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Nood vs. 5MinSkin vs. Ulike: Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

By Viktoria
August 4, 2023
7 minutes

Hair removal is an inevitable part of our life as the unwanted hair on our body makes us more self-conscious and stop us from wearing the clothes of our choice.

There are so many options to remove your hair but most of those conventional options are not long-lasting. So, people prefer to go for either laser or IPL hair removal as they are safe and show long-term results.

Do you also want to try these options? Well, we have shortlisted some of the most reliable hair removal devices for you so that you can try them and have an amazing experience with these devices.

Laser vs. IPL Hair Removal

Laser and IPL hair removal are two of the safest methods for getting semi-permanent hair removal results. Both devices use light which is absorbed by the melanin pigment in your hair follicles and converted into heat. This heat destroys those follicles and the already present hair falls off.

After a few sessions, both devices produce results that can last for months or up to years. Then what’s the difference? Laser uses concentrated light which makes the process a little painful while IPL uses broad-spectrum light that is less painful for the body. Moreover, Laser is more powerful than IPL so IPL hair removal needs more sessions and some touch-ups every other month after completing the sessions.

Both methods are FDA-approved so you don’t need to worry about the safety. Want to try them? Well, there are at-home laser and IPL devices available now and we have selected some of the best ones for you to choose from.

An Overview of Nood

nood The Nood is an IPL hair removal device that is known to give you results within 2 months. It comes with a digital display to keep a note of the device’s operation. Do you know what makes it superior? The device is incorporated with a UV-filtered lens to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

A 10-minute session with The Nood hair removal device can provide you with beautifully smooth skin. Moreover, the Noodist Kit also includes a Revealer and a Reviver for before and after-care of IPL hair removal so that you can get a smooth flawless body in no time.


  • The device has a lifetime flash guarantee which means if you ever run out of flashes, you can get it refilled for free

  • The brand offers you a revealer and a reviver along with the device to make your skin extra-smooth


  • The sessions with Nood are painful

  • Might take longer for some people than claimed by the brand

An Overview of 5MinSkin

5minskin Unlike Nood, 5MinSKin is a Laser hair removal device that can give you a completely hairless body within 12 weeks. Not only this, but it is also faster as the Built-in glide mode allows you to cover more area in less time.

You can use it on all your body parts including your upper arms, bikini area, and upper lip which are relatively more sensitive areas than other parts. Additionally, it does not need any refills or replacements. As for precision, the device uses laser technology, so it is more precise than IPL hair removal devices.


  • It works efficiently for all skin tones and hair colors like blonde and black, or brown

  • It only takes 5-10 minutes for one session which means the device is really quick


  • It is not effective against grey hair

  • 12 weeks is a long time to wait for the results

An Overview of Ulike Air3

Ulike The Ulike Air3 IPL handset is also an IPL hair removal device that works by targeting the pigment in your hair follicles. With auto-glide mode, it works quickly to let you complete your session within 7 minutes. The session remains completely painless as it has patented ice-cooling technology to soothe your skin immediately after each flash.

It is highly effective but does that makes it dangerous too? The answer is NO. It is because it has different modes for different skin sensitivity and has been approved by FDA before launching in the market.


  • It has unlimited flashes so that you can use it at least for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of a whole lifetime

  • It is quick and painless


  • It does not work for blonde, grey, or ginger hair

  • It does not show results for dark skin tone

A Comparison of Nood vs. 5MinSkin vs. Ulike

nood vs. 5minskin Now you are familiar with three of the best hair removal devices. This session includes a detailed comparison of the three devices so that you can choose yours.

Skin Tone Compatibility

Before buying any device, it is important to make sure that it is compatible with your skin tone. Since IPL hair removal devices mainly work based on the amount of melanin in your hair follicles so they work best for dark hair while not effective at all for grey, blonde, or red hair. Similarly, to work well, there needs to be a contrast between your skin tone and hair color. So, the Nood and Ulike Sapphire Air3 are only efficient for light skin and dark hair.

On the other hand, the 5MinSkin Laser hair removal device works well for all skin tones and hair colors except grey hair.


The reliability of a product highly depends upon its safety for the users and overall global image. All three devices we have discussed until now are FDA-approved so you can be worry-free before buying any of the three.

But, only Nood and Ulike offer you a 3-month money-back guarantee which means you can return them even if you don’t see results after 3 months. Meanwhile, 5MinSkin has only a 1-month money-back guarantee which means you can’t even wait for the results to make your decision. This makes it less reliable as compared to the other two.

Time Taken for Results

The Ulike hair removal device starts showing you results quickly in 3 weeks and your body becomes completely hair-free in less than 3 months. It only takes a 7-minute session to get these results. Similar to Ulike, Nood also claims to give you permanent results in the time period of 2 months but it requires a 5-10 minute session.

In contrast to these two, 5MinSkin takes a bit longer time that is of 12 weeks or 3 months to show complete results. So, Ulike is the winner here as it shows results faster than Nood and 5MinSkin.

User Convenience

Ulike As for user convenience, the Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset is the most convenient one. It is because it has ice-cooling technology to make your experience pain-free and 3 modes with different intensities to suit your skin. So, you can adjust modes differently for your legs, armpit, or upper lip hair removal. Furthermore, the auto-glide mode is thumb-free which means you can get your whole body done quickly with this mode.

The 5MinSkin and Nood hair removal devices offer you none of these and are also painful. So, Ulike is the best one in terms of user convenience.

Economical Value

The Noodist kit offers you a revealer that works as an exfoliating agent to get rid of dead skin cells before your hair removal session and a reviver that moisturizes and healing your skin after the session. You will find these two along with the device and charging accessories. Ulike and 5MinSkin both offer you the handset, goggles, razor, and charging accessories but the price of Ulike is a lot less than 5MinSkin. So, if we have to rank the three according to their economic value, the Noodist Kit comes first, then Ulike and 5MinSkin at last.

Design and Dimensions

The 5MinSkin is an oval-shaped handset with an intensity indicator and a button at the front. The Nood handset is similar in design to 5MinSkin but it has a digital display in the center to help you to keep your settings in check. Then we have the Ulike handset which is rectangular in shape and has the most ergonomic design among the three.

Because it is sleek so it can easily fit your palm and be used easily. Moreover, the 5MinSkin weighs 1.43 pounds, the Nood hair removal device weights 1.72 pounds, and Ulike weighs less than a pound so it is the lightest one to hold.


The Noodist Kit


Ulike Sapphire Air3





Original Price




Treatment Time

10 minutes

5-10 minutes

7 minutes

Long-lasting Results

Within 8 weeks

Within 12 weeks

Within 10 weeks



Slight Pain










Skin Tone Compatibility

Light Skin


Light Skin

Money-back guarantee

90 days

30 days

90 days

What’s in the Box

  • The IPL handset

  • The Revealer

  • The Reviver

  • Charging Accessories

  • Laser Handset

  • Charging accessories

  • Eye protector

  • Razor

  • IPL Handset

  • Charging Accessories

  • Eye Protector

  • Shaving Razor

Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

After all the discussions we have done until now, it is clear that Ulike is the best one in terms of user experience, price, efficiency, and safety. But, unfortunately, it does not work on dark skin and light hair color. In such conditions, the 5MinSkin is the best one for you as this laser hair removal device is suitable for all skin tones.

Therefore, we cannot choose the Best device for sure and the opinions can vary according to the person using it. So, it is totally up to you to decide which one is best for you based on your experience, requirements, and the results of these hair removal devices.


At-home IPL and laser hair removal devices are now taking the world by storm because of their affordability, comfort, and the reliable results they produce. In the above article, we have compared three of the most useful hair removal device.

This comparison can help you make a better choice according to what you desire in a hair removal device.

Want to dig some more into hair removal devices? Click, At Home IPL/Laser Hair Removal Devices.

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