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Hair RemovalDoes Nood Actually Work? Nood Hair Removal Results!

Does Nood Actually Work? Nood Hair Removal Results!

Hi there! This is Kathy Santhouse and I am so glad to see to hair. As you already know or might not know, I talk about fashion, style, beauty, and products. So, I will keep you entertained if you enjoy those things.

Today, I will talk about Flasher 2.0 from Nood. I have used it for 8 weeks already. I unboxed this device 2 months ago and went through all the claims Nood makes about its flasher 2.0. Now I am here to tell you my results, the reality of the claims from Nood, and how I feel about this device.

So, without any delay, let us talk about it.

How Long Does it Take to Use?


On the official website of Nood, it says to use the device 2 times a week at the intensity of level 6 or 7 in the treatment plan. And let me tell you level 7 is the highest one. Normally, hair removal laser devices encourage starting from the lowest level and working your way up.

So, I started using the device on level 1 on my first go to check if it is suitable for my skin and to avoid any possible side effects like skin redness or burning. I did not feel anything on level 1 and it made me jump straight to level 7.

As the treatment plan says to use it twice a week, I use it every 3 days to maintain consistency and gain results as soon as possible.

Moreover, The device comes with a little honest tracker card that says to flash the device at each area of the body at least thrice while using it at level 6 or higher of the intensity. And according to the website, the average treatment time is 10 minutes.


In reality, the device comes with a card that states the accurate treatment time for all parts of the body separately. And I think this time is closer to the real-time taken than stated on the website. However, this time is only for flashing the device over an area only once.

However, you have to flash the device thrice, treatment time becomes 3 times or more as compared to the claims of Nood. I used Flasher 2.0 on my leg below the level of my knee and it took me 30 minutes. Note that it was only on 1 leg and a half leg at that. Then I used it on my face, armpits, and bikini lines. The total time taken was more than an hour.

So, Nood set unrealistic expectations. It is better to provide the right time taken for a treatment session. However, Nood’s claims are from reality here and it takes a lot of time to do your full body treatment.

Is it Painless?


On the website of Nood, you can find out how it claims that the device is completely painless and effective. Painlessness could be possible if you are working on level 1 but there would be no results. Similarly, effectiveness is only possible at level 6 or 7 but there would be pain.


In terms of pain, my experience with Nood did not go too well. Yes, it is painless but only partially. As the instructions say to press the Flasher 2.0 over your skin at 90 degrees angle. When you do that, using this device will be relatively painless.

However, if it is not fully flat over the skin, you will feel burning pain. Moreover, I want to ask does the device have to be fully flushed against the skin for it to work.

Well, as the legs are flat, pressing it on them is not a problem. So, I felt no pain. But the part of the skin that was closer to the laser felt like burning and it hurt a lot when I used it on the irregular area of my armpit.

Similarly, the device hurt on my face and bikini line despite those areas being pretty flat. So, I had to be careful about not burning myself even with the flat areas.

Can it be Used for Brazilian Hair Removal?


Another claim by Nood says that the device is suitable for every area where hair grows on the body including the Brazilian area. But it sounds a little suspicious. Let me tell you how.


As you already know Flasher 2.0 only works well when fully flushed against the skin, I do not see how I should keep it flat down there. Additionally, I feel like it would be extremely painful for my intimate areas based on my experience with other parts of the body.

So, I did not try using it there for the sake of safety and the fear of burning my intimate areas.

The Reviews

Now let us talk about the reviews of Nood and how it tampers with those reviews. I took a screenshot of the reviews when I first bought the device 8 weeks back. There were 611 reviews with an average of 4.39-star ratings. It seemed good.

But I noticed that the stars increased to 4.83 when I check it this morning after 2 months. Impressed? But wait, in 4.83 stars, there were only 480 reviews? Where did the other 100+ reviews go?

To me, the only explanation is that Nood is deleting negative reviews and improving its image. So, It is super sketchy. It is like the brand screaming “ I am not a trustworthy brand.” And it is sad to convince people to use such tricks.

My Results – Leg Hair


Regarding results, Nood claims that you will begin to notice hair reduction and delayed hair growth within 2 to 3 weeks of the use. And there will be permanent hair regrowth reduction within 6 to 8 weeks. However, my experience is also different here.


Above pictures are of my legs between 3 and 5 days of shaving and 3 weeks of consistently using the device. You can see that there is not much difference. It is difficult to see in the pictures clearly. But I felt like my hair regrowth was the same and there were no results.

After 5 weeks of using the device, I felt like the device was working but maybe it was not. I am not too sure about it because I might be desperately wanting to have some results.

In 8 weeks, the hair regrowth was way less but it did not stop completely. There was hair. So, it is safe to say that the device can work but it will take longer than Nood says.

Additionally, I assume that if I keep using it, my hair will go away someday. And I will update you on that if you want it.

My Results – Underarms


Noods says that there will be permanent hair reduction within 8 weeks with noticeable results within 3 weeks. However, the reality is much different.


My experience with armpits was very disappointing. I felt good on the legs but for the arms, I did not see any difference.

Above is the picture of my armpits on 3rd day of shaving and 3rd week of using the device. You can clearly see that the hair is the same. At 5 weeks, there was still a lot of hair with no noticeable difference. At 8 weeks, no difference again. So, it is not working on my armpit hair.

The hair on my legs was shorter and thinner as compared to the armpits. This is why I assume that the device worked on the legs but not on the armpits.

However, the device did not work well for the face and bikini line either. There is somewhat reduced hair regrowth but I still see a lot of hair.

I had my husband use the device as a test subject. He also did not notice much actual hair reduction. So, he was iffy on it as well.

Final Thoughts

Do I think Flasher 2. o from Nood holds up to all things it is claiming? Absolutely not. I found holes in all of its claims.

Do I think it works? Partially yes! It worked on my legs but not on my armpits, face, and bikini line. So, I do not know why there is inconsistency in the results.

For now, I plan to keep using it once or twice with a break on holidays. However, I am tired because it takes a lot of time in treating the body and I am not even using it on my full body.

Additionally. I am also curious if I stop using it, will my removed hair regrow back to normal or will the results be permanent? So, we can talk about it again in a few months or so.

Moreover, I would love to know your personal experience of using an at-home laser hair removal device whether it is Nood or any other device.


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