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From 31 Male & Female Subjects In 4+2 Weeks

Visible hair reduction after 4 weeks of use
Length-78.62% Density-90.37% Quantity-54.55%

Significant hair thinning after 2 weeks' discontinuation
Length-83.05% Density-87.41% Quantity-45.45%

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    A remarkable 90% reduction in hair growth in just 4 weeks for superior hair removal results.


What Media Says?

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.


With its powerful performance and sophisticated design, the Ulike Sapphire Hair Removal Device stands out from its "bulky" counterparts and gives people a brighter look and feel.


What Ulike User Says?

  • I have sensitive skin and am afraid of hair removal with wax, which is painful and makes the skin red and itchy. So I bought Ulike with the idea of giving it a try. It really doesn't hurt at all, just feels cool and comfortable.

  • I've only used it for 3 weeks and found significant reduction in hair growth, so I don't have to shave every next day.

  • Ulike Hair Removal Device is really cost-effective. It used to cost $400 to go to salon once for the same result, and was charged according to the body parts which takes 6 courses at least.

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I'm so tired of painful waxing & constant shaving & this technique is a permanent way of reducing hair growth & removing unwanted body hair!

Since using the device for the past 3 months my hair has been growing back slow and very sparse. I’m so pleased with my results and highly recommend Ulike if you too are tired of shaving.

Why should we choose Ulike Diamond Hair Removal? For its strong hair removal effect and pain free! Permanent hair reduction in just 4 weeks! 💪🏼 Love it~

One of my personal favourites from last year was the Ulike Diamond Blue hair removal device.

I would highly recommend this as I’ve been using ipl device for nearly 6 months and have noticed a huge difference to my skin - say no to razor bumps and harsh skin texture!

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