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Jovs vs. Nood: Which IPL Hair Remover is Better?

By Viktoria
February 14, 2023
7 minutes

Hair removal has been a headache for women for years. Waxing, shaving, epilation, and hair removal creams are some of the conventional hair removal methods. Then comes Laser giving smooth hairless skin at an expensive cost and trouble of booking consultations and treatment sessions.

In such circumstances, IPL hair removal devices brought a revolution in hair removal methods as they are similar to Laser in giving long-lasting results but are pocket-friendly and convenient just like waxing and shaving. But along with this revolution, hundreds of devices were launched over the years making it hard to choose the best one.

We are here to help you make the right choice.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss what to look for in an IPL hair removal device along with a detailed comparative analysis of the two top IPL devices, Jovs vs. Nood, in 2023.

Things To Look for In An IPL Hair Removal Device Before Buying

Jovs vs. Nood IPL Hair Remover It is important to check an IPL hair removal device from several aspects before investing.

Let us see the essential factors that make an IPL device worth your money.

1. Design and Ease of Use

Design of an IPL device includes its shape, size of its window, cord, and weight. So getting a compact and ergonomically designed device helps in reaching tricky areas like armpits and backs of thighs and enables you to do full-body treatment without being tired.

2. The Lifespan of the Device

Lifespan of an IPL hair removal device is determined by the number of its flashes. About 2000 flashes are needed to treat the full body once. A device with 250,000 flashes lasts for 15-20 years depending on the frequency of use.

3. Compatibility with Skin tone and Hair Color

Hair melanin absorbs IPL light waves and hair follicles are destroyed. The darker the hair, the better the results are. So, check out the compatibility manual of an IPL hair removal device before buying it to know if it will work on your hair and skin.

4. The Number of Power Settings

All areas of skin have different levels of sensitivity and different thicknesses and densities of hair. So, it is better to get an IPL device with multiple power settings to treat all areas of the body safely and effectively.

5. FDA Approved and Dermatologically Tested

Dermatological tests and FDA approval are the measures to determine the safety of an IPL device. They ensure that the polychromatic concentrated IPL light waves do not damage your eyes or skin as you are trying to make your skin spotless and hair-free while giving it no more flaws.

JOVS Vs. Nood IPL Hair Removal Device

1. Design and Feasibility: Winner – Nood

Nood IPL Hair Remover JOVS Venus Pro II is an L-shaped device with a 330-degree rotatable head. Its ergonomic design with a matte finish helps it reach the hardest areas of the body easily.

Nood IPL hair removal device is lightweight with a small size, compact design, and wide window making it comfortable to hold and quickly treat the whole body.

Both of the devices are corded and easy to use. But the weight and shape of the Nood IPL handset make it more user-friendly.

2. Number of Flashes: Winner – JOVS

JOVS Venus Pro II comes with unlimited flashes so that you would never have to buy another device. And you can also share it with your sister or bestie.

In contrast, the Nood IPL handset comes with 600,000 flashes which might also last for a whole lifetime. But the JOVS IPL device has a longer lifespan.

3. The Number of Modes: Winner – Nood

JOVS Venus Pro II comes with 6 modes for different areas of the body like the arm, armpits, bikini line, face, legs, and skin rejuvenation. It also has 6 levels of intensities to treat different hair types from stubborn and heavy to light and thin.

Nood IPL hair removal device comes with seven levels of intensity specifically designed to treat hair on your arms, legs, armpits, bikini line, face, and back. So, the Nood IPL handset is better with great power levels.

4. Treatment Time and Duration to See Significant Results: Winner – JOVS

JOVS Venus Pro II has a flash speed of 0.7 bursts giving it an average treatment time of 7 minutes. Its results begin to appear in 2 weeks and last for a few months after your multi-session treatment is completed.

The Nood IPL handset takes 10 minutes to treat the full body with its wide window. It takes about 8 weeks to make your skin completely hairless.

The faster flashes, less time to treat the full body, and see obvious results make JOVS Venus Pro II a better choice.

5. Pain-free Treatment: Winner – JOVS

Jovs IPL Hair Remover JOVS Venus Pro II has an integrated ultra-thin sapphire cooling technology to reduce the temperature of flashes to 40F. Thus, it makes the hair removal treatment burning-free and relatively painless.

The Nood Flasher 2.0 has no such technology. So you might feel discomfort or snapping sensations while doing your hair removal treatment.

6. Precision and Areas to be Treated: Winner- Both

JOVS Venus Pro II can remove hair from anywhere on the body precisely. It has multiple modes including face, arm, armpits, legs, and bikini line modes. Its head also rotates to effectively treat hidden areas.

The Nood flasher IPL device also works efficiently on the whole body. Its several levels of intensity ensure precise treatment of different kinds of unwanted body hair. Plus its window and shape make it easy to reach any area of your body including your back.

7. Price: Winner – Nood

JOVS Venus Pro II costs $369 for the IPL hair removal device, its US plug, razor, and safety goggles. The noodist Kit costs $284 for Flasher 2.0 IPL handset, 2 revealers (exfoliants), and 2 revivers (soothing gels).

JOVS Venus has a greater number of flashes but it costs way more than the noodist kit which also claims to run for the whole life and replace the device if it ever runs out.

8. Safety: Winner-JOVS

Both of the devices are FDA-cleared making them safe to use. JOVS Venus Pro II comes with advanced OPT hair removal technology to help you do the treatment quickly and prevent any longer contact with light waves than required. Moreover, it is also approved by FC and CE. The Nood IPL handset has UV filters to protect your skin while removing hair.

A Better Alternative: Ulike Sapphire Hair Removal Device

Both of the above-discussed devices are great to use and give effective results. But they might not resonate with you because of their design, treatment time, price, or time to see effective results.

So, we have another device that is gaining immense popularity in the world of IPL hair removal devices and will prove to be a better alternative for you.

1. Lifespan

Ulike AIR+ sapphire dark green Hair removal handset comes with 1 million flashes. 1 million flashes are more than enough to last the whole life. You can also share it with your friend with no concern about it running out. Unlimited lifespan is one of its major advantages.

2. Treatment time and Effectiveness

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ Dark Green handset is quick taking about 1 minute to treat the face, 1 minute for the bikini line, 2 minutes for the armpits, 3 minutes for the arms, and 3 minutes for the legs. So, it takes 10 minutes to treat the whole body making it one of the fastest IPL hair removal devices.

3. Patent Ice Cooling Technology

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ has a built-in patented Ice cooling sapphire technology to reduce the temperature of flashes from 158F to 50F. This temperature is perfect to give a cooling and painless hair removal treatment experience.

4. Globally Safe Certifications

In addition to being recommended by dermatologists and FDA-cleared, it is also cleared by KFDA, IC, CA, CFDA, WEEE, EMC, CE, and SGS. So, it is approved by health protection firms of your country no matter where your hometown is.

5. Design

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ dark green hair removal handset is a premium IPL device . So, it is manufactured after keeping luxury, ease to use, and comfort in mind. It has a sleek rectangular shape, elegant green and golden color, and a compact and lightweight design.


Well, there is nothing as a single best IPL hair removal device. Because a number of amazing and effective IPL devices are available in the market. So, you should choose the one most suitable for you in terms of investment, results, and compatibility with your hair and skin type.

The Noodist hair removal IPL kit is effective, quick, and relatively inexpensive. However, it takes a longer time to reduce hair regrowth, has no pain-reducing technology, and only provides 600,000 flashes.

JOVS Venus Pro II and Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL hair removal devices are similar in terms of painless technology, price, unlimited flashes, and quick results.

However, the L-shaped design of JOVS venus is a little difficult to hold and it might slip during treatment.

Lastly, let us look at the comparison table so you can make the best decision for a painless salon-like hair removal experience at home.


JOVS Venus Pro II

Nood Flasher 2.0

Ulike AIR+

Original Price






Conventional IPL devices shape

Sleek rectangular design


Unlimited flashes

600,000 flashes

Unlimited flashes

Body use

Full body

Full body

Full body





Painless technology

Ultra Thin Sapphire


Patented sapphire ice cooling technology

Intensity Level




Treatment time

7 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

Results in

2-3 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks

Money-back guarantee





2 years

1 year

2 years

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