Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset
Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset
Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset
Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset
Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset
Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset
Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset

Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Hair Removal Handset

Sale price$379.00 USD
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
2-Year Hassle-free Warranty
Faster Results in 3 Weeks (Maximum Energy)
Icy Pain Free (Enhanced)
Full-body Treatment in 10 mins
$100 OFF
Adapter Plug Type:US Plug
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Get Faster Results in Just 3 Weeks

  • 3 weeks ago

    3 weeks later

Next-level Power and Faster Results

21J of energy output for long-lasting results in 3 weeks

Icy Pain-Free Treatment at Home

68 ° F for 30 minutes of use

New and upgraded real-time Sapphire Ice-cooling System

Patented Sapphire Ice-cooling Technology

Graphene Cooling Solution
VC Liquid Cooling Solution

Dual Air Duct Heat Dissipation

Saves You Time and Effort

Flashes once every 0.7s and Auto-glide method brings a full-body treatment in less than 10 minutes

3 Comfort Modes Work from Head to Toe

The new user-friendly design makes it easy to adjust the power level for different treatment modes.
Enjoy a more gentle touch when tackling hair in delicate areas like your bikini line.

Will Air 3 work for me?

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This item is the best purchase of the year. I started to use this during Fall time thinking it would be nice to show off my hair-free legs in the summer time. I continued using it on a weekly basis for the beginning 2 months, and the results were great.
I wish I bought this year's ago. It's amazing. I have had laser hair removal done in the past. I've spent a lot of money. I wanted to try a home laser hair removal system but I thought they wouldn't work. I'm so happy I finally bought this it works! I'm saving so much money and time now.
I love this. I got thick black hair and from one use not even kidding one use. My hair didn't grow back for like 3 days. All my hairy girls know once you shave u wake up the next day with hairy legs again. It’s worth every penny. BUYYY ITTT NOWW!
I've been using this product twice a week for the past 4 weeks now - within the third week I started to notice results! My hair used to be super dark and thick. I use this in all areas of my body and it works great. No pain either! Super satisfied :)
Boston D
I love Ulike, just 4 weeks and I already see a huge difference! Totally pain-free!!!
Juldy Word
I can honestly say that the Ulike Dark Green IPL Hair Removal is awesome!!! Totally changed my life! I was so insecure about the hair on my body. Now, you wouldn't even know that my hair was noticeable and thick.
Sara Kim
I cannot believe how well this little device works. I didn't really start to notice til week 4 but that's when it hit me... It's painless thanks for the ice-cooling technology.
Haven’t shaved in 6 weeks only been using this!! My hair isn’t coming back!! Love how easy this is and how well it works . It is pain-free.


IPL is a type of FDA-cleared light treatment that uses strong pulses of a broad spectrum of polychromatic light to target the melanin in hair follicles to achieve permanent hair removal results.

As the pigment absorbs light, it gets heated up and destroyed. Hair will grow back more sparsely and slower after each treatment, permanently reducing hair growth.

  • Week 1&2: Treat every other day
  • Week 3-5: Treat twice per week
  • After the initial treatment phase (12weekly treatments), treat the target area to maintain results once a month, or as required.

Skincare after treatment
After hair removal, it is recommended to apply body lotion or cold compress gel for skin care. Do not use skin care products containing alcohol. Do not expose treated areas to the sun. Wait at least 7 days after treatment before exposing treated skin to direct sunlight.

Most customers start to see evident hair reduction after 3-4 weeks. With 2-3 treatment per week, the effect becomes completely evident after 12 weeks. After each treatment, hair will grow much more sparsely and thinly. Eventually, hair reduction becomes permanent. To maintain the skin’s smoothness, you need to do 1 treatment every 2 to 3 months or as required. Both the outcome and frequency of treatment are different case by case.
According to FDA’s regulations, permanent hair removal means ‘continued and steady reduction of hair over a prolonged period’, which we provide, though some may interpret the term ‘permanent’ differently. Please know that even the photo-therapy used in clinics is not entirely permanent.

We would generally recommend the age range for IPL-use to be 15 and above, and this is because body hair becomes mature at this age. Some follicles mature at a younger age. Therefore whether or not to use IPL will depend on the user. We recommend anyone under 18 gain approval from their parents or have consulted a specialist (cosmetician or dermatologist) before using our products.