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How to Look Pretty: 16 Easy Tips Make You Prettier

By Viktoria
June 27, 2023
7 minutes

It is a little weird to think but we are most of the time judged based on our physical appearance. You might be prejudiced against due to your skin color, being bulky, or acne, or your dress up. It is a negative custom that is very normal in many countries.

This makes you think that you also want to look pretty like that celebrity or the famous girl in school? Others might start liking you if you would have looked better?

Before starting the article, you should know that your physical appearance is not what makes you look ugly or pretty. It is the mindset of others as everyone has different standards of beauty.

You are already beautiful but a little more grooming can make you confident in yourself. So, in this article, we will discuss some tips to look prettier, more captivating, and more attractive.

16 Easy Tips to Make You Prettier

Keep Yourself Clean

Wherever you go, whether it is a restaurant or a hair salon, the very first thing you notice is the hygiene of that place. This is not the case for places or things only but also for humans. Keeping yourself clean helps you look fresh and look more approachable.

Know What Suits You

There are times when you decide to go with the trend thinking it will suit you and help you look attractive and pretty. Although it is nice to take inspiration from all those trends, sometimes these trends might not suit you and make you lose all your confidence.

So, to look pretty, it is best to know what your style is and dress accordingly. You can keep up with the trends by adding some touches of your style to those trends and rock your outfit.

Stick to your Skincare Routine

Our skin gets exposed to dirt and dust all the time whenever we go out. Not only this, but exposure to UV rays, free radicals, smoke, and other pollutants makes our skin dull and dry. To fight these pollutants, it is essential to start a skincare routine that helps your skin stay healthy and fresh.

Healthy skin will surely make you look more beautiful.

Go for a Healthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle contributes a lot to your health and your health condition shows on your face. Eating lots of junk food can cause acne and sleeping more than required can cause dark circles. Similarly, the reduced blood supply can make your skin look pale

Therefore, it is recommended to eat a healthy balanced diet and proper sleep for your body to nourish well. Exercising can help you maintain the perfect figure.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Who doesn’t like clear, bloomed, and glass skin? Although it takes a skincare routine, and other measures to have that kind of skin but the most important step is drinking lots of water. It is something take won’t even take your time or money.

When you drink a lot of water during the day, it gets rid of waste from your body and aids the immune system to fight infections and prevent acne. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin thus preventing wrinkles too.

Smile More

Only looks are not important but the behavior you have towards others also matters. Naturally, we get attracted to those who smile a lot. Smiling conveys your positive regard towards someone making a good impression on you on others. The communication becomes easy and everyone starts liking you.

Moreover, when you smile, your facial muscles are lifted making you look youthful and younger.

Smell Good

Your scents can change your mood thus also changing your outlook on how you see the world. The better your mood is, the easier it will be to go through a rough day. This will help you control your emotions and interact nicely with others.

Also, others are also captivated by the scents you wear, it makes them want to stay near you and help them remember you for a long time. No one will want to go near a person who gives off a smell of sweat, right?

Keep Your Nails Clean and Body Moisturized

No matter what you do, if you do not keep yourself clean no one would want to interact with you. You can get your nails done, and apply nail paint but if your hands and nails are not clean, it can give a false impression of you on others.

So, make sure your nails are clean and trimmed and your hands and body are moisturized. It helps others know that you are a hygienic person and they are safe around you. This allows them to stay around you comfortably.

Add Some Accessories to Your Clothing

Another step that you can take to look more charismatic is to add some accessories to your clothing. You can add a bag, a watch, a bracelet, some nice earrings, or little pendants to your clothes to give off expensive vibes.

You will be noticed more and it also gives a unique touch to your style.

Look Organized and Dress Up Well

Another tip that doesn’t need any extra effort is to look organized and dress up well. It will seem weird if you go to a party wearing gym clothes, right? So, you should keep an eye on what you need to wear according to the event so that you can blend well with others.

In addition to this, it is a custom of society to look down on those who are not well-dressed and look haggard. So, staying organized will make you look mature and confident, and put your strong impact on others.

Wear Clothes of the Right Size

Now, while shopping, you might think buying clothes of a smaller size can make you look slim or help you motivate yourself to lose weight. But, it can have the opposite effect to what you are thinking. Wearing tight clothes will not only make you uncomfortable but also those who are around you.

Also, very loose clothes can be a problem as you will have to keep adjusting them throughout the day. You can easily trip and fall into them. So, find the right size for you and style yourself accordingly.

Take Care of Your Hair

Imagine you just saw someone wearing an attractive branded dress with an expensive bag and shoes? Now Imagine their hair looking like they just came there straight away from sleep. It will feel weird, right?

So, after getting all dolled up, take some time, choose a good hairstyle according to your face shape and dress, and go with it. It will complete your look.

Maintain Your Body Posture

Now we are ready to go out with our beautiful dresses and a good hairstyle. But walking with a hunchback? This is such a no-no. Your poor posture can not only cause pain in your body but also affect how others see you. Your posture will get everyone’s attention instead of your clothes and surely the attention won’t be in a good way.

Therefore, sit straight, and walk straight as it will make you look more graceful, slimmer, younger, and more active.

Destress Yourself and Radiate positivity

Your physical appearance is not the only attribute that describes your beauty. It also depends upon what aura or vibes you give off. If you stay stressed, you might radiate a depressed aura and no one would want to talk to you.

On the other hand, if you are someone who gives off positive vibes you’ll be surrounded by good people as well. So, destress yourself first. You can do cooking, exercise, a walk, or anything that relaxes your mind. Once you are relaxed, your mind will also stay positive and your positivity will captivate others too.

No Comparisons

The most common reason for depression is comparisons. “This model looks so good in every picture” or “That influencer eats so much but is still pretty and smart” All these thoughts can have a negative influence on you.

Know that not everyone or everything is perfect. Social media is just 1% of every celebrity’s life and you never know the whole truth. So, it’s better not to compare yourself to them and focus on yourself, and your physical and mental health. A healthy mindset is what makes you attractive.

Be Confident

Being confident allows you to accept all challenges with courage and live the present moment to the fullest. During all these challenges, you are less focused on yourself and more on facing them with bravery.

Your confidence is what makes you different from others and someone might want to learn from you as well. It tells others that you know your worth and no one can slow you down.


Every one of us has our own charms. Some people might like your smile or others might like your eyes. But some people don’t like you at all. It doesn’t mean you are bad-looking and you do not need to make any changes in yourself to please others. The only reason that can make you change is your own satisfaction.

So, if you thought about polishing yourself a bit more, all you need to do is to make sure that you are clean, your body is hydrated, your hair and dress are well prepared, and you are following a healthy routine.

Furthermore, smiling more, being confident with a positive attitude towards others, and having zero comparisons with others are what help you make more friends and socialize more. To look and feel confident, wear the right-sized clothes, add some accessories to them, and maintain your body posture.

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