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What to expect?

IPL does not have immediate results, but it targets the hair at the root, so in the long run, the hair will become thinner and thinner and stop regrowth.

Week 1-3

Treat 3 Times a Week.
Hair growth may not change much.

Week 4-6

Treat Twice a Week.
Hair should be visibly thinner, finer and more sparse.

Week 7-10

Treat Once a Week
Most skin should be hairless, just need to catch up on patches or strands.

What they say

Painfree, quick, and ultra efficient, this innovative home tool from K-beauty brand Ulike works to maintain epidermal temperature during treatment, eliminating any burning sensation caused by IPL flashes.

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Never Settle
My 2nd Try at IPL | AD Ulike Sapphire Air + IPL Hair Removal Review
laser hair removal at home for PCOS
Laser Hair Removal? at Home? | Dr Davin Lim
With Ulike, users have the option of creating their own safe and private personal beauty sanctuary to get rid of unwanted hairs discretely.
-- Dr. Davin Lim, a board-certified dermatologist

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Ulike Air 3 vs. Air+ IPL Device: Which Should You Buy?

Ulike Sapphire Air series is one of the top-selling hair removal IPL series worldwide. It mainly has 4 devices including Ulike white, light green, dark green, and purple IPL handset.


Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device Review

This device was very detailed, and I only used it for about four weeks. Oh my goodness! The outcome was astounding. I couldn't believe my eyes. This looks too good to be true.

Val Le

How to Use Ulike Hair Removal Device? (step-by-step)

Clean the treatment area, and use a razor to shave off the hair in need of care. Make sure your skin is compleletly dry before applying the device.


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