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Ulike vs. Kenzzi: Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

By Mariela
March 23, 2023
8 minutes
Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

The question of which IPL handset is better will continue to rise, thanks to different brands’ proliferation of devices using this technology. But the popularity of IPL gadgets isn’t by accident; the technology has proven effective at removing objectionable hairs from various body parts with minimal setbacks.

One of the setbacks of IPL technology is the burning sensation that users may feel as they flash the light on their skin. Besides the individual brand’s philosophy for quality design, the effectiveness of an IPL handset also depends on the light filtering technique and the penetration energy.

Different brands have found ways to address these concerns, and their approach to them differentiates one IPL handset from the other. Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL Handset and Kenzzi IPL Multi-Function Handset are two IPL device-making brands currently making waves in this niche. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Pro or a rookie to IPL; you can get confused as to which device is better, given the close resemblance in features and functions of the two devices.

With that in mind, it’s fair to begin by briefly explaining what IPL is and how it works for the benefit of first-timers. After this, we will now x-ray the similarities and differences between the two products to answer which is better.

A Window Into IPL: What it is and How it Works


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, a technology used in the beauty world for skin treatment and hair removal. It utilizes lights of multiple wavelengths to target the color-producing melanin in your skin, causing a heating effect that inactivates your hair roots. Once inactivated, the hair roots fail to send hair to the surface, or if it does after a while, it sends thin and sparse hair.

The difference between IPL and laser is the type of light they send. IPL uses polychromatic lights, while lasers send specific, monochromatic light. Consequently, IPL can address many skin conditions that will bypass the specificity of Lasers. However, lasers explicitly built for hair removal, and skin tone can work faster than an IPL product of a similar purpose.

IPL is not suitable for all skin types. Generally, only those with splotchy, brown, or red skin tones may benefit from this technology, and some makers of IPL devices have built smart sensors into their products that determine skin compatibility. This functionality is a plus and can determine which brand is better than the other.

Ulike vs. Kenzzi: Their Similarities

The fact that both devices operate with the same technology means they will share some things in common. Here are the meeting points of the two products under review.

  • Both devices are FDA-cleared.

  • Both brands offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • Both feature five power intensity levels.

  • Both IPL devices are usable on all body parts.

  • Both have provisions for free shipping in the US.

Ulike vs. Kenzzi: Which is Better?

To know which IPL brands are better, we must compare their other slightly different features and see how it affects their hair-removal role. Let’s begin

Better Design: Kenzzi Multifunction IPL Handset

There is a direct connection between the design of an IPL device and its effectiveness. Since it is a handheld device, it has to be ergonomic, affording effortless and slip-free handling. Besides, the more digitally inclined an IPL device is; the easier it is to use by many people. You can see the intensity, battery level, and the number of flashes remaining on the display screen.

None of the two devices under review features a digital display, but the Kenzzi handset is more compact than the Ulike’s. It has a slightly wide center, with the push button circled with gold. In addition, the mouth or cap is wider than Ulike Sapphire IPL, ensuring users can complete treatments faster. Similarly, its narrowly wide middle improves its handling capacity. However, from many customers’ feedback, this design doesn’t go well, as many described it as “awkward.”

Conversely, Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple handset is almost twice the length of Kenzzi. As seen from the name, it is entirely purple and long, resembling a rectangle when viewed laterally. The matte finish of this device is commendable, conferring on it a beautiful look and feel. It has five light indicators corresponding to its intensity levels. Notwithstanding its length, which can be a handful, is why it trails Kenzzi’s handset in design.

Better Warranty: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL

Many of us will not want to overlook warranties when purchasing any item these days. That’s probably due to our experience in the past, where gadgets stopped working after a few days of purchase. Warranties assure us that product makers have put effort into making their products and can beat their chests that their items will last.

Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple beats Kenzzi hands-down in this consideration because while it offers two years hassle-free warranty, Kenzzi offers none. This difference is highly significant because it means that Ulike is confident in its product and won’t mind giving its customers a new IPL flasher should their device develop a factory fault.

Better Pain-Free Treatment: Ulike AIR 3 Purple IPL

One of the leading selection criteria for an IPL device should be its pain mitigation approach. Left unchecked, IPL can cause some burning discomfort based on the heat produced because of the collision of light and melanin in the skin. However, most makers have now found a solution to this problem.

Ulike’s solution to the IPL pain problem is unrivaled. Its patented ice-cooling technology is legendary, keeping your skin temperature constant at 68°F to ensure you don’t experience any skin burn, irritation, or discomfort. Consequently, you can use this handset on sensitive skin areas like the face and bikini lines. The device also has two ducts that dissipate heat and keep it cool on the hand for as long as the treatment lasts.

Kenzzi’s pain-tackling approach isn’t as comprehensive and effective as Ulike’s. It doesn’t have any patented technology that focuses directly on ameliorating pain. However, its included lens of different colors ensures that only lights for a specific function pass through your skin. Also, it relies on users’ choice of appropriate power intensity to protect them.

Better in Diversifying: Kenzzi IPL Multi-Function Handset

As I mentioned, IPL technology takes care of other skin conditions like acne, pimples, dark spots, and the like, aside from hair removal. However, most IPL designers focus on hair removal and do not include other details that may be necessary for addressing these skin conditions.

Kenzzi’s handset is unique for including three lenses for addressing three different issues. The first lens, which comes pre-installed, is the lightest of the three and functions to limit hair regrowth. The second lens is dark and helps treat acne and pimples, while the third is yellow-colored, and its role is to mitigate age spots. Please, note that these colors are not for aesthetics; they determine the light that flows through the device to your skin, and you should always use the right lens for the proper purpose.

Ulike focuses on hair removal, and it does that perfectly well. However, it doesn’t include other lenses addressing acne or skin conditions. Therefore, we can give it to Kenzzi in this regard.

Better at Producing Faster Results: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL

The turnaround time of IPL devices is one of the factors used to rate them. The faster a product can get rid of unwanted hair, the better rated it is by customers. Using this parameter, Ulike again beats Kenzzi hands down. With its newly improved and terrific 21 Joules of light energy, you can witness one of the fastest results in this niche.

Based on SGS’s independent analysis of Ulike Purple IPL , this device resulted in -63.64% hair count reduction, -88.7% hair length reduction, and -93.29% hair density reduction in just three weeks. It’s not easy to have any product that comes close to producing this result within this short time.

Kenzzi takes a minimum of six weeks to produce visible results. However, the manufacturer recommends once-a-week usage to protect against skin burns, and many users have reported that they had to wait for six to twelve weeks to get what looks like what the product’s adverts say.

Better at Giving Value for Money Spent: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL

Ulike Purple box Among other considerations determining the value a person gets from purchasing an item are the product’s effectiveness and the price. More is needed for a product to be cheap or affordable; it has to perform its primary functions.

Granted, the Kenzzi IPL handset is cheaper than Ulike. For example, it sells for $299 on Amazon, while Ulike Purple sells for $379. However, the figures alone are insufficient to determine the value for money. First, we must consider what’s in the box for each item.

For Kenzzi, it doesn’t come with anything else other than its charging accessories. It doesn’t even have a Goggle eye protector, which is essential for all IPL devices. But for Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL, you will find a razor, eye protector, charging accessories, and a beautiful pouch (leather bag) to carry the handset and its accessories safely.

Besides these additions, Ulike presents advanced technology in painless treatment, fast results, and attractive designs that justify the slightly higher price than Kenzzi. As such, when considering value for money spent, Ulike explains every dollar it charges.

Better Based on Precision & Time to Finish Whole Body Treatment: Ulike Sapphire AIR 3

The best way to use any IPL device, especially for starters, is to start with a small area. However, with a wide-mouthed handset, starting small may be impossible because the light will cover unintended areas.

Kenzzi’s relatively wide head makes it difficult to achieve precision when dealing with small body areas. With it, you cannot start small. But it is advantageous because it lets you finish treating large skin surfaces faster than other narrow-mouthed handsets. For example, in nine minutes (according to the manufacturer’s claims), you should complete treating your arms, legs, and chest.

Ulike’s head size isn’t wide or narrow; it’s just perfect. As a result, it is easier to achieve precision with it than with Kenzzi. And based on assessments, it takes less than ten minutes to complete full-body treatment. In addition, the handset releases its pulsed light every 0.7 seconds, allowing gliding to achieve a quicker treatment.

Comparison Table

You can look at the differences between these two IPL devices in the table below.






Two years (Hassle-Free)







What’s in the box

IPL Handset, eye protector, leather bag, charging accessories, and a razor

IPL Handset and charging accessories


Pain-free technology?

Yes (ice-cooling Sapphire)



FDA & Dermatologists approved?


Only FDA-cleared


Results timeline

Three weeks

Six weeks


Suitable for the whole body?




Time to complete full body treatment

Less than 10 minutes

Less than 10 minutes


Multi Functionality?

Only hair removal

Hair removal, acne & age spots treatment


Final Verdict

Comparing Ulike Sapphire AIR 3 Purple IPL handset with Kenzzi IPL Multi–Function Handset feels like comparing a father with his son – it’s a generation apart. However, Ulike is far ahead of Kenzzi and has many global efficiency, safety, and effectiveness certifications.

The new product represents the latest IPL hair removal technology breakthrough and justifies every penny it charges.

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