

  • Rowers including Echelon Row and Echelon Row S

  • Fitness Mirror


  • Echelon Membership plus app


  • Leggings

  • Bras

  • Jackets

  • T-shirts

  • Shorts

  • Hoodies

  • Tank Tops


  • Spin bikes including Peloton Bike and Bike+

  • Peloton Treadmill

  • Peloton Rowing Machine

  • Peloton TV guide

Smart App:

  • Peloton Smart App


  • Cycling shoes

  • Rowing mats

  • Heart rate bands

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Resistance bands

  • Yoga blocks

  • Dumbbells

  • Earbuds

  • Water bottles


  • Jackets

  • Tights

  • Bras

  • Shorts

As you can clearly see here the Echelon offers more options in the category of bike exercise equipment, you can check the pros and cons of all of its equipment separately to get the best for yourself in terms of price, your needs, and value for money. However, Echelon has a limited range of accessories.

On the other hand, Peloton only has a few items of exercise equipment with comparable features and prices. Its bikes are the best of their equipment. So, you can find out more about the comparison of its bikes in Peloton Bike and Bike+ .

But Peloton has many more accessories as compared to Echelon.

Echelon vs. Peloton: Price Range

Price Range

Peloton is a high-end international brand while Echelon is a more accessible global brand. Here is how their prices differ.



  • Spin Bikes: $799.99 to $1,999.99

  • Treadmills: $899.99 to $1,999.99

  • Rowers: $999.99 to $1,199.99

  • Leggings: $17.000

  • Bras: $19.00

  • Shorts: $14.00

  • Jackets: $14-$28

  • Fitness mirror: $1,499.99

  • Spin Bikes: $1,445 to $2,495

  • Treadmills: $3,495

  • Rowers: $3,195

  • Leggings: $82

  • Bras: $54

  • Jackets: $85

  • Tote Bags: $40

  • Dumbbells: $25-155

  • Earbuds: $23

  • Mats: $70-85

  • Cycling shoes: $125-145

  • Peloton guide: $195

When we compare the price, it is clear that the price of Peloton is almost twice that of Echelon whether it is equipment, apparel, or accessories. Moreover, Echelon offers a wider range of prices and Peloton only has 1 or 2 limited options. So, if you are looking for an affordable brand, Echelon is the one.

However, Peloton offers the best quality equipment even with limited options. So, if you choose to spend more money, Peloton is worth it.

Echelon vs. Peloton: Social Media

Social Media

In the digital world, one of the best ways to stay updated about brands is through social media. Moreover, social media signifies the marketing and reach of the brand. Here are the official accounts of Echelon and Peloton.

Social Media




Account: @Echelonfit

Followers: 55.4K

Account: @Onepeloton

Followers: 2M


Account: @Echelon.Fit

Followers: 81K

Account: @onepeloton

Followers: 925K


Account: @echelon_fit

Followers: 5K

Account: @onepeloton

Followers: 222.2K



Followers: 1K

Account: @onepeloton

Followers: 101.6K

Peloton takes the lead in the game of social media by a large margin. Echelon needs to focus more on social media marketing to attract more people and build a stronger brand image.

Echelon vs. Peloton: Celebrities


We are all well aware of how a brand gets instant recognition when celebrities or exercise instructors endorse them. Moreover, getting a recommendation from your favourite celebrity helps you stay more focused, and motivated, and stay on the journey of fitness.

So let us see which celebrities endorse both of these brands.



  • Mario Lopez

  • Joey Fatone

  • Lady Gaga

  • Pitbull

  • Megan Rapinoe

  • Miley Cyrus

  • Ciara

  • Ayesha Curry

  • Ellen Degeneres

  • Lizzo

  • Candace Cameron Brue

  • Kate Hudson

  • Alicia Keys

  • Venus Williams

  • Joe Jonas

  • Rick Fox

  • Andrea Barber

  • Derek Holland

  • Micheal Morse

  • Draymond Green

  • Cliff Avril

  • Joe Staley

  • Jimmy Walker

You can see the reason why the fan following of Peloton is more. It is loved and recommended by many celebrities. From musicians and actors to athletes and workout trainers, everyone is so in love with Peloton.

In contrast, Echelon has a few yet big celebrities with them like Pitbull and Lady Gaga. Moreover, Peloton has been around for a decade while Echelon is half its age. So, Peloton got more chances to grow and connect more people along the way.

Echelon vs. Peloton: Where to Buy

You can find Echekonn and Peloton on their official sites and on Amazon online. Additionally, you can buy their apparatus at physical stores.



Final Verdict: Which Brand is Better for You

Both Echelon and Peloton made their name in the industry because of the exclusive interactive workout sessions they offer. Peloton came into being more than a decade ago while Echelon started a few years back.

Regardless of age, both brands offer bikes, treadmills, rowers, apparel, and workout accessories. Th


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