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Sensitive Skin Hair Removal 101: Best Facial Hair Removal Method For Sensitive Skin, Without Irritating Skin

By Laura
September 14, 2023
9 minutes
Sensitive Skin Hair Removal 101

Hair removal becomes more complicated when dealing with sensitive skin because sensitive skin may get allergies or become red or swell if we’re not adopting the correct method or ingredients as per skin requirements. The first step is identifying skin type. Is it oil-sensitive skin or dry, dehydrated skin types? Every person’s skin is different and needs special care and attention. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to prepare sensitive skin for facial and body hair removal and what methods and products you can apply for sensitive skin hair removal.

5 Steps to Prepare for Sensitive Skin Hair Removal

Sensitive skin needs more care and preparation before hair removal as it can be more irritated if anything is not suitable for your skin. The skin protects us from germs, and dealing with it is not as easy as you think. Careless use of products and unprofessional dermatologists may be reasons for skin damage and irritation. 

Some steps are being discussed you need to follow to prepare your skin for the hair removal task.

  1. Ensure your skin is moisturized and hydrated before applying any hair removal method. Dry and less hydrated skin is more likely to be a victim of infections and redness. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy and well-hydrated. Hydrated and moisturized skin can be helpful to bring out your hidden glow and beauty while in the removal process.
  2. Sun exposure damages your skin, and before applying any method, avoid direct sun exposure to protect you from damaging sun rays. Sun exposure for a long time may be tanning your skin, and it will cause problems in your laser hair treatments. In this method, the main target is the hair pigments in the hair follicles. Tanned skin is challenging, so avoid sun exposure at least 4-5 weeks before hair removal treatment. If you’re going out, use sunblock with SPF 30, or it should be more.
  3. Your skin should be clean and have no impurities before starting any process. Clean skin before any application saves you from any infection. Makeup products, deodorant, perfumes, and any kind of beauty products can affect the hair removal process and result. Clean your face and body area using soap and water. Don’t use any makeup remover; if you use it, clean your face with water after using makeup remover. 
  4. You should stop threading, waxing, or plucking for laser hair removal, as these methods remove the hair from the roots. We target the hair roots for laser hair treatment, so stop plucking, threading, and waxing at least 4-5 weeks before the treatment.  Shaving is better because razors don’t remove the hair roots from the face and body surface. Shaving before laser hair treatment can decrease the chances of skin burning and irritation. 
  5. Avoid alcoholic and caffeine drinks, and check what medicines you’re taking. Some medicines and excess use of alcoholic beverages can decrease the effect of hair removal treatments. No matter what type of method you’re adopting for your skin. Your laser hair technician or dermatologist must know what medicines you take. He will suggest you skip these medicines or keep on if they don’t severely affect your health. Green leaf food, rich in potassium, can help decrease sensitivity during hair removal treatment for sensitive skin. Cucumbers and bananas are good food before and after the treatment. 

Best Facial Hair Removal Method for Sensitive Skin

Let’s discover some best methods you can adopt for facial hair removal for sensitive skin.

Facial Wax for Sensitive Skin

Wax is good to apply for hair removal if your skin is sensitive, as the wax is manufactured with natural ingredients and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or preservatives. Wax doesn’t damage your skin if you’re applying it appropriately. Ensure you’re selecting the best wax and a verified company manufactures it. So you can get your desired results. Sugaring is also a natural wax used for facial hair removal for a long time. Sugaring wax is also safe for sensitive and all other skin types.

If your skin becomes red and you feel pain, it may be the wrong way to remove wax. Always remove wax in the hair growth direction and prepare your skin for waxing. For sensitive skin waxing, you must consider some factors, such as checking wax on other body parts before starting it on your face; if you feel some undesired reaction, skip wax on the face and other sensitive parts.

For sensitive skin, you need special care and attention while applying wax. Some parts are more sensitive, like the eyebrow and lips area; you must wax these areas carefully. Always choose high-quality wax for sensitive skin, as it can be more vulnerable to sensitivity. Always avoid cheap and low-quality wax. Wax has two categories: soft and hard wax; each has advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you’re choosing the suitable wax according to skin requirements.

Facial Hair Removal Mask

A hair removal mask is best for hair removal as it is easy to apply on the skin to hair removal. For sensitive skin, a sugaring mask is good to use as it is manufactured with all-natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any chemical components in its manufacturing. Facial hair removal masks are safe, and there is less chance of getting any skin rashes and allergies. But if you have severe skin allergies, do a skin patch test before applying the mask to the face and other body parts. The mask can help remove short hairs, and you can’t wait to grow longer hair for removal as you need in hair removal waxing. 

Face Hair Removal Cream

Many facial hair removal creams are available in the market that can be applied for facial and body hair removal. Cream for sensitive skin requires more consideration and care as a selection of wrong and cheap quality products is the factor that leads to skin rashes and redness. The main things to remember while hair removal treatment is the method applied should be correct and that the cream doesn’t have any chemical to harm sensitive skin. 

Many companies manufacture hair removal creams that are specifically safe for sensitive skin. However, it is not recommended to leave cream on sensitive skin because it can cause irritation and allergies. Facial cream with Aloe Vera and natural ingredients is safer for sensitive skin. Apply any soothing or moisture to keep your skin smooth and irritating-free after using skin hair removal cream.

 For sensitive skin, it‘s better to do a patch test before using it all over the body to check it doesn’t have any severe side effects on your body, such as redness and swelling. You can try any good quality calming gel before and after treatments; it will make your skin smooth and cool.


IPL is one of the latest applied methods safe for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.IPL treatment offers long-term results, which vary from person to person. Some main factor contributing to the IPL result and how many sessions you need for permanent hair removal depends on:

  • Skin type
  • What type of IPL is used 
  • In which area is the treatment being applied
  • Your hair growth ratio

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL is a super easy and safe method for hair removal, and it is best for sensitive skin. It doesn’t stop hair growth; it mainly destroys the hair follicle and hair growth will be decreased after some sessions. You get permanent results after some regular treatments, and you can do these treatments at home. 

IPL is painless; compared to other methods, you don’t need specific ingredients for its application. It can be used anywhere, and you don’t need a professional dermatologist or skin specialist to do it; you can do it yourself at home.


  • Long-term benefits & hair removal
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No need for equipment & ingredients


  • Maybe have a higher price than other products
  • Require sessions for permanent hair removal

5 Best Hair Removal Products for Sensitive Skin

1-Veet Hair Removal Wax Strips-Best for Sensitive Skin

Veet hair removal wax strips are best for sensitive skin, making you feel smooth and clear. This wax is ideal for those people who have never tried any wax before and got a fantastic result with one application. It is made of natural and chemical-free ingredients, and this wax is ideal for all skin types. It grips on hair and does not affect the skin, so it is safe for skin and removes hairs from the root. You get salon-like beauty and smoothness; without rubbing strips on the skin, you get great results lasting more than 4 weeks.

It is manufactured with Hydrogenated Styrene, mineral oil, Mineral Oil, shea butter, Silica, Polyethylene, citric acid, Fragrance, and other ingredients to provide the best results.


  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Awesome & performed best
  • Cheap and remove 95% of hair in 1st application


  • Don’t have enough cleaning pads
  • The result is not too longer

2- Lifestance Hard Wax Beads- Best Wax for Face and Bikini-line

Lifestance wax is mostly utilized and manufactured by one of the highly recommended brands of dermatologists, and it smoothly removes hair from the face, legs, bikini area, upper lips, and all other body parts. You can apply these wax beads at low and comfortable temperatures and don’t need to go to a saloon. Lifestance bead wax is suitable for sensitive to normal skin types. It contains safe ingredients that can remove hair deeply and clean deep skin. It has a low melt point Jasmine formula, making it more effective for hair removal and beneficial than other methods and waxes.

It gently removes hair from the face, legs, bikini line area and body without damaging the skin. The bead wax is the best solution for peach fuzz unwanted hair on the armpit, legs, arms, and face. After waxing, hair growth becomes slower, and you get a visible fair complexion. 


  • Easy to apply and  remove on skin
  • No breaking was seen after its use
  • Dermatologically recommended & attested


  • The weak grip on the hair

3-Nair Hair Remover Face Cream- The Best option for all women

Nair face cream is formulated with natural and safe ingredients. It contains almond oil, mineral oil, iron oxides, sweet almond oil, and Cetearyl alcohol, making a unique and safe formula for sensitive skin. You can easily remove your facial hair even if you’ve sensitive skin. It is perfect for the chin, cheeks, upper lips, and hard and coarse hair. It is more effective for light and peach fuzz hair but requires more time for hard and rough hair removal. It gently exfoliates the hair painlessly and reduces hair growth visibly. 


  • Long-lasting result
  • Easy to apply & dermatologically tested
  • Best for sensitive skin facial hair removal


  • Take time for coarse and long hair
  • A patch test is required before use
  • Smelling bad & messy

4-GiGi Microwave Sensitive Wax -Perfect for quick facial hair Removal

GiGi wax is a unique formulation of Azulene and is best for facial hair removal for sensitive skin, but you can also utilize it for all body hair removal. The benefit of Azulene can smooth the skin after hair removal and leaves no skin damage, redness or irritation. It protects sensitive skin from damage and makes it possible to get hairless and beautiful skin at home. The application of GiGi wax locks the skin’s natural moisture, and makes it smooth and silky. It removes facial and body hair in seconds. 

Its application is easy, and you can easily remove it from the skin without making it damaging and rough. This wax is easy, convenient, and perfect for quick touch-ups and melts in a second. Make sure you’re applying it in the hair direction. It can be utilized for the jawline, cheeks, eyebrows, and upper lips.


  • Best for peach fuzz and fine hair
  • The best option for sensitive skin hair removal


  • Messy & complicated to take off

5-Ulike Laser Hair Removal IPL– Best for Painless Results, Safe for sensitive skin

ulike air 2

Dermatologists recommend Ulike IPL for exceptional and long-lasting results, and it is suitable for normal to sensitive skin. Whether using it on the legs, underarms, arms, bikini area, or face, its regular use decreases hair growth and intensity level as per your skin and hair type. You must know how much intensity your body can bear without skin damage. It delivers silky smooth skin after its application, and due to its clinical-grade technology, it can contact your skin. After 4-5 sessions, hair growth is reduced, and you get permanent hair removal from the face and body. 


  • It removes body hair in 15-20 minutes
  • Upgraded & latest  IPL technology
  • Long-lasting results 
  • You have smooth skin


  • It can’t be used without charging 
  • Expensive

Summing up

Many products such as wax, creams, powder and spring are available for sensitive skin hair removal, but what makes Ulike IPL laser different from all other methods? 

  • Its latest technology
  • Safe use for all skin types

These features make it different from other products and methods. You get exceptional and matchless results no matter who, whom, and where you’re applying Ulike IPL. Other hair removal methods have some drawbacks and can create skin issues, but Ulike IPL has no side effects. Let’s try it confidently. 

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