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How to Remove Nose Hair Safely and Painlessly?

By Jason
June 13, 2023
7 minutes

Have you ever been around someone and all they do is pick their nose continuously in an irritable manner? Or perhaps, you have been in such a position yourself. Might look a bit disgusting but everyone has been there at some point before. Either voluntarily or not, we’ve all been caught in the web of action called nose picking so, you see it is nothing to shy away from.

Constant nose-picking could be quite embarrassing and if you observe well enough, it could be an indication of something more serious like a nose infection.

If you have ever taken a close look into your nostrils, you would observe some hair there. Well, let’s call these tiny little things the nose soldiers. Although they are there for a purpose and a very important one at that, however, these hairs are the culprit behind this nose itchiness that causes us to pick our nose so often.

While science may try to convince us that these nose hairs should be left there without getting rid of them because they help moisten the air that passes through the nasal canal and also protect the body from the entrance of foreign substances which could be harmful to the body. However, we dare say considerations weren’t made for the hairy folks and those with rapid hair growth. Because, how do you keep these tiny little things clean?

Rather than leave your nose hair looking unkept, there are ways to take care of it to prevent further embarrassment and that is part of what this article aims to teach you.

Perhaps you didn’t know there is a solution to even the most insignificant problem such as nose-picking.

So, in this article, we discuss the different methods of removing nose hairs, the ones to avoid, and how to remove nose hair safely and without any pain. We also share a couple of recommended products in-between, that could help you remove your nose hair effortlessly and painlessly.

The first thing we want you to know and also assure you is that removing your nose hair is a safe procedure. Even though many still shy away from removing their nose hair because they can’t bear to see any instrument get into their nostrils, it is not rocket science and you would get over and done with it in no time. With this reassurance, we believe we could let you in on the different methods that you could use to remove your nose hair.

Different methods for removing nose hair

1. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the safest means of nose hair removal. This is because of the technique it uses in getting rid of this hair. Besides, it is super cool to use too. Laser hair removal works by focusing on those hairs that point out of the nose, using heat convections to break up hair follicles from their roots to remove them. You could as well prevent a recurrence of hair growth by removing the hairs finally, however, this would take a minimum of six laser sections to achieve this.

A dermatologist or in some cases, a cosmetic surgeon would usually carry out this procedure hence, advisably, it is better to speak with trained personnel in this regard. Before your procedure, you may be asked to undergo laser therapy to prep you. As with all humans, curiosity gets the better of us, so, that is why it is important to attend your laser prep sections as all questions you have about the procedure will be answered there. We strongly urge that you do not attempt this procedure yourself to prevent any accidents.

Although quite pricey, and many may not be able to afford it if you can, you would agree without a doubt, that it is worth the price after all because of how well it works.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough money to spare for the laser hair removal treatment, or you aren’t comfortable with the procedure but you desire to remove your nose hair, then you may want to consider this next method.

2. Nose hair trimmer

The nose hair trimmers are an affordable and easy way to get those tiny little hairs out of your nostrils without any pain. They are of two categories – manual and electric nose hair removal.

A visual representation of manual hair removal could be thought to look like small scissors having rounded ends to prevent you from poking your skin. The electric trimmers on the other hand are small handheld rotatory devices that have a small cutting blade on one end.

The blades are enclosed by a metal or plastic guard, preventing skin contact. Longer hairs can penetrate the cutting device beneath the guard through tiny gaps in the guard.

Advisably, you should learn to insert the trimmer vertically and trim slowly in the same direction too. Move from left to right but don’t push too hard and avoid turning or twisting the trimmer to prevent hair pull.

One benefit of using hair trimmers is that it allows you to take off the hairs that stick out of your nose, leaving the rest intact to do the work of protecting your nose from foreign bodies. Well, you can as well guess the downsides, the nose trimmer does what its name suggests, it trims and so, your hair grows back in no time, meaning you would have to repeat the procedure time and again. Also, you would likely not be able to prevent the itchiness that comes with cut hair sticking to your nose interior.

You can find either the electric or manual nose hair trimmers off the shelf in the pharmacy. Also, both have been made to safely fit into the nostril without hurting the delicate tissues inside, so you do not have to fret about accidental cuts.

You can get this trimmer alone or alongside other personal grooming kits, whichever one feels affordable.

Using this instrument is quite easy but if you still do not know how to use them, here are some tips to help you.

Steps on how to use nose hair trimmer

Step 1 : Blow your nose to get rid of any mucus around the hairs before trimming

Step 2 : Have a magnifying mirror close by to get better visibility of the hairs to be trimmed

Step 3 : Lean your head backward to get a better view of the inner part of your nostrils

Step 4: Place the trimmers close to your skin

Step 5: Cut only hairs that you can see, leaving the rest the way they are.

Step 6: Blow out your nose again to get rid of already cut sticky hairs

Whichever methods you choose to employ, they all require that you take utmost caution so you don’t hurt yourself in the process. So, trust us when we say we’ve got you covered on that in the next section.

How to remove nose hair safely and painlessly

If using nose trimmers:

  • Place the mirror in a well-lit environment before trimming
  • Be sure to hold the trimmers in the right way
  • Blow out the nose before and after trimming
  • Discard old trimmer blades that are no longer in use
  • Change your blades frequently

If using the laser technique:

The dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in charge of the procedure would brief you on what to expect before they commence the procedure.

The wrong nose hair removal techniques to avoid

Generally, there are other types of hair removal techniques you could consider when getting rid of hair in other parts of your body. However, things are quite different with the nose. This is because the nose is sensitive, and constricted and performs a major function of breathing so, extra care should be taken when considering what to use. Below are what not to use when removing nose hair.

I. Pointed scissors: This was intentionally used as a first point because of the trimming scissors. In your bid to trim your nose hairs, please opt for the trimming scissors that are part of the grooming kits and not just any type of scissors. Length matters here and anything beyond the normal length required for a nose trimmer could poke and damage your mucous membrane which could potentially lead to infection.

II. Hair removal creams: if we could sound this loud to the rooftops, please do not use hair removal creams for your nose hair. This is because hair removal creams contain toxic chemicals that could irritate your nose tissue and burn your skin, as well as cause allergic reactions.

III. Hair plucking and Waxing: This method could cause and wreak havoc on your nasal skin. Due to the sensitivity of the nasal skin, plucking may damage your skin and waxing could pull off more hairs than required.

IV. Tweezing hairs: Although, a very popular hair removal method, however, this is not suitable for nose hair. If you do, chances are that you may remove more hair than you normally would and as much may cause your nose to bleed. It may also cause the development of ingrown hair that is quite difficult to remove.

The best is to stick with the two methods given above. Just be sure to do it the right way and there is nothing to worry about. If you consider using a trimmer, it would be nice to also get a portable tool organizer such as the FERYES holder to help keep your kits together in one place. It costs just $13.99 and in various colors too. It’s made of a very soft polyurethane silicone foam that is skin-friendly and unlike other materials, it doesn’t absorb dust and it is just the best fit to help organize your hair removal kit.

More gleefully, if you are not in the manufacturer’s home country, you don’t have to worry about import fees. So, tell us what’s there not to like about this holder?

So, there you have it for how to remove nose hair safely and painlessly. We advise clipping your nose hair every one to two weeks or anytime you observe hairs beginning to point out of your nasal canal because hair growth differs for each individual.

As technology advances, we are hopeful that easier ways how to remove nose hair without any pain would suffice. But before then, trimming and laser techniques remain the two best ways to remove nose hair safely.

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