Step 1: Clean the treatment area, and use a razor to shave off the hair in need of care. Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying the device.

Step 2: Connect the power cord to the adapter, and insert the plug into a power outlet.

Step 3: Short press the On-Off button on the side of the host to turn on the device.
The product has five intensity levels, press ON/OFF to adjust the intensity level, the higher the level, the greater the energy, the faster the effect. At first, it is suggested to start from level 1, and it can be gradually strengthened to the desired effect.

Step 4: Goggle up to protect your eyes.

Step 5: Place the light outlet on the skin to be treated and apply it vertically.

The hair removal sensor light will light up to indicate that it is fully in contact. Press the flash button to start the hair removal process. If the white light is not turned on, it means that the lamp head is not completely attached to the skin, and the instrument will not emit light.

Step 6: After hair removal is complete, press and hold the On-Off button for 1 to 2 seconds to turn off the device (never pull the plug without turning off the machine to avoid damage).

Yes, we recommend that you shave the treatment area before using your handset. Shaving the hair to the appropriate length will help IPL effectively focus on the hair follicles.

We recommend using the handset three times a week for the first month to achieve the best results. After that, you can use it once every two weeks or once a month for touch-ups as needed.

Additionally, we suggest making adjustments based on your hair growth. If you notice thicker hair or stubborn areas, you can increase the gear level and frequency of usage. However, it's important to monitor your skin's reaction and adjust accordingly to avoid any discomfort or adverse effects.

1. Hair Removal Device
2. Charging base & cable
3. Safety goggle
4. Razor
5. Product Description Booklet
6. User Manual

The biggest advantage of IPL hair removal technology is its zero side effects on skin and body.

Ulike is the only company that adapts Sapphire Ice-Cooling patent technology to provide Painless treatments. Users will feel no pain during the treatment.

You can use your handset on any part of your body, including your Brazilian (Bikini area) and face. But please do not use around the eyes (use only below cheekbones)

Our IPL is not suitable for the ‘inner parts of the bikini area. Therefore you should never use it on the labia minora, vagina, scrotum, or anus.

To prevent discomfort, we advise you to treat the bikini area, inner thighs, and buttocks from the lowest intensity level, as the skin in these areas can be more sensitive.

We would generally recommend the age range for IPL use to be 15 and above, and this is because body hair becomes mature at this age. Some follicles mature at a younger age. Therefore whether or not to use IPL will depend on the user. We recommend anyone under 18 gain approval from their parents or have consulted a specialist (cosmetician or dermatologist) before using our products.


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Ulike Beauty is committed to quality. Each Ulike device is rigorously tested for quality and performance. Our limited, 2-year warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of your device. The limited warranty begins on the date of purchase and expires one year later.
This limited warranty does not cover damage, defects, or failure caused by abuse or misuse; improper care; impact or insertion of foreign objects; vandalism; improper storage; improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair; application of harmful chemicals; fire, or water; abrasives; negligence; failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions; loss of the device; normal wear and tear; alteration; overuse both professional or commercially.

Proof of purchase is anything that states the date of purchase, the product that was purchased, and the seller's information.

Examples include:

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Safety Tips

Our handset ensures that all UV wavelengths are filtered out, blocking wavelengths below 1200nm from the IPL spectrum. This is the standard for most IPL systems. This is done to prevent the light from causing damage to the outer layers of the skin. Therefore, our IPL handset is not cancer-causing and you can use it without worry.

We have conducted many clinical trials on IPL’s safety and effectiveness, and because of this, IPL has become a widely used hair removal method in clinics and households.
If you follow the instructions, our handset will not bring any harm to you. Ulike guarantees that all UV lights have been filtered away from the IPL’s light spectrum, including all wavelengths below 1200 nanometres. This industry standard applies to most IPL systems and is done to prevent skin damage by the light rays, which means that you will never experience chronic complications such as skin disease and skin aging.

The Ulike IPL hair removal device is not recommended if you have any of the following:
- A known skin disorder
- Skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc.
- Photosensitive epilepsy or Photosensitivity
- Are menstruating, pregnant, or lactating
- Dark black or Sunburnt skin (please refer to the skin tone chart)
- Broken skin, a scab or healed wound, cancer or hemangioma
- Any artificial aesthetic, prosthetic, or plastic area
- Tattoo area

We don’t recommend using IPL over scars or tattoos because it causes heat-build and pain in these areas. However, it is acceptable to use IPL to treat areas around tattoos.

Though there is no evidence that IPL negatively impacts pregnancy and breastfeeding, we don’t recommend using IPL during these times to prevent any potentialities.

Don't let your travel plans get in the way of your smooth skin. All of our products contain no battery and are in a light compact design so you can continue to do what you love more wherever you go.