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Summer Skincare: Hair Removal & Sun Protection

May 25, 2023
6 minutes

Going to beaches, beautiful clear skies, and the warm breeze of summer is what makes it the best. You can go to picnics and enjoy your summer holidays at the cozy beaches around the world. But, with all these benefits come sunburns, sweating, and itchy skin.

Furthermore, wearing your summer clothes can expose your parts of the body which means regular hair removal too. What do you think is the relationship between summer and hair removal? Well, hair removal has some side effects especially when our skin gets exposed to the sun for a long time. So, in this article, we will discuss about these side effects and some ways to have a hair-free and healthy skin even in this scorching heat.

What effects Does Hair Removal Have on Our Skin, especially in Summer?

Although hair removal provides us with smooth and glowing skin, no matter what method you are using there are some side effects it can cause.


The most common side effect of hair removal is Skin irritation. Some hair removal techniques such as waxing and laser hair removal can cause inflammatory reactions while other techniques such as the use of depilatory creams or shaving can damage the epidermis. So, one way or the other, all these methods can cause skin irritation.

Moreover, in summer your sweat can add fuel to the fire.+

When you shave your hair, you can take a look at How to avoid irritation while shaving your face to prevent this irritation.

Skin Sensitivity

You are not only getting smooth skin after hair removal but preparing yourself for sensitive skin too. When you remove your hair, using any technique, these techniques affect your epidermis ( the upper layer of skin) and cause inflammation and tenderness.

So, a little contact with creams or other chemical products immediately after hair removal can make you feel itchy.

Sensitivity to Sun

When your skin gets irritated and the upper barrier- the epidermis is broken which usually protects you from UV rays, your skin can become more prone to sunburns. These sunburns can damage your skin severely depending upon the duration of exposure. Moreover, excessive exposure to UV rays especially after waxing can cause hyperpigmentation.

Redness and Swelling

As we remove hair from our bodies, this forceful hair removal can either damage our hair follicles, in the case of laser hair removal, or put pressure on our skin leading to little cracks, inflammation, and redness.

Additionally, in summer, excess heat blocks the opening of our sweat pores, entrapping sweat beneath the skin which can even worsen the inflammation.

Pigmentary Changes

Another side effect that most hair removal methods can have is pigmentary changes. These changes do not cause any harm to our skin but it is a problem for those who are very conscious about their appearance.

Laser hair removal can cause both hypo or hyperpigmentation while IPL hair removal, waxing, and shaving can cause hyperpigmentation in the treated area. Hyperpigmentation in the case of depilatory creams is rare but it does happen.

Do I Need Sun Protection for Hair Removal?

If we talk about summer, we come in contact with the UV rays of the sun more as compared to the winter season. This summer heat can:

● Cause redness and sunburns

● Skin tan as our skin produces more melanin after getting exposed to sunlight

● Lead to an increased production of sebum making our skin oily and prone to acne and breakouts.

● Cause excessive sweating resulting in itchy skin

Hair removal on tanned skin can leave patchy spots on the skin and in the case of permanent hair removal techniques like IPL or Laser hair removal, the concentration of light in dark areas can cause burns. Also, hair removal on skin with acne is going to be painful.

After hair removal, the epidermis is affected and it won’t be able to protect you from UV rays so the summer side effects can even aggravate. So, whether it is before hair removal or after hair removal, you need sun protection to keep your skin safe.

How to Do a Good Job of Care Before Hair Removal?

We now know that protecting your skin from the sun for hair removal is critical but how can we do this? Let’s discuss this.

Reduce Exposure to Sunlight

Long-time exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn, tanning, and even breakouts on your skin. It can also cause dermatitis, an allergic reaction, which leads to the formation of rashes.

So, you need to reduce the sunlight exposure. You can do this by wearing long clothes, using sunscreens with SPF30+, and using shades and umbrellas when you go out.

Keep Your Skin Clean

You need to make sure that your skin is clean before waxing, shaving, or going for laser hair removal. Cleaning your skin can help remove any bacteria, dirt, dust particles, and oils from your skin. This can minimize the chances of any infections and increase the effectiveness of the hair removal technique as the presence of any particle on the skin can act as a barrier in removing hair.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Dehydration can cause dry skin patches on your skin and mix with the airborne particles thus acting as a barricade to any hair removal technique. Furthermore, when the skin is dehydrated, your hair can not pierce the skin to come out which leads to the formation of ingrown hair.

So, keep yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized for hair removal to work effectively.

No Use of Makeup or Creams

Lastly, you need to make sure that your skin is free of any makeup products or creams because these can increase the risk of side effects. Makeup or other chemical products also act as hurdles to hair removal techniques or can cause any reactions as well.

So, you need to remove your makeup completely with makeup remover to keep your skin chemical-free. To know some best makeup removal tips, you can refer to here .

How to Do a Good Job of Care After Hair Removal?

Now, after you are done with your hair removal, let’s discuss some steps you can take after hair removal to keep your skin healthy.

Refrain from Exposure to UV Rays

As we discussed earlier, our epithelium disrupts when we remove hair from our body. This means, our skin is now sensitive and UV rays on the skin can easily pass through it causing sunburns.

If you wax or shave your hair, at least take precautions for 24 hours while laser treatment requires no sun exposure for 2 weeks.


Exfoliation is a necessary step you need to take after removing your hair. This helps you prevent any ingrown hair and remove impurities from your skin to avoid infections, clogging, and acne until your skin heals completely.

No Hot Baths and Showers

As your skin is more sensitive and weak after hair removal, hot bath, and showers can cause irritation and increase the risk of infections. Due to excessive sweating, bacteria can easily enter your skin which can cause itchiness and irritation.

Also, these hot baths can make your blood rise up to the surface of the skin causing inflammation.

Moisturize Your Skin

Lastly, you need to moisturize your skin after removing your body and facial hair. The moisturizers assist your body in repairing itself and keeping your skin fresh.


Summer is the best time to go out on a picnic with your family. To wear that pretty floral dress of yours, hair removal feels necessary right? But it can make you feel itchy, sensitive to the sun, and cause sunburn. So, protecting yourself from the sun is essential even before hair removal and after it.

When you remove your hair in summer, make sure your skin is not tanned, clean, and hydrated enough. For perfect results, protection from the sun after hair removal, exfoliation, and skin moisturization are some other steps you can take to make your trip a perfect one.

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