Braun vs. Nood: Which IPL Hair Remover is Better?

Braun vs. Nood: Which IPL Hair Remover is Better?

Viktoria Viktoria
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With each passing day comes the conviction that Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has become the standard for safe and painless hair removal. Salons and beauty shops that do not offer this service are likely to lose customers who have tasted the effectiveness of this innovation and cannot think of anything less.

IPL sends polychromatic, broad-spectrum light through your skin to the hair follicles, where it reacts with melanin to produce heat that disrupts the hair roots, resulting in semi-permanent hairlessness. Cynics and skeptics of this technology anchor their fears on the possibility of burning the skin if not supervised or done by an expert.

But this fear is already disappearing into thin air, thanks to the invention of high-quality IPL devices that people can now use comfortably at home with little or no technical support. The devices are such that you only need to plug them in, set the intensity that matches your skin tone, and you are ready to get rid of those objectionable hairs.

IPL works best for individuals with contrasting hair and skin tone. While it is highly effective, it isn't suitable for all skin types, especially dark skin. Therefore, before purchasing any IPL product, you should check its compatibility chart to see if you can use it for your hair and skin tones.

Braun Silk Expert Pro and The Noodist Kit are two premium IPL handset packages that will likely pop on your screen when searching for sophisticated IPL hair removers. These two products are FDA-approved, elegant, and excellent at what they were made to do. Nevertheless, no two products are the same.

This article aims to examine these two products using some parameters. As you read and evaluate, you can quickly determine which of the two you prefer. Let's start if you are ready.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs. The Noodist Kit

1. Ease of Handling: Winner - Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

Braun's IPL device is curved in the middle, and the Push button sits slightly over the upper curve where the thumb or index finger can easily reach. With its cap and control area colored gold and the body white, this handset appeals to the sight, in addition to the firm grip it affords.

The Noodist flasher, while also portable, does not offer as much firm grip as Braun's handset. Because of its heart-shaped design, you must support it with your lower fingers rather than firmly grasp it. Consequently, you may get tired of doing so after a while.

2. Display: Winner - The Noodist Kit

Modern designs of graduated gadgets often come with digital displays to enhance safety and effectiveness. The Noodist IPL flasher excels in this regard by featuring a rectangular screen in a rounded black space for an easy view of the intensity level of the device. Therefore, even if you forget your intensity level, you only have to look at the screen.

Unfortunately, Braun's IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 lacks this feature, making users susceptible to errors when they forget what level they set their handset to work. It, however, has a button for reducing and increasing the light intensity level.

3. Functionality and Practicality: Winner - The Noodist Kit

The Noodist Kit has three products: Revealer, Flasher 2.0, and Reviver. Nood included the Revealer as a pre-IPL preparer to exfoliate your skin and make it ready for maximum light penetration. The flasher is the IPL device you press to flash off unwanted hairs from your body, and the Reviver is a post-IPL cream that soothes your skin, ensuring no aftermath effects.

Therefore, with the Noodist Kit, you aren't just getting a flashing handset; you are getting a complete package that takes care of your skin before and after undergoing IPL treatment.

On the contrary, Braun's box only contains the IPL handset, a venue razor, a beauty pouch, and three different caps. Of course, the caps make the device dynamic because you can choose the one that best fits the body parts you want to remove hair. However, the entire package only focuses on the hair removal process and does not consider the pre and post-processing of the skin after the procedure.

4. Number of Flashes: Winner - The Noodist Kit

The Noodist Kit

The Nood Kit IPL flasher has 600,000 flashes, making it usable for at least 30 years. In contrast, Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL flasher only has 400,000 flashing capability, which can last for a minimum of 15 years before it runs out of flash. Without question, the Nood Kit takes the lead in this department because of its higher flashing capability.

However, both devices will most likely outlive a single user because it doesn't take up to a year to achieve their purpose. Unless you have hairs all over your body and perhaps flash the light of these handsets indiscriminately, there is no way you will exhaust even 400,000 flashes in a lifetime.

5. Effectiveness of Use and Results: Winner - The Noodist Kit

While both devices do their jobs perfectly, the time taken to arrive at the results and the resources needed differ. Admittedly, the difference in effectiveness between the two products under review is not much. Both start producing visible results around four weeks, and it may take two months of regular use to achieve hairlessness permanently.

However, The Noodist Kit outwits Braun's IPL with its soon-to-be-patented technology that filters harmful light, allowing only safe rays to pass through. Its exfoliating package means IPL lights will get to your hair follicles faster, resulting in a quicker result. Also, its wider window allows you to cover many areas simultaneously to conclude your underarms, face, and legs in just ten minutes.

Braun's IPL, on its part, has an edge with its three caps of different sizes. Depending on the body part you are working on, you can select the appropriate cap to help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. But because of the pre-treatment kit that it doesn't have, it takes slightly longer to achieve results.

6. Safety of Use: Winner - The Noodist Kit

Modern IPL devices like the two we are comparing are generally safe. However, some have taken safety to a higher level by offering some functionalities absent in others.

For instance, the Noodist set filters its IPL for harmful UV rays, ensuring that only the safe lights get to your skin. It also has a soothing cream made of aloe vera and chamomile extracts to annul the effect of the IPL on your skin.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5, on its part, can sense compatible skin tones before it can flash its light. It's safe to use without wearing a goggle, and its FDA approval affirms that it's a product to trust. However, The Noodist kit outperforms it in safety because of its proactive and superior technology.

Braun vs. Nood: The Verdict

From the analysis done thus far, The Noodist Kit is better than the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL device, although both are excellent at removing hairs painlessly through the IPL technology.

A Superior Alternative to Nood and Braun is Here:

Yes, you can even use an IPL device with greater precision, safety, and effectiveness than these two premium devices already compared. Do you want to know what this superior product is? It is Ulike Sapphire Air+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removal Handset. But what is it, and how does it differ from Braun's and Nood's?

Ulike Sapphire IPL Hair Removal Device

This IPL handset is a superior design that guarantees results in just four weeks. It is usable everywhere hair grows on your body and is 100% painless. Some of its benefits that make it a shoulder above others include:

  • 1 million flashes that are inexhaustible in a lifetime

  • Ice-Cooling Technology ensures that your skin remains calm and non-irritated as you flash in those lights.

  • Visible results in four weeks

  • FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness.

  • Dermatologically attested as a safe hair removal device.

  • It removes even the coarsest hair from any part of the body.

  • Very portable, with a digital screen for monitoring intensity levels.

A Comparison Table for the Three IPL Devices






Flash Life





FDA Approved?





Original Price






2 years

2 years

2 years



Full body

Full body

Full body



In four weeks

In eight weeks

Less than four weeks


What's in the box

1 IPL Handset, three head caps, one venue razor, a bag, and a cord

1 IPL Handset, two Reviver, two Revealers, and a cord for charging

1 IPL Handset, razor, Eye Protector, and a charging cord



Facts are not sentimental, and that is what the comparison table above has just affirmed. The three IPL devices are similar on several parameters, with slight differences in some.

Nevertheless, when one considers the overall satisfaction and value of the investment, the Ulike IPL device comes first.

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