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Sports & FitnessPeloton Bike vs. Bike+: What's the Difference & Which One Should You...

Peloton Bike vs. Bike+: What’s the Difference & Which One Should You Choose?

Gone are the days when only gyms had high-end working-out machinery. Home workout equipment has been used rarely before Covid19. But since the pandemic, the at-usage of home fitness apparatus has increased. And one of the companies that benefited the most from the trend of exercising at home is Peloton.

Because of the studio cycling classes and availability of a personal trainer, Peloton is loved by cycling fanatics. This is not all, people not too crazy for workouts also love working out with their bikes because of the convenience they offer.

Peloton bikes have been popular among the masses for a long time but that is not where this leading company stopped. It launched its Bike+ in late 2020 with better features as compared to the Peloton Bike.

Both bikes are amazing and suit people with different priorities, stay with us through this article to find out which one will suit you more.

Peloton Bike vs. Bike+


Construction and Design

Peloton has made a few changes in the design of the original bike to make it even better.

Bike Frame

Both bikes are 59 inches long and 22 inches wide. Both use poly V power transmission belt drives. However, Peloton Bike+ is taller than Peloton Bike by 6 inches because of the height of its screen.

Additionally, If you keep the bikes side by side, the design of the frame looks the same as long as you do not pay much attention to the handlebars. Both frames are made of powder-coated steel neodymium rare-earth control magnet system.


The pedals of Peloton bike and bike+ use clip-on with Delta Look cleats that hold the feet in place and help you pedal without making an effort to keep your feet stable. Additionally, Peloton bike+ has toe cages that allow you to wear athletic shoes while cycling.

Handle Bar

The handlebars of both bikes are made of alloy steel and polypropylene that provide a strong grip when you pedal hard. However, the design of both handlebars is different. Bike handlebars form an inverted V in the middle while the handlebars of Bike+ are vertically straight allowing you to hold them more firmly.

Additionally, vertical handlebars also allow the screen to be rotated.

Peloton bike Physical Adjustments

Both Peloton bikes allow you to move the seat forward or backward and up or down. There is a knob on the side of the seat to change the position of it.

The knobs of the Peloton Bike are big and stand out of the seat frame while the knobs of the Bike+ are flat and sleek. So, it adds to the sleek design of Bike+ and makes seat adjustment easier in the Peloton Bike+.


With the difference of 5 lbs in the weights of both bikes, their quality and construction are exactly the same. Both can bear up to 297 lbs of weight and are compatible with users of 4’11 to 6’4 heights. Moreover, Both stand strong and offer full stability as you ride them.

Digital Features

Peloton offers an ultimate biking experience with its digital large touch screen display, 24/7 available trainer, and compatibility with your devices.

Touch Screen


The touchscreen of the Peloton Bike is 21.5 inches while that of Bike+ is 23.8 inches. Although the resolution of both screens is HD and has the same quality, a bigger screen provides a better experience.

Moreover, the screen of Bike+ is rotatable allowing you to continue watching your workout session when you are not riding the bike. The screen of Bike+ is also glare-free and protects your eyes.

App Subscription

Peloton offers a $44/month app subscription where you can watch recorded classes, take live sessions, and demand any workout you want. And during the class, you can see your progress and metrics like power, resistance, heart rate, and more.

Also, with this subscription plan, you can interact with other bikers and even participate in competitions worldwide.

Speaker System

Both bikes have stereo speaker systems. The 16-watt speakers of the bike lie on the rear end of the Peloton Bike while the 26-watt speakers of the Bike+ are right in front of you at the top of the screen.

The sound coming from the front end keeps you more concentrated as compared to the distracting sound coming from behind. Furthermore, Bike+ also has rear-facing woofers.

Bike+ USB Charging Port and Bluetooth

Both bikes offer Bluetooth connectivity. However, the Bike+ uses 5.0 Bluetooth while the Bluetooth on the Bike is 4.0.

Moreover, the Bike uses a standard USB charging port and also has an ethernet port. However, Bike+ has an updated USB-C charging cable where you can charge your devices as you work out.

Processor and Camera

Both bikes have 16 GB of internal storage. Peloton Bike has 2 GB RAM, a 2 GHz processor, and a 5 MB front camera. These features are more than enough to help you carry out the basic functions.

On the other hand, the 4 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz Qualcomm, and 8 GB front camera provide a clearer picture and faster functioning of the screen.

Connection to Apple Watch

Peloton Bike only offers USB connectivity. You cannot connect it to your Apple devices. However, Bike+ can be synced with an Apply watch through Apple Gymkit. Moreover, it also features a connection to other mobile fitness trackers helping you stay updated about your workout and physical statics anytime.

Magnetic Resistance and Auto-Flow

auto resistance Magnetic resistance is a type of resistance where the attraction of flywheels with magnets is used to create the force against which you have to pedal. Its level is changed by changing the position of the magnets.

An excellent feature of Peloton bikes is that they feature 100 levels of magnetic resistance. These 100 levels allow users of all levels from beginners to pros and athletes of all strengths to find the most suitable level for themselves and work on it. Also, it provides more chances of progress while working against so many levels of resistance.

Your trainer can help you choose a range of resistance where you can work out better depending on your stamina and strength. Both bikes have this feature and the resistance is adjusted manually.

However, Peloton Bike+ comes with another feature that takes your workout to the next level. It is the auto-flow lock function. This feature allows the users to lock the resistance in a specific range so that they do not have to change it again and again. The resistance is changed and adjusted automatically.

Moreover, your instructor can cue different levels of resistance in that range leaving your hands free and allowing you to work out stress-free.

Exercise Experience


With magnetic resistance, the first thing coming into your mind must have been the noise. But Peloton bikes are virtually noise-free. No matter how intense you work out it, it won’t disturb anyone in the room. Both bikes offer similar experiences because of their similar feature.

And the experience is premium, user-friendly, and safe. However, as the automatic resistance adjustment mode is not available in Peloton Bike, having to constantly change the resistance in Bike makes Peloton Bike+ better when you can enjoy riding more comfortably.

Additionally, the bigger and rotatable screen of Bike+ with straight handlebars helps you get the best of the all-access membership of Peloton.

Overall, the feel of both bikes is similar and if you do not pay attention to minor details, Bike is as good as Bike+.


In the pricing section, you have two options, to buy the bike if you plan on using it for a long time or rent it if you just want to give it a try. There is also an opportunity for 30 days risk-free home trial. For Peloton Bike, you need to pay $1,445 for the bike and $89 to rent it for a month.

For Peleton Bike+, the cost of the bike is $2,495 and the monthly rent is $119. Additionally, the delivery and set up of the bikes are completely free if you order from the official site of Peloton .

Peloton also offers a number of bundles where you can buy a whole set of workout equipment at an economical price.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, it is all about money. If you can afford to pay $1050 more for a larger screen, its rotation, USB-C port, better camera, studio-like speaker system, apple connectivity, and auto-adjusted magnetic resistance, Peloton Bike+ is the one you should invest in for the best-ever indoor cycling experience.

However, if you are just looking for a high-quality bike that offers a good overall experience and help you in getting fit and maintaining your health, Peloton Bike can do it all for you. As there are only little differences in the features of both bikes, you do not need to spend an extra $1000 if you can manage with the Bike and your requirements are not that high.


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