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Lux Skin IPL Review: 12-Week Review & Results!

By Jess Lindsay
May 17, 2023
5 minutes

After using the Lux Skin IPL Laser Hair Removal for 12 consecutive weeks, today I’ll share my honest opinion and results about this device. For many months, I’ve been eyeing this at-home IPL hair removal device. I’ve read many results from different users and compared to the popular Kenzzi IPL Laser Removal Handset and RoseSkinCo IPL Hair Removal Handset, the results are much the same.

Its low price made the difference. After buying the Lux Skin IPL device, I used it once a week for 12 weeks which is the recommended timeline. To complete your hair removal sessions using Lux Skin, you’ll have to treat the skin 1-2 times per month for the next three months.

Not everybody bid to this time frame and so should you. Let your hair growth rate dictate how often to use Lux Skin. To learn more about this Lux Skin review and the 12-week results, keep reading.

About Lux Skin IPL

Lux Skin is an IPL hair removal device designed for home use. What confuses many people when buying this device are the two terms –IPL and Laser – used in its description name. Even though they represent two different technologies used in hair removal devices, Lux Skin is an IPL device. IPL stands for Intensive Pulse Light.

Using this at-home hair treatment device is relatively cheaper compared to laser hair removal devices. You can easily use it on any part of the body and at any time.

Unboxing Lux Skin

Even at a lower price compared to its competitors, the packaging box contains the following items;

1. Lux Skin IPL Device

The Lux Skin looks almost the same as the Kenzzi and the RoseSkinCo except for the placement of the controls on the device. The huge button at the front is used to turn on/off the intense pulses of light on your skin. At the back is the switch to turn the device on and off.

Among the advantages of using this at-home IPL device is simplicity. It features five levels of light intensity which is easily adjusted by lightly pressing the ON/OFF button. Since peoples’ skin sensitivity is different, patch tests on your skin, and start from the lowest light intensity level upwards.

To use Skin Lux, you’ll need to plug in a charging socket. And although it’s cordless, you’ve to plug it into a charging socket while using it.

This device works by emitting controlled intense pulses of light that are absorbed by the hair pigment and the heat energy is transferred to the hair follicles which are then destroyed. This retards hair growth, and hair strands which regrow are usually thin.

2. Detailed User Manual

If it’s your first time using this Lux Skin, or you want to buy it, go through the detailed user manual before using it. From this user manual, you’ll learn how to set the light levels, the benefits of using this Lux Skin, the skin types, and hair types the device will treat effectively, and the right time intervals between each treatment session.

Lux Skin User Recommendations

● Before using Lux Skin, you’ve to shave the area you intend to treat. Don’t wax your skin before using any IPL device. Waxing yanks out the hair from the roots.

● You can use Lux Skin on all parts of the body i.e. underarms, bikini line, upper lips, legs, hands, stomach, and face.

● For best results, use Lux Skin once a week for 12 weeks, after which you can treat the skin once a month or two to maintain hair-free skin. If after eight weeks the hair growth isn’t retarded, use this device at least twice a week.

● Lux Skin works best on brown and black hair with a light skin tone. If you’ve got dark skin and black hair, this device won’t work on your skin hair. For an IPL device to efficiently remove the hair on your skin, there has to be a contrast between the skin tone and hair color.


A Charger

Without the charger, the Lux Skin will not operate. Always plug it into the charger to a power socket and connect it to the device.

Cons of Using Skin Lux

Just like any other IPL device, Skin Lux has a few shortcomings. Here is what you may experience when using or after using this device.

1. Appearance Red Patches

After using Skin Lux, you’re likely to have red patches which appear like a strip of reddishness on the skin or a sunburn. Luckily, these red patches disappear within a day or two.

2. Treated Skin Sensitive to Sun Exposure

When doing IPL treatment or after treating your skin, restrict yourself from sun exposure. Alternatively, wear sunscreen glasses when going out.

3. Difficult to clean

When treating the skin, the light outlet area will attract dirt and dead skin cells. Since the outlet area isn’t removable, cleaning the dirt is a challenge.

4. Burning Smell

If you’ve got dry skin, you’re like to smell a burning smell. Even though the smell may be due to the hair being singed, the smell is awful to some users.

Pros of Using Lux Skin

By just looking at the physical design of LUX Skin, it’s simple to use. Here are more advantages;

1. Simple and Easy to Use

The easy-to-adjust controls and easily accessible flashlight control make Lux Skin among the simplest at-home IPL devices to use. No skill or prior training is required to use this device.

It’s time and cost-saving.

2. Save to Use

Unlike laser hair removal devices and at-home hair removals methods like epilation and waxing, Lux Skin is pain-free. The intense pulses of light are absorbed by the hair pigment and only the hair cells are destroyed leaving other body cells safe and healthy.

3. Compact Design

Lux Skin is small which makes it easy to grab and treat the skin. It’s also light and compact which makes it portable.

My Results

The first hair-skin change was witnessed between the sixth and eighth week after using Lux Skin once every week. The shin areas where the first show a significant change in hair density. This was after the 10th and 12th treatments.

It was a bit difficult to notice any changes in the arms and the face within the first weeks.

Final Thoughts

After treating the skin for twelve consecutive weeks only once per week using the Lux Skin IPL handset, there was hardly any change. But as per the instructions in the user manual, you’ll definitely see significant changes if you use this device twice per week.

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