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Hair RemovalKENZZI vs. NOOD: Which IPL is Better for You?

KENZZI vs. NOOD: Which IPL is Better for You?

In 1986, an Israeli-based company started selling Epilady, the first epilator ever made at Kibbutz HaGroshrim, where it was first created, produced, and marketed. However, the early epilator had one particular shortcoming: it was very painful to use because it featured rotating coils that cut hair at the root beneath the skin’s surface. This hair removal tool called an epilator uses mechanical gripping and tugging to mechanically grab many hairs at once which makes the process painful.

As a result, modern inventions, therefore, focused on cost-effective ways to bring humans joy and peace while they have their skin’s hair removed. And one of the modern solutions out there is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is now largely accepted as the much-awaited future of hair removal in the beauty industry. Although it originated from Epilation, which entails removing hairs from their roots, it is, however, a painless process. So whereas epilation hurts, IPL is quicker and more painless than epilation. As a result of this invention, consumers can now have salon-like experiences in the convenience of their homes thanks to new IPL devices.

But then, a wise man once said that the end of a problem is the beginning of another. IPL hand-held devices are now being produced by numerous beauty brands, which was quite anticipated because the technology has proven to be successful and usable for many people. However, choosing which IPL device to use sometimes could be confusing since there are many brands out there. As a result, I will be highlighting some key differences between the KENZZI and NOOD IPL and a worthy alternative.

Which should I buy between NOOD and KENZZI?

Because of the diversity in products and manufacturers, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you some useful information about these products from the best in usage performance to the best in terms of budget.

Effectiveness: NOOD Has It!

nood 1 Both devices use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is targeted at the pigmentation in your hair follicle and over time destroys it, to remove hair. With time, less hair grows as a result of this. IPL only works on hair that is in the Anagen, or growth, phase, which lasts for around two to three weeks before the hair enters some other stages of the hair cycle, during which IPL is ineffective.

However, the effectiveness of the NOOD device is quickly noticed than the KENZZI device. Just after two weeks, I started using my NOOD device, and I began to see noticeable changes. Because of this, I find it difficult to accept that the KENZZI device is better and way faster than my NOOD device. I would estimate that my hair was reduced by at least 50% after two weeks of using NOOD, and I noticed an instant slowing of hair growth after only two sessions spread over a week. Although I experience considerable heat when using either gadget at its highest setting or in particularly sensitive regions, neither device causes me any pain.

Best for Easy Usage: NOOD Has it!

Both devices come either with pulse or glide modes with a variety of intensity settings. The pulse mode, which emits a flash of light with each button click, is great for compact spaces. Larger areas can be covered more quickly and easily in glide mode since it offers a continuous flash.

However, the LED display pane on the NOOD device is by far the most distinctive feature. Because it has a current intensity level of up to seven (1–7). Furthermore, the number of flashes that come with the NOOD device supersedes the number of flashes found with the KENZZI device. NOOD comes with a whopping 600,000 while the KENZZI device comes with 300,000. As such, you do not have to worry about your flashes running out with NOOD because it boats twice as much as the KENZZI device, giving you that confidence of lifetime use. That alone is a major lure for the NOOD device.


kenzzi One thing is for a product to be effective, and it’s another thing for the product to be safe to use. I’m glad to say that both KENZZI and NOOD devices are FDA-approved and efficient hair removal products that last 4 to 8 weeks (KENZZI promises 4 weeks, and NOOD guarantees under 8 weeks). Since safety first above all else, I’m so glad that both NOOD and KENZZI pass the safety test with flying colors and are approved by FDA.

Best Value: NOOD Has It!

As much as we all desire products that are safe and effective, everybody also wants a product that is cost-effective (devices that do the job without breaking the bank). Given the many similarities between these gadgets, the price point may be an important deciding factor. And NOOD triumphs at the end over the KENZZI. You can get the NOOD Flasher 2.0 for $209 with free shipping. While the device from KENZI is $249 and comes with free shipping. For a device that, in my perspective, has more functions and is simpler to use, that translates to a $40 discount.

As someone who saw results in just two weeks, I believe this provides you with more than enough time to decide if this course of therapy is suitable for you or not. Your NOOD hand-held device includes a lifetime flash warranty, which is another advantage that makes NOOD a considerably better bargain than KENZZI. Furthermore, NOOD will replace your gadget if you happen to exhaust those 600,000 flashes (which I think is impossible). While NOOD offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, KENZZI offers a 12-month warranty but makes no lifetime guarantees.


Overall Winner: NOOD

If you have read up to this point, then I think you know already who the winner is between the NOOD device and the KENZZI. If you’re looking to buy an at-home IPL device, I heartily recommend NOOD. It is a simple option because of its simplicity of use, efficiency, overall value, and fantastic lifetime guarantee. I can’t wait to stop buying razors now that I have finally discovered a hair removal tool that genuinely works.

Now, let’s check out this super-cool alternative.

An Excellent Substitution: ULIKE Sapphire IPL Device

The ULIKE IPL hand-held device is undoubtedly a device to take into consideration for superior and pain-free treatment. Using its improved, proprietary technology, which offers a comfortable (absolutely painless) experience and long-lasting results, it exceeds the two earlier discussed solutions for hair removal.

Here are a few exceptional advantages this IPL equipment has over others.

Ice-Cooling Technology

Remember that I mentioned experiencing considerable heat when using either gadget discussed earlier. But for the ULIKE device, the story is different. Those who undergo IPL hair removal experience a blistering, tingling feeling and sometimes burning. The ice-cooling technology created and patented by this company, however, regulates your skin’s surface temperature while you flash. Using it won’t cause you to experience any pain thanks to its extremely cooling impact. Due to the fact that everyone feels comfortable using it, it is particularly suitable for both sensitive and non-sensitive skin.

Flashes that never run out

Talking about the NOOD, I was happy that it boasted about 600,000 flashes. Now I’m even happier that the ULIKE device boasts a whooping 900,000 flashes. That’s about three times the number of flashes that are present in the KENZZI device. How are the close-to-a-million flashes included with the ULIKE IPL handset supposed to be used up? Regardless of your size or usage frequency, this device will last a lifetime.

Tested and Trusted

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removal Handset Ulike, in contrast to other products, has passed numerous independent testing by respectable organizations to support its efficacy in hair removal. For instance, after four weeks, an SGS report on its use on a hairy leg revealed -78.62% shorter hair, -90.37% denser hair, and -54.55% poorer hair quality. This undoubtedly suggests that you will have successfully removed more than 80% of all unwanted hair from your body in four weeks. Other tools that guarantee such amazing outcomes are not easily found anywhere on the planet.

Endorsed by Dermatologists

It must be worthwhile for a board-certified expert to risk their reputation for a device that they did not create. Reputable professionals including Dr. Hadley King of Cornell University’s Weill Medical College give the ULIKE IPL hand-held their highest recommendation. After evaluating, using, and taking into account Ulike, she affirms that clients can anticipate “a safe and private personal beauty sanctuary” when using the hair removal Device.

A Comparison Table for the Three







1 Year

1 Year

2 Years


Dermatological Approval





Number of flashes





FDA Approved





What’s in the box


User Guide

Universal Plug

9-ft Plug

The Flasher 2.0

The Revealer (Exfoliant)

The Reviver (soothing Aloe)

Hair Removal Device

Charging Base & Cable

Safety Goggle


Product Description Booklet

User Manual


2-4 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks







Money back guarantee

90 days

90 days

90 days


Treatment Time

9 minutes

10 minutes


Window Size





The number of IPL products is rising every day. Although they all use the same technology, their ability to satisfy customers varies. More expensive items typically have superior quality and usability, although the cost is always justified. The ULIKE IPL hair removal device provides a comfortable, effective, and enjoyable experience. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at the lovely experience waiting for you.


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