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6 Laser Hair Removal Devices at Home (Updated 2023)

By Mariela
August 4, 2023
6 minutes

Most at-home laser hair removal devices use a specialized IPL technology that is specifically made safe for laser hair removal at home. There are countless IPL or even laser hair removal devices available.

However, it is already mid-2023 and you would like a device with the advanced and latest features, right? So, which device to choose out of such an extensive list can be confusing, especially when you have a long list of requirements you would like in a single device.

This might be a super fast treatment, with quick results, painlessness, affordable price, ergonomic design, and more. Here we are to help you shortlist the best laser hair removal devices in 2023 to only 6 devices that won’t disappoint you. So, let us see what we have in store for you.

Laser Hair Removal Devices At Home of 2023

1. Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset


  • $279 (with $50 OFF Code: UPOWER )


  • Obvious results within 3 weeks

  • Thumb-free auto-glide mode helps in treating the body within 7 minutes


  • A limited number of intensity levels

With the three beautiful color options of lavender, pink, and white, Ulike Air3 presents a lightweight, user-friendly, and ergonomic device design. Not only is it elegant to look at, but it also functions as well with a full body treatment time of only 7 minutes as it flashes quickly at the rate of 0.7 flash every second.

Moreover, Air3 annihilated 90% of hair follicles within 3 weeks and all of the unwanted hair are gone within 2 months. This is because of the 21 J/cm2 energy output of the device that enables it to work faster than every at-home laser hair removal device available in the market.

Another plus point of the Ulike Air3 hair removal Handset is the feature of thumb-free auto-glide mode in addition to the stamping mode that helps you quickly glide the device over your body surface without missing any spot.

Its treatment modes including soft mode, body mode, and power mode are perfect to treat every area of the body affording to its tolerance level and density of hair. Also, the FDA-approved and dermatologists-recommended technology of Ulike Air3 along with its built-in sapphire ice-cooling mechanism adds to the safety and user experience.

2. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X


  • $499


  • Results lasting for 1 year+
  • Skin tone sensors to unlock the device


  • The device is heavy and the treatment time is up to an hour or more

Tria hair removal laser 4X is the only device in this list that uses diode laser technology which is used by laser hair removal professional salons. This helps in making the results of Tria last for a year or more. Also, it works exactly like the salon laser but at a gentler level because of its power output of 20J/cm2.

The small round window of Tria with a handgun having a digital display makes the device stand out. It is a rechargeable device with a battery lasting up to 30 minutes. So, it allows you to use the device without a cord but it also makes the device heavy. The lifespan of Ulike Air3 is a whole lifetime because of its unlimited flashes.

Moreover, it detects and approves the compatible skin tones before it can be unlocked for use ensuring that it does not burn dark skin. Its 5 intensity levels help in letting your body slowly adapt to the laser.

The full body treatment can take more than an hour because of the small laser window, the results begin to appear within 1 month and complete hair removal can be achieved within 3 to 6 months.

Additionally, this is an FDA-cleared device that is referred to by cosmetic and laser surgeons as a safe at-home alternative to in-office laser hair removal devices. Sadly, this amazing device only lasts for a few years because of its limited 90,000 pulses.

3. Remington ILIGHT Ultra IPL Hair Remover For Face & Body – Women & Men


  • $549.99


  • Comes with separate caps for the face and body

  • 650,000 flashes giving it a long life


  • Can be painful

Remington ILIGHT Ultra IPL hair remover is a wand-shaped corded device that offers a firm grip and continuous power supply. It uses propriety pro pulse technology to deliver up to 24 joules of power to unwanted hair follicles to put them in a resting phase.

It has a skin tone tester and skin contact sensors. These features help in making the device safe and prevent the skin from burning as the device only flashes when skin tone is compatible and skin is in full contact with the device.

Additionally, it comes with two caps for the body and face along with 5 intensity levels making it suitable for different areas of the body. It is a clinically proven device with 650,000 flashes that provides more than 90% hair reduction with 3 treatments.

4. Ulike Sapphire Air+ Hair Removal Handset


  • $229 (with $50 OFF Code: UPOWER )


  • Painless and relaxing hair removal experience

  • 5 intensity levels to personalize the treatment


  • No thumb-free auto-glide treatment mode

Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Handset has been a pretty popular IPL device since its release because of the amazing features it offers at an affordable price. This premium device comes in two colors, white and dark green, both with a golden combination that adds to its appearance.

Although a little heavier than Ulike Air3, this device also does not leave the hands feeling exhausted after a 10-minute full-body treatment. Within just 4 weeks, it reduces unwanted hair regrowth significantly.

Moreover, it provides 5 intensity levels to customize the use on the face, bikini lines, armpits, chest, and legs. Ulike Air+ IPL device also has a patented dynamic sapphire ice-cooling technology to reduce the treatment temperature to 50F and leave a soothing sensation on the skin during treatment.

The maximum energy output of this FDA-approved device is 19.8 J/cm2 which is about 3 times that of the other IPL devices adding to the efficiency of Ulike Air+. Also, the unlimited flashes of the device allow it to be used all your life.

5. JOVS X™ Hair Removal and Skin Care Device


  • $529


  • 3-step cooling system to make it painless

  • Skin rejuvenation and hydration in addition to long-lasting hair removal


  • Very expensive for the results it offers

JOVS X Hair Removal and Skin Care IPL device is a 3-in-1 FDA-cleared device that has been featured in Forbes for its superior features. It is a handheld device that comes with a digital display, child lock, auto-treatment mode, and auto-shutdown protection.

The device can be used as a laser hair removal machine with an energy output of up to 7 J/cm2 and 6 power levels to select the energy output of your choice while customizing the hair removal according to the area of treatment.

Also, do not worry about the pain that might occur at such a high power level as JOVS offers a screen sapphire ice-cooling system with 3 cooling options to set the temperature between 10-25 degrees Celsius.

The device has a fast treatment time of 10 minutes and shows results within 3 weeks. However, it can take longer for some people. In addition to hair removal, the infrared light emitted by the FIR graphene head of the device stimulates collagen production and can be used for skin repair and rejuvenation.

It also has an ion penetration head with positive ions used to cleanse the skin and negative ions used to moisturize the skin. The device lasts for up to 30 years with average use.

6. Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal Device


  • $429


  • Free Silk’N Infinity app

  • Countless flashes lasting for a lifetime


  • Takes about 3 months to show noticeable results

Silk’n Infinity Laser hair removal device is based on e-home Pulse Light technology that uses galvanic energy to open the pores and deliver the heated light to the hair roots. As a result, coarse and stubborn hair can also be treated effectively and easily.

Moreover, this galvanic energy helps in moisturizer absorption and skin rejuvenation. This compact at-home laser device has an integrated quartz bulb and pulsing and gliding modes that allow super-fast reloading of the pulses with quick and precise treatment.

Lastly, you can enjoy customized treatments with 5 treatment levels and the Silk’N Infinity app to keep a record of the treatments.


At-home laser hair removal is becoming pretty popular leading to the introduction of a number of laser hair removal devices. Getting all of them would be impossible, right? So, we came up with the most liked laser hair removal devices that use a diode, HPL., or IPL technology to kill hair follicles.

Also, these devices are safe, practical, FDA-approved, and clinically proven to show results. So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of these and welcome a smooth hairless body and face.

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