How to Remove Arm Hair Without Shaving? (8 Methods)

How to Remove Arm Hair Without Shaving? (8 Methods)

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Going to the party and want to wear that elegant sleeveless dress? Ah but wait, these pesky arm hair are making you change the plan? Shaving arms to get smooth hairless skin is an option but do you not want that? No worries. There are several other options you can try out for unwanted arm hair.

Although shaving is a popular method of removing hair, not every woman prefers it. For hair grows back quicker and needs to be shaved every other day. Additionally, hair regrows with blunt ends making them look thicker and your arms bushy. In such cases, do you find yourself looking for some other methods to remove hair?

Well, there are many. Waxing, epilation, depilatory creams, laser, IPL, electrolysis, crystal hair eraser, and electric trimmer are some of the most effective alternatives to shaving.

Let us know more about them to help you wear that beautiful dress and look gorgeous.

1. Waxing

Waxing has been the most used method of removing hair since the ancient era. It started as sugaring when Cleopatra used a heated sugar mixture to go hairless. Furthermore, many types of wax are used these days.

The hot wax, where a hot waxing material is applied on the arms in the direction of hair growth, a strip is placed over it, and hair is pulled off. The cold wax, where the wax strip is used to remove hair. Lastly, hard wax, where wax beads are used to remove hair and no strips are needed.

Waxing pulls out the hair from the roots and it takes about 4 weeks for the hair to regrow. Thus, you can enjoy hairless skin with no hassles of shaving for up to a month. However, waxing is painful and can result in ingrown hair, redness, and skin irritation.

2. Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are pharmaceutical preparations that contain active ingredients. The major ingredient of depilatory creams is thioglycolic acid which breaks hair keratin, weakens the hair, and cut them from just under the skin's surface.

Additionally, some depilatory creams come with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, and some have ingredients to delay hair regrowth. Your skin stays hairless for 1 week after using these creams.

Apply a thin layer over your skin covering the unwanted hair, wait for 5-10 minutes, wipe off your skin, and wash it with cold water. Hair removal creams are easy to use, safe, and painless. However, they leave a particular smell, might cause skin irritation, and are not suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Epilation

Epilation is similar to waxing, but here an epilator device is used to pull the hair from the roots. There are two main types of epilators, dry and wet. Dry epilators are corded devices designed to be used outside the shower. While wet epilators are cordless waterproof devices that can be used as you take a bath.

It is recommended to exfoliate skin before using an epilator to prevent ingrown hairs. Then simply place the epilator gently over your skin at 90 degrees and move it slowly in the direction of hair growth. Lastly, apply a moisturizer to soothe the skin.

Epilators are a convenient way to remove hair as you can keep the device with you and use it anytime. Its results last for 4 weeks. However, the process is painful, skin might get stuck in the device if not used properly, and can cause ingrown hair.

4. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most attractive hair removal options out there as it makes your skin hairless for many years. It uses a highly concentrated monochromatic beam of light to target the hair roots and kill hair-producing cells. The results last as long as hair follicles take to regenerate, which is usually 2-10 years.

A dermatology expert does laser hair removal. The process takes 4-8 treatments. You will feel discomfort or slight irritation during the procedure. And you also have to protect your skin for a few days after your session, especially from sun rays.

Although long-lasting, laser hair removal requires pre-laser consultation and regular sessions. Moreover, it is expensive, and might not work well for light hair colors and dark skin.

5. IPL Hair Removal

Intense pulse light technology works in a similar manner as that of laser with the difference that polychromatic light waves are used in this process. It is an at-home procedure and you need no expert guidance. 4-8 sessions with IPL can give you silky smooth skin for many months to a year.

To remove hair with an IPL, simply shave your skin, and treat the shaved area by emitting light from the device. You can also put a moisturizer afterward to soothe your skin.

Most IPL devices come with skin tone sensors, UV filters, multiple intensity settings, and user-friendly designs. It is a comfortable method of getting hairless skin for a long time. However, you can also feel discomfort or irritation during an IPL hair removal session and it is also not suitable for very light hair and dark skin tones.

6. Electrolysis

Electrolysis means killing the hair cells by using an electric current. Here, a qualified electrologist passes a thin wire under the skin and it reaches the hair roots. Then a current is passed to permanently destroy hair follicles.

This method has been around for a century and was introduced in clinical medicine to treat eyelashes diseases like trichiasis. It is the only permanent solution to unwanted hair removal and works well for various skin and hair colors.

Moreover, it is FDA-approved and completely safe. The process is painful but topical anesthesia inhibits pain sensation. However, similar to laser, the process takes a long time to be completed and is very expensive.

7. Crystal Hair Eraser

Crystal hair erasers have recently created a fuss on tiktok as a fun and effective alternative to all other methods of hair removal. But is it really worth the hype? Well, in terms of hair removal, yes. It removes unwanted hair from the body including arms.

Crystal glass eraser is an etched crystalline glass that is rubbed in circular motions over the skin to get rid of unnecessary hair. But its working mechanism is unknown. In addition to removing unwanted hair, it also removes healthy skin cells.

This glass is abrasive and an aggressive method of treating your gentle skin. It can be used a few times but its long-term use does more damage than good in the long run.

8. Electric Trimmer

If you are into shaving, but buying shaving creams, safety razors, and compromised hygiene turn you off, electric trimmers are for you.

These battery or electricity-operated devices are mainly divided into two types, rotary trimmers, and oscillatory trimmers. Both of these work at the surface of the skin to trim off unwanted hair.

However, they can also give you ingrown hair, rashes, bumps, and nicks just like shaving with a razor.

A Better Method of Arm Hair Removal

Out of all methods of hair removal, IPL is our favorite one. Furthermore, here is one of the top IPL devices if you want a recommendation.

Ulike Saphhire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Device

Salon-Like Experience

Ulike sapphire AIR+ dark green IPL handset gives you silky smooth hairless skin without much effort. All you need is to shave the skin and do your quick 10 minutes IPL hair removal session. Once you are done, your skin will feel like that of a dolphin. No redness, no ingrown hair, no skin sensitivity, and no unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home.

Completely Painless

Almost all hair removal methods come with some kind of discomfort, irritation, or pain. On the contrary, Ulike has introduced innovative technology to prevent such side effects. Its dynamic sapphire ice-cooling technology cools the skin and makes hair removal genuinely painless.

Safety and Results

It is recommended to use a Ulike sapphire IPL handset thrice every week for 4 weeks. Within 4 weeks you would see a major reduction in hair regrowth. Eventually, your skin will become completely hairless.

These results last for more than 6 months. Moreover, this IPL hair removal device is FDA-cleared and recommended by dermatologists making it entirely safe for you.

Intensity Levels

The skin of our face differs from that of our body. To tackle this difference in the sensitivity level of an individual's skin, the Ulike sapphire IPL handset has 5 levels of intensity. These levels are set according to the compatibility on the face, arms, legs, armpits, and bikini line.

Lifetime Investment

Unlike other methods of hair removal that you have to spend on often, Ulike AIR+ dark green IPL device lasts for your whole life span. Its 1 million flashes give it a long life. So, you do not have to spend your money again and again making Ulike IPL hair removal cost-effective.


Shaving is not always the go-to hair removal method, especially from the arms because irritation and ingrown hair can be disappointing. So, we have listed the 8 most popular forms of hair removal from arms to make your body summer-ready. Moreover, we discussed how these methods work, and their pros and cons.

Out of these methods, IPL hair removal proves to be the most efficient with its ease to use, pain levels, cost, and results. Additionally, if you want to buy an IPL device, Ulike Saphhire AIR+ dark green IPL handset can be your ultimate option to get rid of annoying unwanted arm hair.

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