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How to Clean Dyson Filter? (Step-By-Step)

By Laura
May 21, 2023
5 minutes

Does the Dyson filter keep flashing white, or red LED light when cleaning the house? When the Dyson filter is clogged with microscopic dust particles, Dyson’s suction power becomes less. To retain the Dyson vacuum cleaner’s suction power, you’ve to know how to clean the Dyson filter properly.

The only secret to maintaining a Dyson vacuum cleaner operating at maximum efficiency all the time is by cleaning the filter thoroughly every month, and replacing it when it gets old, with a new one. Whether your machine is equipped with one filter or two, you’ll find it simple and faster to clean each filter.

To make it easy for you to clean both the pre-filter and post-filter, Dyson simplified the dismantling and assembling process. Whichever model of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, all you need is to rotate the post filter anti-clockwise, then pull up and just lift the pre-filter and you’re ready to clean.

How to Clean Dyson Filter?

Even though Dyson recommends monthly cleaning, the size of cleaning areas and daily dust accumulation rate differ from house to house and office to office. You should therefore determine your Dyson filter cleaning rate based on how fast the filter gets blocked by the dust particles.

Cleaning the filter requires cleaning running water and a warm place to keep the filter as it dries. Does this not make Dyson vacuum care simple and cheap to maintain?

Follow these steps to wash the filter and keep the cyclone pulsing at its optimum efficiency.

Step 1. Unplug your Machine

At no time should you start Dyson filter cleaning when the machine is plugged into the charging port. Switch off your machine, and then unplug the charging cable. It’ll help you avoid electrical shock.

Step 2. Remove the Pre Filter

At the top of the cyclone is a purple cone-shaped filter – the pre-filter. Twist it, and then lift it out of the cyclone assembly. While the large particles are sucked into the Dyson bin, the smallest dust particles and bacteria are trapped in the paper filter inserted in a plastic holder.

There’s also some dirt trapped in between them which can only be removed by getting the paper filter out of the plastic holder.

Step 3. Get the Paper Filter Out of the Plastic holder

With the right tools, separating the filter and plastic holder should take less than a minute. A wedge knife or a screwdriver is the only tool you need to loosen the three catches. Push the screwdriver into the line gap between the plastic holder and the filter where the catches hold them together.

After confirming all the catches are loose, pull up the holder and you’ll find dirt at the bottom.

Step 4. Remove the Post Filter

Maintaining the post filter clean is important as it’s the last stage where all the dust that escaped the cyclone system is trapped. Dust from the rotating carbon-brushed motor is also trapped by the post filter.

To remove the Dyson post filter, rotate anti-clockwise and when the two black dots line up, pull off the post filter from the machine.

Step 5: Remove Dust from the Filter

Before running water through the filters, first, slightly knock the plastic holder and filters them on the bench or bin to remove the clogged dust. While holding the pre-filter upside down slightly tap it on the sink to loosen most of the dust and it’ll eventually fall off leaving those hidden in the mesh paper.

If you’ve got a small brush, dust off the plastic holder.

Step 6. Wash Filters with Water

With the water flowing from the tap, run water over the outside of the paper filter. Tap while shaking the filter again to remove the dirt already loosened by the water. Now squeeze and twist the filter with both hands to drain excess water.

To clean the post filter, run water into the open side of the post filter while rotating it in a circular motion. Like the pre-filter, tap and shake the post-filter to remove the larger dust particles held in between the walls. To clean all the debris and remove any dust left, run the water again on the outside of the filter.

To remove excess water holding on to the plastic and make it dry faster, tap the filter until you remove all the water drops.

While you can use things like vinegar, do not use any detergent to clean Dyson filters. Again, use cold water.

Step 7. Dry Filters

It’s advisable not to dry Dyson vacuum filters in a microwave, tumble dryer, or naked flames. Place the filter in an open place with plenty of airflow like on the window or beside a fan for at least 24 hours.

Never refit the filters into the cyclone system when not completely dry. Otherwise, you’ll damage the motor. To test the filters for any moisture, touch them with your hand.

Step 8. Refit the Filters into the Machine

Start refitting the pre-filter into the cyclone assembly. Assemble the pre-filter by inserting the paper filter into the plastic holder and pressing together till the catches lock. Now twist your pre-filter slightly onto the cyclone head and while ensuring a small torque, tighten it.

Next, refit the post filter onto your Dyson while rotating in a clockwise motion until the black dot on the post filter realigns with the empty circle.


When cleaning a Dyson filter, remember to remove the paper filter from the plastic holder and clean both with clean, cold water. If you’re not using running water from the tap, swirl the filters and the plastic holder in a basin filled with two or three liters of water three times. After each session, tap each filter to remove debris.

Dry your filters in an open area with good airflow until they are completely dry. 24-hour duration is enough for the filters to dry. Refitting a wet filter can short-circuit the motor and cause permanent damage.

How you remove a Dyson filter and refit is mostly determined by the model you’re using. A two-filter Dyson vacuum cleaner will have a different process from a one-filter Dyson.

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