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NewsTop 10 Surprise Gift Service Websites Online (2023)

Top 10 Surprise Gift Service Websites Online (2023)

Gift-sending services are excellent forms of services that manage gifts for businesses or people, frequently on a bigger scale. This typically comprises a carefully curated inventory of goods to choose from or gift sets that have already been put together, as well as shipping and other practical considerations. It is crucial to use a gift-sending website since these online service-based organizations take care of all the logistics on your behalf, including packaging, shipping, and tracking.

Gift-sending services make it easier to give gifts by choosing, sending, and tracking them on your behalf. And given the popularity of corporate gifts, which is at an all-time high, this can have a profound effect on your business. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the top 10 surprise gift services that have been tested and trusted to bring you convenience.

1. was established with the straightforward mission of being the finest marketplace for high-quality promotional gifts that customers truly want to keep. To do this, this platform streamlined the entire purchasing and delivery process and selected the best products available.

With the headquarters of in New York, US, this employee gift delivery provider offers curated gifts, promotional products, swag boxes, and other presents on their Swag Management Platform. Swag is well recognized for its incredibly luxurious and completely individualized business presents. I, for one, love this gift-sending service because offers a one-swag platform that enables you to customize staff rewards. They make it simple to deliver fully personalized boxes with custom printing right to your coworkers’ or employees’ doors.


2. Blueboard

With the help of this employee recognition platform, Blueboard, your business can reward its staff with enjoyable experiences rather than more conventional gifts like cash, gift cards, or corporate gear. With its headquarters in San Diego, Blueboard is the first hand-curated, experience-powered workplace incentives and recognition platform. Blueboard employee benefits are the finest approach to motivating and showing care for your best employees. They can help workers engage with friends and family or assist them to escape the mundane.

This experiential gift-sending service called Blueboard offers carefully chosen activities that undoubtedly raise spirits and increase output and retention. The fact that staff can choose their travel is the best part.

I, for one, love this gift-sending service because Blueboard gives access to high-quality memory-making gifting opportunities rather than a generic gift. With the help of this experience-giving business, workplace incentives can be truly memorable.


3. Caroo

Based in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, this employee care hub, and employee engagement platform, Caroo, is undoubtedly at the forefront of revolutionizing how businesses communicate with their staff. Regardless of how big or small your business is, Caroo can help you spread happiness and positivity among your staff by offering gift boxes, care packages, and other thoughtful products. Better-for-you snacks, team-building exercises, and opulent corporate presents are just a few of the items that Caroo can send right to the homes or workplaces of your employees. You can choose the ideal care arrangement for your team with the assistance of Caroo’s Concierge.


4. Tinggly

As a worldwide provider of perfectly packaged gifts, Tinggly aims to transform the culture of giving by assisting customers in creating more heartfelt presents. The company’s goal is to spread joy by giving inspiring experiences as gifts while eliminating the use of pointless material gifts.

Tinggly is based in Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania. Here’s the idea: you select a Tinggly gift box (which comes in a variety of price ranges and is designed to complement practically every occasion), you give it as a present (physically or as an e-voucher), and the receiver can choose from hundreds of unique personal experience in over 100 countries all over the world.

With a huge selection of unique experiences available to pick from, Tinggly is an innovative gift-sending service. The list of experience gifts is available in more than 100 nations worldwide. Once the gift has been chosen, the receiver can quickly book it. I, for one, love this gift service because Tinggly experiences don’t expire, your staff or colleagues can hold onto their present till the ideal occasion. By eliminating unnecessary stuff and worries from life and substituting them with experiences, the Tinggly workforce takes pride in sustainability.


5. Nectar

Nectar is a platform for people that combines social recognition, incentives, employee discounts, and swag management to foster appreciation and connection within their company. Employees and management can publicly acknowledge one another based on core principles, redeem prizes, and take advantage of hundreds of discounts with Nectar. Nectar Life Sciences was established in 2021, and its head office is in New York City at 30 Cooper Square.

Nectar is a peer-to-peer gift-sending and incentives platform that allows teammates to support one another by providing unique swag and unique presents made just for them. Nectar also provides programs for health and wellness if you want to guarantee the best possible staff well-being.

The emphasis of this gift-sending business is on encouraging great workplace cultures and employee involvement. Nectar’s status as an Amazon business exclusive partner, which allows you to include the whole line of Amazon goods in your rewards program, is one of its trendiest features. nectar

6. SnackNation

SnackNation, a company founded in 2014, curates and delivers delicious, healthier snacks, high-quality coffee and tea, fresh fruit, essentials for safety, and ready-to-drink beverages to more than 500,000 customers across all 50 states, including businesses like Mercedes, Apple, Hulu, and many others. Finding innovative, health-conscious snack manufacturers and bringing them together with like-minded individuals around the snack bowl is their main goal. While SnackNation’s name suggests that it is solely focused on healthier foods, which it does exceptionally well, this gift-sending business has mastered the skill of compassion. Yes, you read that correctly. SnackNation is a service that sends caring gifts to offices to spread joy, happiness, and thankfulness. SnackNation creates care packages based on various requirements and themes in addition to providing wholesome food to enhance the lives of its employees. The fact that SnackNation is an excellent choice for sending gift boxes is one of the factors contributing to its popularity.


7. SwagUp

The biggest brands in the world develop, automate, and distribute swag using SwagUp, an API-first business. SwagUp handles all the labor-intensive design work, assembly, storage, and international shipping. Without the hassles, this platform enables clients to collaborate with all of their coworkers on any swag project.

Midway in 2017, Martocci created SwagUp and the concept originated from a college side job selling flags & t-shirts to frats. After quitting school, he worked in branding and marketing for an NFL veteran’s company before spending a short time at a venture capital firm before starting SwagUp. For all of a company’s custom-branded giving requirements, SwagUp offers a swag-focused gift shipping solution. Before SwagUp packaging and delivering the finished product to your team, businesses can add their custom designs and branding to premium, one-of-a-kind presents.


8. WeGift

WeGift is a gifting solution that connects your staff to the most extensive global network of digital rewards. Employees will appreciate what WeGift offers, which includes a customer survey system, a rewards catalog, and a comprehensive loyalty program.

You will have access to the top brands in the world and be able to see what is popular among your team, allowing you to determine the popularity of gifts and offer incentives and prizes. To obtain branded cash from the most well-known high street merchants and advance their businesses through digital rewards, incentives, and payouts, some of the most prestigious corporations in the world use WeGift.


9. Etsy

An American online retailer called Etsy, Inc. specializes in vintage or handcrafted goods and craft materials. These goods can be divided into a wide variety of categories, such as jewelry, bags, apparel, home furnishings and décor, toys, and tools and equipment for crafts.

With the help of Etsy, buyers, and sellers may exchange goods online. It is largely used to sell handcrafted, vintage, and vintage-inspired things. Before opening a storefront on Etsy, users would first open an account if they want to sell. When an item sells, Etsy charges a 5% processing fee in addition to $0.20 per listing.

Mom-and-pop boutique online stores can be found all around the world on Etsy. This company specializes in sending out unusual, handcrafted, and frequently very personalized presents. Anyone looking to support local companies can shop on Etsy. With the help of this gift delivery service, you can be confident that you’ll be able to select presents that don’t just feel mass-produced but rather like they were designed especially for you or the recipient.


10. Bonusly

Bonusly is a fun platform for incentives and recognition that improves the culture of your business. Everyone in your company can use Bonusly to publicly honor one another by awarding little incentives which add up to significant awards. This gift-sending service called Bonusly focuses on employee surveys, rewards, and recognition. It combines all of these elements to enable coworkers to recognize one another. Even though managers and executives can still award bonuses to workers, Bonusly’s peer-to-peer model makes it an ideal platform for 360-degree appreciation.

Bonusly is one of the best gift-sending services for fostering culture. Your entire staff is now empowered to express gratitude to one another thanks to Bonusly which is ideal for last-minute gifting.



Sending gifts comes with a plethora of sweet emotions and love being shared from person to person. You can show love by sending gifts including clothing items, snacks, jewelry, and even Ulike hair removal devices . Send gifts today and spread the love around.


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