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10 Best Body Scrubs and Exfoliators for Smooth, Glowing Skin

By Viktoria
September 27, 2023
7 minutes
10 Best Body Scrubs and Exfoliators for Smooth

People are always concerned about skincare and do their best to achieve clear skin.  They neglect the body as it doesn’t exist. But body care is as critical as your face. Your body’s skin will become problematic if you don’t care for it. Dead skin cells and clogged pores are enemies of smooth, glowing skin. You can remove layers of all these gunk using scrubs and exfoliators. 

Scrubs and exfoliators dissolve impurities of the skin and remove them to make your skin plump and healthy.  Besides these benefits, they can damage your skin barrier if you overuse them. The results also depend on the product. So, we have listed some highly effective products for your skin!

Why You Should Scrub And Exfoliate Your Skin?

Scrubs and exfoliators do much more than only cleaning your skin. Here are some reasons why you should add body exfoliation to your skincare routine:

1. Hydrates Skin and Moisturizes:

Your skin accumulates dead cells when you don’t exfoliate regularly. It dehydrates the skin and doesn’t absorb nutrients from body care products.  So, exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and provides moisture to your skin. 

Why You Should Scrub And Exfoliate Your Skin

2. Stimulates Blood Flow

We always discuss the benefits of scrub as an external product.  When you rub and massage scrubs on the skin, it increases the blood flow. This flow replaces deoxygenated blood with oxygenation and replenishes the skin. 

3. Encourages Skin Turnover:

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and increases skin cell turnover. The more cell turnover, the more glowing the skin. So, regular exfoliation with the right scrubs is necessary for fresh skin. 

4. Removes Dead Skin and Unclogs Pores:

When you don’t clean your face, the pores become clogged with dust and sebum. They can cause breakouts, and your skin ages faster. Therefore, scrubs dissolve all gunk, unclog pores, and prevent your skin from problems. 

5. Prevents Acne and Blemishes:

Acne and pigmentation occur due to clogged pores, dead skin, sun damage, and slow cell turnover. As scrubs and exfoliators remove all of them, they save you from acne and blemishes. 

6. Helps Skincare Products Effectively Penetrate

Do you think skincare products will benefit you with a dead layer?  No! Exfoliation cleanses your face and allows other skincare products to penetrate effectively in the skin. Otherwise, you’ll not get any advantage even if you use expensive products. 

Top 10 Best Body Scrubs and Exfoliators for 2023

Body Scrub Brand Best For Price Rating
Tree Hut Vitamin C Shea Sugar Scrub Tree Hut Dull Skin $8.99 4.7/5
Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic and Lactic Acid Renewing Body Scrub SkinFix Pigmented skin $31.15 4.3/5
Dove Scrub Brown Sugar & Coconut Butter Dove Dry Skin $24 4.7/5
First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Exfoliant First Aid Beauty Normal to dry combination skin $11.99  4.4/5
Dr Teal’s Shea Sugar Body Scrub Dr. Teal Dehydrated skin $20.94 4.8/5
Aveeno Tone + Texture Renewing Body Scrub Aveeno Textured skin $7.95 4.4/5
SheaMoisture Body Scrub for Dull Skin ShiaMoisture Dry Skin $9.40 4.4/5
OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub, St. Barts QUAI Dry scalp and skin $40 4.6/5
Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, Self-Heating Body Polish Bliss Irritated skin $20 4.4/5
Biossance Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub Biossance Bumpy skin $28.00 4.4/5

1. Tree Hut Vitamin C Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Vitamin C Shea Sugar ScrubTree Hut Vitamin C Shea sugar scrub is a beautiful blend of Vitamin C for brightness, Shea butter for moisturization, sugar for scrub, and lactic acid for exfoliation. This mix of ingredients gives it a creamy texture. 

This scrub is artificial fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and irritating chemicals-free. It has the delightful citrus scent of oranges.  So, it is best for dry skin, but the refined sugar granules are also suitable for sensitive skin. 

It not only exfoliates the skin but also removes discoloration and improves skin texture. Moreover, the Vitamin C infusion brightens the skin. For better and lasting results, you must continue it for a long time. You’ll not feel any dryness even after using it continuously. However, it is recommended to use it only twice a week. 

2. Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic and Lactic Acid Renewing Body Scrub

Skinfix Resurface+ Glycolic and Lactic Acid Renewing Body ScrubThe product contains glycolic and lactic acid, which are great for exfoliation. On the other hand, handling both these ingredients is tricky, too.

It can treat textured, bumpy, and pigmented skin. However, you must use it regularly and incorporate it into your body care routine. 

Avoid using it on wet skin as they can penetrate deeper and burn your skin. After removing, use a thick, everyday lotion to prevent dryness. It has a bit of large granules, so scrub with light hands. 

3. Dove Scrub Brown Sugar & Coconut Butter

Dove Scrub Brown Sugar & Coconut ButterDove is famous overall for its hydrating products; the same goes for this scrub. Again, it has small particles and a flowy consistency, so it spreads and melts quickly. You’ll not feel any harshness on your screen. It has a slight almond and vanilla fragrance. 

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition that becomes dry, itchy, and has tiny bumps.  This scrub has brown sugar to remove small spots and coconut butter to moisturize and soften the skin. However, ensure you use it on wet skin, and for extra hydration, follow up with a thick lotion. Mainly, scrubs are used two times a week, but you can use Dove scrub 3 times because it’s gentle. 

4. First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Exfoliant

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub ExfoliantFirst Aid Beauty has a star ingredient of 10% AHAs, which is effective for strawberry legs – a prevalent problem. Although it has a potent amount of lactic acid and glycolic acid, it is gentle. 

As it is formulated for normal to dry combination skin, it doesn’t strip oil and damage the skin barrier. You’ll achieve smooth and velvety skin after a few uses. Like Dove, it also works for Keratosis pilaris. Moreover, it is fragrance-free, artificial colorant-free, and paraben, so sensitive skin can use it easily. 

Ensure you don’t over-exfoliate because it can worsen your skin condition. Lactic acid and glycolic acids increase skin sensitivity, so don’t forget to wear SPF. 

5. Dr. Teal’s Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Dove Scrub Brown Sugar & Coconut ButterThis product is something your whole family can use for multiple issues. It works on bumps, underarm smells, clogged pores, and more. Shea butter and almond oil are excellent for hydrated and sleek skin. 

Usually, people who sweat more have clogged pores and bacteria, which cause the smell. Dr. Teal’s Shea sugar body scrub has the extra benefit of tackling this issue. It has a long-lasting scent, so you can skip deodorant and rely on it.

One more exciting benefit is you can heel your hard heels using it. The only drawback is that it might melt if delivered late or kept in hot weather. 

6. Aveeno Tone + Texture Renewing Body Scrub

Aveeno Tone + Texture Renewing Body ScrubA great benefit of Aveeno body scrub is its tube packaging. Sometimes, we just put our fingers in jars without washing our hands, which removes all its benefits. So, Tubes are better for this. Aveeno Tone body scrub is gentle and affordable. 

It’s the best choice for prepping your skin if you shave it. It makes your hair soft and opens pores to remove impurities. This scrub is entirely fragrance-free and doesn’t even have a natural smell. 

One major drawback is you must use it for months to see some results consistently. You’ll not notice any instant effect on your skin. Another downside is it dries out quickly, so you need to reapply. 

7. SheaMoisture Body Scrub for Dull Skin

SheaMoisture Body Scrub for Dull SkinIf you love cute aromas, SheaMoisture body scrub is for you. It has essential oils and Shea Butter, suitable for skin hydration. It doesn’t have an almond scent or oil, so people with allergies can choose SheaMoisture.  It might become harsh if you have sensitive skin and use it daily. 

The water and essential oils sometimes separate, so you’ll need a spatula to mix them. It has a thick consistency that takes time to melt on the skin. However, the skin becomes soft and supple skin. The scrub gets hard if you let in water. 

Overall, it is a good purchase as an exfoliant, but if you want something to prep your skin before shaving, it’s not for you. 

8. OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub, St. Barts

OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub, St. BartsQUAI is a two-in-one product that exfoliates the scalp and the body. You can rely on this if you have dandruff, oily scalp, or dry hair. Nevertheless, you must wash it thoroughly to remove it from your hair. 

The scrub particles turn into foam when they come in contact with water.  It is super gentle and leaves skin glowing and rejuvenating. You’ll feel rosy with the solid rose scent. We would suggest you avoid it if you are allergic to fragrance. 

It may be pricey. But you are getting two products in one, which lathers with a small amount, so it goes a long way. 

9. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, Self-Heating Body Polish

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, Self-Heating Body PolishThis is the way to buttery soft skin. As the name shows, it is a hot scrub that gives a slightly warm sensation like a spa. Some people think it is a body butter or polisher due to the name, but polish here shows how smooth and gliding your skin feels after using it. 

It will be the best choice for someone who likes a dewy finish. The oil effect remains on the skin as you don’t use soap to remove it and only rinse it with water. Unlike other scrubs, apply it on dry skin for better results. 

10. Biossance Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub

Biossance Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body ScrubBiossance scrub has sugar for exfoliation and squalene to moisturize. No matter which skin type, everyone can use it. The bottle packaging is excellent for usage, but the scrub has a thick consistency, so it’s challenging to come out. 

It helps with textured and bumpy skin. The scrub is paraben-free and doesn’t contain any active harmful ingredients. Therefore, pregnant women can also use it. Sensitive skin will like it because it includes fewer essential oils and is not oily. 

It has a fruity, empowering scent for fragrance, so it depends on your choice. 


If your body is not clean, expensive skincare is not beneficial. Your rough and bumpy arms and legs show dehydration and dry skin. Therefore, scrubs and exfoliators are necessary to hydrate and remove dry skin from them.

Ensure you use the right product per your skin type, and don’t over-exfoliate. It damages the skin and the moisture barrier, leading to more problematic skin. So, embrace your skin and make it glowing using the right products!

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