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Ulike Permanent IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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Permanent Results in 4 Weeks (GUARANTEED)
100% Painfree (Sapphire Ice-Cooling Tech)
Works on Whole Body (5 Levels)
$100 OFF
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1. Does it work? Is it permenant?

Yes, it works. And you'll get the permenant results in 4 weeks. After each treatment, hair will grow much more sparsely and thinly. Eventually, hair reduction becomes permanent. Both the outcome and frequency of treatment are different case by case.

2. Is this treatment truly painfree?

Yes, it doesn't hurt at all. When the handset is activated, the cooling system is activated immediately. The sapphire cooling tip would lower the epidermal temperature of the effective area to 50°F~158°F in real-time, effectively avoiding burning and heat injury during use.

3. What's diffirence between IPL and laser?

IPL (Intense pulsed light), is a broadband pulsed light, whereas laser is a single monochromatic light source. IPL and laser technologies both target the melanin in the hair follicle and you can expect permanent results from both. In short, whether it is a laser or IPL plays a minor role.

4. Will IPL work for my skin/hair?

Unfortunately not all hair and skin types are suitable for IPL treatment. Generally speaking, IPL and laser hair removal do not work on blonde and red hair or very dark skin. Check out our handy chart at the bottom of the page.

5. How often do I need to use my handset?

3 times a week during first month;
2 times a week during second and third month;
1 time every half or one month after third month.

Money-back for 90 Days

Permanent hair removal guarantee

Permanent Results in 4 Weeks Guaranteed

No more appointments, no more refills. Never shaving or waxing again.

How Does IPL Device Work

At-home Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal device targets the melanin in the hair follicle(the root of the hair), helping to break the cycle of hair regrowth. With continued use, your hairs will grow back thinner, lighter, and slower, leading to permanent hair reduction.

Doesn't Hurt at All 10/10 Painfree

The patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling Tech actively controls the surface temperature when it makes contact with your skin. No pain and good results.

Salon-like Results Very Unsalon-like Price

Ulike brings you salon-like results from the privacy of your home at the cost of one clinic treatment. One Ulike handset is an investment for life.

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90 days money back guarantee

2-year replacement warranty

Lifetime technical support

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