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Neck Hair Removal: All You Need to Know

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Fashion has become a more unique and integral part of our lives than ever. The influence of social media and many factors have led to the impact of fashion being profoundly eminent in our lives. And an essential part of fashion is about looking clean and sleek. Thus, this is where hair removal becomes increasingly functional.

One of the most important yet unattended areas for removing hair is the neck. Both males and females tend to overlook removing their neck hair. But we have the following discussion for your rescue. There are numerous factors, such as taking care of ingrown hair on the neck, ensuring the eight methods of hair removal and the different aspects of hair removal for men and women that you must know about. So, here is our discussion about the same. 

Part 1: Reason and how do women remove neck hair?

Why do the females need to remove the hair on their necks? Is it important? If so, why? There can be many reasons, social, physical, internal and the like. Let us look into them one by one. Let us begin the discussion with the reasons for the removal of hair on the neck for females.

  • Beauty concerns

We all are quite aware that it is a beauty standard for women not to have hair on their bodies. Leg hair, arm hair, and facial hair are supposed to be absent in women. And since it is not physically possible to gain such aspects, women resort to neck hair removal methods for removing their body hair. And here, neck hair removal also gets included. So, we can refer it to as a social and internal cause for women to remove their neck hair.

Social because the standards are such, and they comply with them. And internal because, although they have a choice of not going by the standards and not complying with them. They, however, for some internal willingness to accept such social structures, remember their neck hair.

  • Physical concerns

Sometimes, women grow chin and neck hair due to ageing or certain physical adversities. The common condition is Hirsutism. In this condition, there is a constant growth of hair on the chin and neck region, and to eliminate this unwanted hair, they tend to remove their neck hair.

With ageing and menopause, growing neck hair is quite a common phenomenon. Both ageing and menopause are inevitable physical processes that occur. So, this can also be a reason why women tend to remove their neck hair. 

  • Better makeup and skincare application

The presence of hair on the neck region becomes a barrier to applying perfect makeup. The layer of hair does not allow a smooth and even application of makeup products. Along with makeup products comes skincare products. Similar to makeup products, skincare products are unable to reach the skin in the presence of the layer of hair in your neck region. So, neither the makeup nor the skincare is able to bring the necessary and desirable effects on your skin. So, women remove their neck hair to have better or, rather, perfect makeup and skincare. 

These were the primary reasons why women remove their neck hair. So, now, let us move on to the next part of our discussion. It will be about the ways women remove their neck hair. The fundamental and most common ways are as follows.

  • Waxing

Wax to remove hair on the neck or, rather, any body part is very common. Waxing further has different techniques and forms. Women can choose between cold wax and hot wax for removing neck hair. They can choose to use strips with hot or cold wax or can also resort to direct hot wax hair removal that does not need the use of strips. It is quite an effective way of removing hair that leaves the skin smooth and hairless for a fairly long time.

  • Razor

Using a razor to remove neck hair is the most common and frequently used method. It is the go-to option for a large part of the population. It offers you quick resolution for removing your neck hair, but, at the same time, its effects are not long-lasting at all. Also, you might get ingrown hairs on your neck. Thus, you have to know how not to get ingrown hairs on the neck, or if you have them, how to get rid of them.

  • Plucking

Plucking is the method used when the neck hair is caused due to menopause or Hirsutism. The hair here is long, darker, thicker, and less in number but appears scattered. Thus, plucking becomes an ideal method to remove such neck hair.

  • Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the perfect method if you want a permanent solution for removing hair on your neck. It is painless, and also permanent hair removal is not just for the neck but also for every body part. 

Part 2: Neck hair removal for men

So, we can certainly say now that we know about the neck hair removal aspects for women. So, let us now continue our discussion with the techniques or methods used by men for removing neck hair.  

  • Intense Pulsed Light technology

The IPL is the method that helps to remove neck hair permanently. It uses regulated yet effective bursts of intense light at the root of the hair that completely makes them fall off or degenerate. Thus, it gives a permanent solution to neck hair removal.

It is important that you choose the correct device and company for such a method, for the correct intensity, pressure, and other factors are crucial to be maintained. Thus, there can be no other device better than Ulike. It has the best and the most advanced features, added with high portability because of its lightweight. It is very stylish in its appearance and is available in different colours. It is the safest and most reliable product to use when one wants to use the IPL, the most effective and efficient method of removing neck hair.

  • Laser Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal is a bit different from laser hair removal. In IPL, wavelengths are used, whereas, with lasers, no such wavelengths are used. And laser is another method that men can use for neck hair removal. This is also a permanent solution for removing neck hair.

  • Shaving

What can be a more common and regularly used method for neck hair removal for men than razors or the method of shaving? It is a regular practice for every man having a beard to shave or shape their beard, and then, they can readily proceed to shave their neck hair as well. Aldo, they might use devices other than razors, such as trimmers, to remove their neck hair.

  • Other

Some other techniques which might not be common but can be used for removing neck hair for men include waxing, threading and plucking. Generally, shaving is the most commonly used technique, while IPL is the most effective technique. 


So, this was all about the various aspects of neck hair removal for men and women. You can see that you will find many ways of removing hair on the neck region. But it is important to choose the suitable method. And finding a permanent solution for it is ideal; because your neck is both a delicate and a constantly exposed part of your body. So, it is recommendable to choose IPL or laser method for hair removal. And for IPL, Ulike is the most flawless product offering you the safest, smoothest and most stylish neck hair removal.

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