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Ulike Rose vs. Air+ IPL Device: Which Should You Buy?

By Viktoria
May 15, 2023
7 minutes

Do you know that the luxurious hair removal IPL brand, Ulike has another handset other than the one available on its official website? If yes, that’s great because we are sure you would want the comparison that device with the hottest of Ulike’s official devices. And if not, let us introduce you to Ulike Rose IPL Hair Removal Device.

Ulike Rose is one of the oldest versions of Ulike IPL devices released a few years ago. While it was replaced by more advanced handsets, it is still a useful device. Additionally, it offers more than just hair removal.

So, in this article, we will talk about the features of Ulike Rose and compare them to Ulike Air+ IPL to help decide which one you should invest in.

Ulike Rose vs. Ulike Air+

1. Looks and First Impression: Winner – A Tie

Ulike Rose Hair Removal and Anti-Aging IPL device is a gray-black device with a minimalist design featuring golden red detailing in the center. This middle golden hem is to change the settings of the device manually with ease.

On the other hand, Ulike Air+ is a dark green or white device with central golden detailings in a square shape. This golden portion has the switch on/off button and a few indicators. Moreover, both of the devices have flat rectangular light flashing windows. The front head of Ulike Rose is completely straight making it easier to clean while Ulike Air+ is curved on the sides.

Regarding the design, one is minimalist while the other is stylish. However, it is a tie as both of them are elegant.

2. Price and Inside the Box: Winner – Ulike Air+

Ulike Rose costs $499 and can be bought for around $399 at a discount. For this price, you get a Ulike Diamond Rose IPL device, a charging adapter with a cable, a shaving razor, protective glasses, a storage box, and a user manual. So, you get a complete kit for the price of the IPL device.

Ulike Air+ is more affordable as it is available at $299 and $249 with an official Ulike discount. Its package comes with a storage case and inside the case are the Ulike Air+ IPL, safety glasses, a mini shaving razor, an adaptor with a long wire, and an instruction manual.

So, both devices have the same accessories but there is a difference of about $50 in price making Ulike Air+ more pocket-friendly.

3. Skin Tone Compatibility: Winner – A Tie

As IPL radiations are absorbed into the pigment, it is important to note if your skin can be safely treated with an IPL device. Ulike Rose and Ulike Air+ are both compatible with ivory, fair, pale, white, olive, and medium brown skin tones. However, they do not work for dark brown or black people.

When it comes to hair colors, you can use both devices to eradicate black, brown, and dark blonde hair while IPL light is not absorbed by red, light blonde, white, and gray hair. So, you will see the same results for your skin tone and hair color for both devices.

4. Treatment and Comfort Modes: Winner – Ulike Rose

Both Ulike Rose and Ulike Air+ have two treatment modes, a stamping mode for the areas that have hair in small sections like armpits and a gliding mode for the large areas that need to be zapped off smoothly like legs. The reason behind these treatment modes is to make hair removal precise and quick.

Although both devices have the same treatment modes, their comfort modes are different. Ulike Rose over smarts Ulike Air+ with 3 comfort modes in contrast to its single mode. The mode of Diamond Rose includes a gentle mode for upper lips and private parts, body mode for arms and legs, and power mode for the chest and areas with stubborn hair.

Having comfort modes helps in the personalization of the treatment and makes the user experience better.

5. Duration of Treatment and Results: Winner – Ulike Air+

Both devices have a flashing speed of 0.7 times per second. So, on average it takes only 10-30 minutes to flash it all over your face and body depending upon your height, treatment mode, and intensity level you are using. You have to do 3 treatments per week initially.

However, the duration of the results is not the same. It takes 2 weeks to notice hair removal according to Dr. Hadley King and within 4 weeks hair regrowth is reduced by more than 90% with Ulike Air+.

In contrast, Ulike Diamond Rose takes 4-6 weeks until it provides significant results. So, Ulike Air+ is a better device if you are looking for quick results.

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6. Patented Ice-Cooling Technology: Winner – Ulike Air+

If you have researched the Ulike Hair Removal IPL device already, you would know that it is one of the very few devices with ice-cooling technology to help you get through IPL hair removal treatment with absolutely no pain, no hurt, and no side effects. But the painless technology of Ulike Rose is not similar to Ulike Air+.

Ulike Rose has built-in diamond ice-cooling technology that reduces the high temperature of heated IPL rays to a lower temperature of 10-40 degrees Celsius while Ulike Air+ has patented dynamic sapphire ice-cooling technology to reduce the temperature even further and takes it to about 15 degrees Celsius.

Ulike Rose makes the treatment painless by preventing heating of the skin and Ulike Air+ cools your skin and adds to a more relaxing experience. So, Air+ is a better choice for people who want the absolute best in terms of pain and sensitivity.

7. The Intensity of Light: Winner – A Tie

The level of intensity of any device is measured by energy output and beams of lights flashing through the device. It is important to note that the skin on our body, face, and sensitive areas has different levels of tolerance. So, different levels of intensity are required to deal with the hair in those areas.

Ulike Air+ and Ulike Rose IPL handsets have 5 levels of intensity. Level one for the facial skin and level 5 for the legs. The levels in between are for armpits, arms, and bikini lines. So, you can see that there is no difference in this aspect as well.

8. Number of Flashes: Winner – A Tie

A great thing about Ulike IPL devices is that you can relax after buying any of its devices once as they can last you a full lifetime. Both of these have 1 million flashes, more than enough to ever run out.

So, no matter if you get an Air+ or Rose, you can use it as you like without having to buy another IPL device all your life.

9. FDA-Clearance and Dermatological Approval: Winner – A Tie

An essential thing to observe before buying any IPL device is to measure its safety. One of the best ways to check safety is by trusting reliable Certifications like approval by health organizations and dermatologists.

Both Ulike Gold and Air+ are approved by FDA and similar systems. Additionally, they are recommended by qualified dermatologists like Dr. Hadley King and many skincare and beauty influencers as well.

So, you can rest assured about the safety of both devices.

10. Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty: Winner – Ulike Air+

Ulike provides a 2-year warranty on all of its devices ensuring the comfort of the client. So, both Ulike Gold and Air+ come with a 2-year warranty to help you in case of any mishaps and get the device exchanged.

Regarding the money-back guarantee, Ulike Air+ has a 3 months money-back guarantee giving its customers enough time to test the device and return it for full price in case of dissatisfaction. However, we could not find any such guarantee with Ulike Rose.

11. Uses Other Than Hair Removal: Winner – Ulike Rose

One exceptional plus point of Ulike Rose over Ulike Air+ is that you can use it for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. However, all Ulike Air+ offers is long-lasting hair removal.

Going into the details, the 8 medical-grade light therapy lamps of Ulike Diamond Rose work to permanently remove hair follicles while dealing with signs of aging like wrinkles, dull skin, fine lines, and more by improving skin elasticity and stimulating collagen production.

So, if you are worried about aging, Ulike Rose can help you kill two birds with one stone.

Comparison Table

Let us compare the basic features of Ulike Rose and Ulike Air+ in a table to make the differences and similarities more understandable.


Ulike Rose

Ulike Air+



‎16 x 6 x 4.2 cm

16.9 x 5.9 x 3.8 cm



284 gram

280 gram


Energy Output

19.8 J

19.8 J


Intensity Levels




Comfort Levels




Number of Flashes

1 million

1 million


Treatment Time

10-30 minutes

10-30 minutes


Results Within

2-4 weeks

4-6 weeks


Inside the Package

  • Ulike Rose IPL device

  • Adaptor and cable

  • Safety razor

  • Protective glasses

  • User manual

  • Storage case

  • Ulike Air IPL device

  • Adaptor and cable

  • Safety razor

  • Protective glasses

  • User manual

  • Storage case



2 years

2 years


Money-Back Guarantee

Not clear

90 days


Ice-Cooling Technology

Temperature 10-40 C

Temperature 10-15 C







Although the basic features of both Ulike Rose and Air+ including intensity levels, number of flashes, ease of use, warranty, energy output, and safety levels are the same.

Ulike Rose is better as it is a 2 in 1 device and offers an anti-aging feature and 3 comfort modes. While Ulike Air+ is better in terms of quick results, improved cooling technology, and price. So, you can get the one that suits your requirements more.

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