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Foreo UFO vs UFO 2: What’s Difference and Is It Worth the Upgrade?

By Viktoria
June 6, 2023
7 minutes

Foreo aims at restoring facial skin health. You’ll need thermotherapy from either Foreo UFO or UFO 2 to increase blood flow to the skin, build moisturized facial skin barrier, stimulate fibroblasts, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

If you’re wondering what the difference between Foreo UFO vs UFO 2 is, this article is dedicated to you. Even though both are facial treatment handheld devices having similar shapes and almost the same size, their performances are different and the incorporated technology is also different.

Whether using Foreo UFO or the UFO 2 you’ll need a Foreo mask but it’s not a must. You can apply a skincare product and you’re ready to say goodbye to facial fine lines. While the two devices aim at pushing active skincare ingredients deeper into the skin, their efficacy differs a lot.

Surprisingly, while the Foreo UFO which was released first does accept all the activated Foreo masks, UFO 2 accepts selected masks.

Foreo UFO vs UFO 2 At A Glance

Despite being look-alike, Fore UFO, and UFO have many differences. The UFO 2 is an upgraded version of Foreo UFO. No matter your skin tone, these two devices are great for everyone. Whichever result you desire select the face mask that suits the skin needs then attach it to the dotted side of any of the devices.

Before looking at the differences between Foreo UFO and UFO 2, let’s first understand each device.

Understanding Foreo UFO Plus Pros and Cons

From day 1, Foreo UFO was described as the smart mask treatment that promises facial spa-level treatment in 90 seconds. This device’s main shortcoming is you’ve to keep buying Foreo facial masks to enjoy its warm pulsations and keep the skin rejuvenated.

It’s a small circular-shaped beauty device with a flat surface that has an attachment ring for tightly attaching the face mask and is designed to perfectly fit into the palm of your hand.

To use Foreo UFO, remove the plastic ring and place the sheet mask supplied with the device or bought separately then secure it using the ring. Using the Foreo App, scan the barcode on the sheet mask, and then press the on button. Place the device on your skin and gently move it in circular motions for 90 seconds, or until UFO automatically goes off.

Foreo UFO Pros

  • Vibrations and heat push skincare ingredients deep beyond the skin

  • Can use individual face masks

  • Easy to customize treatment settings with the Foreo app

  • Ergonomic and simple to operate

Foreo UFO Cons

  • Expensive to use with the activated Fore face masks

  • Must scan Foreo face mask to use

  • The plastic attachment ring is fragile

Understanding UFO 2 Plus Pros and Cons

To use UFO 2, all you need is a UFO kit and a smart mobile phone. Being a 4-in-1 facial treatment device, UFO 2 offers a full spectrum of LED light treatments. From the treatment duration options on the Foreo App, you can extend your sessions from 60 seconds to even 180 seconds.

While it’s not a must to use the Foreo-designated face mask, using other face masks will make it impossible to optimize treatment routines with the Foreo app.

To use UFO 2, you’ll need to turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone and secure a face mask to the device. Use the settings on the Foreo app to customize treatment settings, and then gently massage the skin in circular motions. After using this device severally, your skin will feel more hydrated and healthy.

UFO 2 Pros

  • 8 LED light therapy options

  • Ergonomic and lightweight

  • Heats 5X faster compared to its predecessor

  • Works well with Foreo and non-Foreo face masks

  • Works on all skin types and tones

UFO 2 Cons

  • Cannot use Foreo face masks without activation

  • The material body is non-biodegradable plastic

Foreo UFO and UFO 2 Common Features

  • Both Foreo UFO and UFO 2 are smart facial treatment devices that work on all skin tones, ages, and types. They are designed to use Foreo face masks or activated face masks.

  • After purchase, it’s recommendable to fully charge the devices. This will enable the device to complete a treatment session while sustaining the LED light flashing, and the pulsating vibrations.

  • Once the batteries are fully charged, they are estimated to last 2-3 weeks if skin treatment is done every day, but treatment is done 3-4 times a week, expected their batteries to last one month. Using its USB cable, it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

  • Both devices are circular in shape with flat surfaces on either side. One side holds the face mask and massages the skin pushing skincare ingredients deep beneath the skin. It’s also mounted with RGB LED lights with varied skincare benefits.

  • Included in their packaging is a charging cable that can be used for either the Foreo UFO or UFO 2. Both devices use a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Their charging ports do accommodate a similar USB cable.

  • Both devices have medical-grade silicon that’s waterproof and durable. It’s due to this protection Foreo offers a 2-year warrant for each device.

Foreo UFO and UFO 2 use highly effective T-Sonic Pulsations to maximize the benefits of activated face masks.

Being 100% water resistant, it’s easy and economical to maintain the plastic attachment rings and devices clean. To clean them, use warm clean running water and dry them with a dry towel.

Comparison Chart Between Foreo UFO and UFO 2


Foreo UFO






72.5 mm x 31.4 mm

72.5 mm x 31.4 mm


0.15 Kilograms

0.146 Kilograms

Year of Release

9 March 2020

1 April 2021


2 Years

2 Years


Circular with a flat side

circular with a flat side

RGB LED Lights

3 RGB light wavelengths

8 RGB light wavelengths

Compatible Face Masks

Compatible with all FOREO-activated masks

Compatible with all FOREO-activated masks

Thermo Therapy

Normal heating

Maximum up to45°C


Normal cooling

Minimum down to 5°C


Silicone & PC + ABS

Silicone & PC + ABS

Maximum Noise Level

<50 dB

<50 dB


40 uses per full charge

40 uses per full charge

Price Difference Between Foreo UFO and UFO 2

Foreo UFO is available in three different colors and all variants carry an equal price tag whether you order directly from the Foreo website or on Amazon.

Comparing Foreo UFO price tags on both websites, buying from Amazon will cost $20 less. While the price on the Foreo website is $239, on Amazon it’s retailing at $ 219. On the other hand, it’s better to buy UFO 2 on Amazon since it’s cheaper than buying it on the Foreo website. While on Amazon you’ll get UFO 2 for as low as $299.00, you’ll have to part with $329 if you decide to buy from the Foreo website.

In conclusion, Foreo UFO is more expensive than UFO 2. Partly because of the upgraded features plus marketing expenses. And it’s more economical to buy both Foreo UFO and UFO 2 on Amazon.

LED Light Differences Between Foreo UFO and UFO 2

It’s true – UFO 2 is an upgraded version of Foreo UFO. Foreo UFO is equipped with three LED lights to infuse your skincare active ingredients deep below your skin. Each light color represents a wavelength. According to Cleveland Clinic , LED lights help treat wounds, wrinkles, acne, hair loss, and sun damage. From this authority website, the blue LED light affects the outermost layer of the skin while yellow light penetrates deeper into the skin.

The three therapeutic LED lights in Foreo UFO are red, blue, and Cyan. While the Blue LED light will destroy P. acnes , stabilizes overactive oil production, destroy bacteria, and mitigates inflamed acne, Cyan LED light will suppress inflammation, and soothes stressed-out skin. Last is the Purple LED light color has been shown to facilitate healing and help eliminate toxins in the skin.

The UFO 2 features eight different colors;

White for reducing skin puffiness, tightening, and rejuvenation

Blue for balancing skin oil levels, and breakouts

Red for stimulation of collagen, diminishing fine lines that lead to wrinkles, anti-aging, and lifting and firming the skin

Yellow for soothing sunburns, improving skin tone, and reducing swelling

Green for brightening, and evening skin tone, diminishing dark circles, age spots, and discolorations

Purple for boosting radiance, detoxification, and keeping inflammation at bay

Cyan for calming and healing the skin

Orange for revitalizing skin and restoring sun damage effects

Effectiveness, and Ease of Use Between Foreo UFO and UFO 2

Image courtesy of Body Beautiful

UFO 2 is described as among the smartest facial skin treatment device – thanks to the thermal therapy, cyro therapy, T-Sonic, and full-spectrum LED lights technologies incorporated in this one device. Even though Foreo UFO is also loaded with these technologies, UFO 2 is more effective.

UFO 2 heats up 5x faster and the heat goes up to 45 degrees and cools again to 5 degrees while pulsating 10,000 times/minute. The heat softens the skin and opens skin pores making the active skincare ingredients in the activated Foreo face masks penetrate deep below the skin.

The T-Sonic pulsations help in exfoliating the skin and improving skin absorption of body creams and serums. Again these pulsations make the skincare ingredients move deeper into the skin. These gentle vibrations also improve skin flow, relaxes skin facial and neck muscle tension points, and dilated skin pores.

Comparatively, UFO 2 is more effective than FOREO UFO.

Since the two devices have the same dimensions and weight and design, non can be described as being more ergonomic than the other.

Comparing the Warranty and Guarantee of Foreo UFO vs UFO 3

Starting with the product return policies as outlined by Foreo, you’ll enjoy equal privileges whether you buy Fore UFO or UFO 2. If you want a refund for either product, a return has to be done within 14 days from the date of delivery and unopened.

All Foreo facial smart devices including Foreo Luna Mini 2 carry a warranty a 2-year warranty. The warranty defects caused by poor workmanship resulted in product inefficiencies.

Final Verdict: Is Ufo 2 Worth the Upgrade?

We all look forward to the best results after using a skincare product whether sunscreen, a hair removal device , exfoliating cream, or a facial smart device. After using both Foreo UFO and UFO 2, and analyzing reviews from other users, we can authoritatively conclude Foreo UFO upgrade was worth it.

With the birth of UFO 2, your facial skin is more supercharged than before and the results are more admirable. The 8 LED lights offer varied benefits to the skin while the Thermo Therapy and Cryo-Therapy make UFO 2 more effective.

Due to enhanced technologies in UFO 2, skincare product absorption into the skin is faster, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin moisture levels, makes the skin softer, and reduces puffiness.

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