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Hair RemovalNood vs Tria: Which Hair Remover Device Better?

Nood vs Tria: Which Hair Remover Device Better?

Regarding hair removal, IPL and laser are currently the most popular methods. IPL is at the top in terms of painless experience, affordability, results, and ease of use. It uses a broad spectrum of light to target hair melanin and kill hair roots. In contrast, a laser uses monochromatic light for killing hair follicles. Consequently, you get silky smooth hairless skin for a long time.

The easier the hair removal is, the tougher is to choose the right device for yourself. So, are you looking for an ideal at-home hair removal device? But the number of different hair removal devices available in the market is tiring you out? Let us try finding the device that works wonderfully for you.

In this article, we will talk about two of the most talked about at-home hair removal devices in the market, the Noodist kit IPL and Tria hair removal Laser. You can choose one after reading this comparison.

Nood vs Tria Comparison

We will compare the Noodist Kit from Nood, and the Tria hair removal laser , to see which one is better for you,

1. Design and Display: Winner – Nood

The Nood hair removal IPL device has a typical IPL handset design. It is a corded device and has curved sides with a power button and a digital display on the top. The digital display shows the level of intensity and the mode you are working on. You do not feel tired after your session because of its lightweight compact design.

Tria hair removal Laser is a gun-shaped device with a small round window. Its digital display and power button lies on the top of its head. On its sides are fans to cool off the device when it heats up during a session. It has a curved handle for a better grip. Moreover, it is a battery-operated device and its digital display shows intensity level, battery, and pulse count.

Tria hair removal laser has advanced features but the Nood hair removal IPL device is handier and easier to use.

2. Usage Experience: Winner – Nood

Nood hair removal device has 5 levels of intensity to allow users with different skin sensitivities to use it according to their skin type. However, you might feel a little discomfort while doing your hair removal session.

Tria hair removal laser also allows 5 levels of intensity. It is a laser and is 4X stronger than the Nood IPL device. So, you will feel stinging sensations during a session. However, your skin becomes used to the high intensities gradually.

Overall, Nood IPL hair removal is more gentle on the skin and provides a relatively painless experience.

3. Working Principle: Winner – Nood

Nood hair removal device is an IPL handset. It works by using polychromatic rays of light for hair removal. However, Tria is a laser hair removal device that uses concentrated monochromatic light beams.

Laser devices use intense light and you have to be careful while doing a session. While IPL is more of a gentle and safe option for removing hair semi-permanently.

4. Time to Observe Results and Effectiveness: Winner – Nood

Nood is recommended to be used 2 times in one week. It takes 8 weeks to observe significant hair results with Nood. 8 weeks of treatment and the results last for 6 months to a year.

On contrary, the Tria hair removal laser is recommended to be used once every 15 days. And 8 treatments in 4months are required to observe hair regrowth reduction. However, it takes about 1 year to go completely hairless. And the result also lasts for a few to several years.

So, even tho treatment lasts for a shorter duration with the Nood IPL device, you can do a quick 10-minute session anytime to achieve hairless skin. In comparison, you have to be patient with the Tria hair removal laser.

5. Safety of Use: Winner – Both

The Nood IPL handset has in-built UV filters to protect your skin from harmful rays. It also comes with a post-treatment soothing gel to cool down the skin and decrease discomfort.

On the other hand, the Tria laser has skin sensors just under its handle. So, the device does not emit radiation unless your skin tone and hair color are compatible with the device. You can buy a Tria hydrating gel with the device and it is used before starting the treatment.

Thus, Both of the devices are FDA-approved and safe to use.

6. Dermatologist Recommendation: Winner – Tria

Although Nood IPL hair removal device is safe to use, it is not endorsed by dermatologists.

However, Dr. Eric Bernstein, a certified dermatologist, and plastic surgeon recommends Tria laser as a safe method of hair removal. He says “I use what I know works and I trust, and that’s why I recommend the Tria for home-based laser removal”.

7. Money Back Guarantee: Winner – Nood

Nood offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. So, if you see no results within 3 months, you are good to return the device with no questions asked. Moreover, it offers a 1-year warranty.

Tria hair removal laser offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. You can return the device if you are not satisfied after 4 treatments. However, it takes longer to show a significant result. So, the device might actually start to show results after that time.

8. What’s in the Box: Winner – Nood

The Noodist hair removal kit box comes with the Nood hair removal IPL device, 2 exfoliating gels, and two soothing gels.

The Tria hair removal laser set comes with the device and a charger. You have to buy its soothing gel separately. Furthermore, it comes in 3 colors, pink, green, and grey.

9. Suitable For: Winner – Both

Nood IPL device is compatible with full body, face, and anywhere hair grows. However, you must check out if the device is suitable for your skin tone and hair color.

Tria hair removal laser is also compatible with the full body and face. Additionally, its official site has a little quiz for you to check if it is suitable for you.

10. Price: Winner – Nood

The Noodist hair removal kit costs $473 while the Tria hair removal laser is $499. While both of the devices are effective at removing hair for a long time, they are a little expensive.

A Better Alternative: Unlike Saphhire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Device

If you could not decide on any of the above-mentioned devices, we have another one for you. It is the Ulike Sapphire AIR+ hair removal IPL handset . You would love this device as you come to know its benefits.

1. Design and Technology

Ulike IPL hair removal device is designed in an ergonomic rectangle shape with a long cord. Thus, it is easy to hold and use. Its green and golden color is also attractive.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in dynamic sapphire ice cooling technology that reduces the temperature of intense light rays as they come in contact with the skin. Thus, it is truly painless.

2. Time to observe Results and Effectiveness

It takes about 4 weeks to notice a significant reduction in hair length, density, thickness, and regrowth. Once you are done with your multiple treatment sessions, the results last for 6 months to a year.

3. Full-Body Hair Removal

Ulike Sapphire offers 5 levels of intensity for hair from head to toe. It takes about 10 minutes to treat the hair on your face, bikini line, armpits, arms, and legs effectively. Just set the recommended level of intensity and work on your unwanted hair.

4. Affordable Salon-Like Experience

Ulike Sapphire IPL device is a safe FDA-approved device that gives results just like a salon hair removal treatment, if not better. Moreover, its 1 million flashes last for the whole life making hair removal affordable and comfortable.

5. Dermatologist Recommendation

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ is endorsed by dermatologists as well. Its safe painless technology, effective results, and quick treatment sessions made it loved by influencers and doctors as well.

Dr. Hadley King, a certified medical dermatologist says “With Ulike, users have the option of creating their own safe and private personal beauty sanctuary to get rid of unwanted hairs discretely.”

Comparison Table


The Noodist Kit

Tria Hair Removal Laser

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL



Typical IPL device curved shape


Ergonomic rectangular shape


Intensity Levels





Painless Technology





Dermatological Recommendation




Ulike and Tria

Use On

Full body

Full body

Full body







Results in

8 weeks

16 weeks

4 weeks


What’s in the Box

Nood device

2 Revivers

2 Revealers

Tria Device


Ulike Device

Safety Razor




Money-Back Guarantee

90 days

60 days

90 days

Ulike and Nood


1 year

1 year

2 years








Permanent hair removal at home seems like a dream. But in reality, long-term hair removal is possible at home. With IPL devices like Nood and Ulike and at-home Laser devices like Tria, you can achieve your dream hairless skin.

The Nood IPL device is a gentle device that works efficiently to make your skin hairless within 8 weeks. While Ulike Sapphire AIR+ does the same job within 4 weeks. Moreover, its painless technology and ease of use provide a salon-like hair removal experience.

While the Tria laser device is a little difficult to handle and required 4month-1year to show results. But its results last longer than that of IPL devices. Keeping the user’s safety and feasibility in mind, we recommend IPL devices as a better solution to permanent hair removal at home.


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