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Founded in 2013, Ulike has focused on home beauty devices ever since. Ulike adhering to the innovative cutting-edge technology as the core strength of the brand, focusing on hair removal research, to provide consumers with a scientific, safe, and effective home hair removal experience. The latest innovative sapphire ice cooling patent conducted a triple temperature control cooling system that solved a series of problems such as hair removal side effects and strong pain for consumers.

— No. 1 seller in China for 6 years from 2016-2021.
— No. 1 seller in Korea in 2021.
— Cumulative sold 5,000,000+ units over 17 countries.
— Cooperate with Sephora, Lotte Duty-Free, CDFG, and other large international beauty product brand.


Ulike's vision is to solve hair removal distress for every man and woman, so that one day, people can do hair removal treatments at home, not just in the salon. We believe by our effort, hair removal will not longer be expensive and can be affordble by every one.

What We Done

Rose series is the Fifth generation of Ulike products, through large investment in R&D and offline salon product tests to constantly update the product design, Ulike's consumers are improving their experience year by year. From the first generation only possible to accomplish hair removal to the second generation reduce skin burn, to the fourth generation of painless hair removal with ice-cooling technology, till now the sixth generation Rose series innovated rejuvenation effect. Ulike's technology is improving faster and faster. We believe that our products can finally solve the hair removal distress for every man and woman.


R&D Powerful Strength of Ulike

International Authoritative Certification
Effective, Comfortable and Safe

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