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Sports & FitnessHow to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally Fast at Home?

How to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally Fast at Home?

Are you longing for bigger breasts due to some personal reasons? Bigger breasts for some women boost their self-esteem and define their personalities in society. You may desire larger breasts for aesthetic and career reasons. In any way others may see it, you have the right to desire eye-appealing boobs.

Breast augmentation through surgery may be the fastest way of getting your boobs job.¹ However, its insidious procedures are scary, harmful, and expensive. Nevertheless, you can utilize some natural ways at home to enhance the size of your breasts faster. These methods are consuming healthy diets, herbs, massaging, and exercising. This article will explore some natural ways to get bigger breasts naturally fast at home.

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Healthy Foods

Healthy foods are the fastest natural home remedies you can leverage to increase the size of your breasts. When you take healthy diets as your lifestyle, your breast tissues and other body systems will build up and function without any issues.

For instant results concerning your breast size, consider taking foods like monounsaturated fats, foods rich in estrogen, vegetables, etc.


advocado Did you know that your breasts consist of fatty and connective tissues? Therefore, you may have no option if your breasts lack enough body fat. If you aren’t okay with this situation, consider including healthy dietary fats in your daily consumption. These healthy fats are foods that contain monounsaturated fats.² They are avocado, peanut, olive, and canola oils.

In addition, consider adding polyunsaturated fats like walnuts, fish, sunflower, soybeans, etc., that include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Ensure you eat these fats moderately and avoid excess fats from processed and fast foods, full-dairy products, and red meat. These foods are harmful because they focus on other body parts, like the hips, stomach, and thighs, instead of your breasts. In addition, they can cause cancer and affect your overall well-being.

Foods rich in estrogen

Estrogen is the steroid hormone that helps the female reproductive organs. It also enhances the development of female sexual features. Consuming foods rich in estrogen, like soy products, seafood, red and lima beans, vegetables, etc., will naturally add more to the estrogen your body produces. As a result, your breasts may grow bigger than they are now. Besides, soy products contain isoflavones that can help prevent health conditions like cancer and free radicals. However, ensure you consume these foods moderately to avoid some harmful health conditions. For example, you may suffer digestive upsets and thyroid malfunction if you consume excess soy products rich in phytoestrogens (the hormone responsible for large breasts).

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It is vital to know that balanced diets are only complete with consistent consumption of fruits. You can include fruits if you want bigger and fuller boobs. Some fruits like papaya, bananas, dried fruits, avocados, almonds, apples, strawberries, cherries, watermelon, cashews, pomegranates, etc., are restorers of vital cells in the body. They can also build up your breast tissues because they enhance estrogen production in the body. These fruits are high in vitamins and minerals. They also help prevent some health conditions that may develop in the body. Therefore consider leveraging some of these organic fruits for your self-breast enlargement at home.


papaya Did you know papaya mixed with milk can give you magic breasts? Consider mixing papaya juice with milk daily and expect a result that will blow your mind away regarding your quest for bigger breasts. Drink this mixture of papaya and milk daily, and ensure you are consistent about this routine. However, do not consume papaya if you are pregnant. Also, avoid taking excess milk with papaya to prevent the cause of diarrhea. Besides, you can stick to eating fresh papaya alone to enhance your breast size. Papaya contains estrogen, which is effective in aiding the building of breast tissues.³


banana Regularly consuming bananas is another natural way to get a bust enhancement faster at home. Bananas have some nutritional components, such as fats and proteins, which the breasts need to enlarge. In addition, they contain iron and calcium that help the body’s systems. For effective results, blend your banana with milk and drink this natural concoction consistently for ten days. You can also blend your bananas with yogurt if milk is unavailable.

Overall, avoid taking excess of this concoction to prevent diarrhea.


Among natural ways of increasing the size of your bosom faster at home is leveraging some herbs like fenugreek, flax seeds, fennel, and saw palmetto. These herbs contain phytonutrients and phytoestrogen components, which can stimulate your breast tissue to have a bigger size.⁴


According to unofficial observation, if its dosage is consistent and moderate, fenugreek may contribute to the bust enhancement. This seed has phytoestrogen and diosgenin, which increase estrogen levels in the building of breast tissues for a bigger size. To use the herb, soak its seeds in water for a day and sift it before you drink. You can also include it in your food ingredients for breakfast and dinner. In addition, you can get a fenugreek capsule at the counter.


Flaxseed is another amazing breast enhancement herb that contains phytoestrogens, a stimulant of breast tissues in the body. In addition, it can help if you have a hormonal imbalance. Mix a tablespoon of this seed into your drinks, like smoothies, yogurt, cereals, and tea. Ensure you take a moderate quantity of these herbs to avoid stomach upset.



Massaging your breasts is among the natural ways of getting bigger breasts. Try to circularly massage your breast with essential oils like olive oil, fenugreek oil, lemongrass oil, and rose oil for ten minutes. Let your hands rub everything around the nipple, to your cleavage, and under your breast gently. For better results, you can try any of these essential oils:

Olive Oil

olive oil Olive oil is one of the important ingredients for breast growth. It has a property called oleuropein which enhances insulin-like growth factor 1(IGF-1) levels. 5 This factor is responsible for the rapid growth of female breast size. When you massage your breasts with olive oil daily for ten minutes, you may wake up to see a bigger bust after a month. It is also important to know that olive oil is an antioxidant that aids in anti-aging skin and prevents breasts from sagging. To utilize the benefits of olive oil, massage your breasts gently once or twice a day. Don’t apply too much of this oil to avoid skin conditions like irritation and discoloration.

Fenugreek Oil

Besides chewing and cooking, you can apply fenugreek oil when massaging your breasts. Its mitogenic effects enhance the growth of the breasts. Ensure you massage with this oil every day for ten minutes to see results.


You can leverage several exercises , such as yoga, chair dip, tug and pull, push-ups, dumbbell pullovers, etc., to increase your breast size. These exercises will also help muscles develop under your breasts within ten days. As a result of the combination of these exercises, you have fuller and bigger breasts instead of going through surgery. Therefore, it is important to discover the exercises suitable for your health. Let’s examine the two common exercises that can make your breasts bigger:


Yoga position exercise helps to tighten your pectoral muscles, which makes your breasts grow bigger and fuller. In addition, it enhances the shape of your breasts as it increases the size. A yoga pose like bhujangasana will help your chest muscles to have more blood circulation and result in breast enlargement. Also, dhanurasana is another yoga pose where you can try to have bigger breasts. Lie on your stomach while you hold your feet in a backward position. Ensure you look straight and hold your feet for five to ten minutes. This pose will increase your breast size and remove back pain. It also promotes blood circulation around your bosom.

Vrikshasana, stabdhasana, and ustrasana yoga pose help to be free from stress. These poses enhance blood circulation over your body. However, avoid wearing tight clothes, which can impede your breast enhancement. 6

Push Ups

Push-ups are exercises for toning your chest which later results in bigger breasts. Get a comfortable place for this exercise and lay on your stomach. Spread your arms close to your shoulder. Let your toes stick to the floor while you slowly lift yourself. Ensure your knees are straight. Practice this five to seven times at a stretch. Gradually increase the time to fifteen to see the result of bigger breasts.

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The Takeaway

Remember, achieving bigger breasts through natural ways can not be effective if you are not consistent with the routine. Ensure you set targeted goals, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking balanced diets, and avoiding foods rich in testosterone. In addition, trans and saturated oils are not healthy for you. In contrast, excess consumption of some foods and oils can harm your body. Nevertheless, if you can commit yourself to exercises and massages coupled with healthy fruits and foods, expect your breasts to be bigger, firmer, rounder, and fuller within a short period.


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