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Best Hair Removal Methods for Sensitive Skin

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There are a plethora of hair removal methods on the market. But not all methods go on sensitive skin. Women who have sensitive skin are very much aware of how dismaying is the hair removal task for them. They can opt only for those methods that can’t give negative effects like irritation, redness, bumps, burns, etc. to their sensitive skin. They have to become more concerned while choosing the right hair removal method for sensitive skin. Finding the most suitable way of hair removal for your sensitive skin may confuse your mind. But don’t take any stress, because this article is going to be all about the best hair removal methods for sensitive skin. So, without wasting another minute, let’s start with the discussion.

Which hair removal method is best for sensitive skin?

Let’s now discuss some selective methods of hair removal for sensitive skin. From the given list of methods, you can easily decide on which method suits you better and should adopt accordingly.

1.     Shaving 

You are wondering why the shaving method is on this list? Well, the problem of irritation, cuts, and razor burn is not because of the method. It arises because of an old and unsharpened shaving razor. So, if you use the right sharped razor with a built-in moisturizing strip and a shaving cream with non-allergic ingredients, then it can be the most effective hair removal method for sensitive skin. You can easily shave your arms and legs. You can also apply some moisturizer (such as some cream or coconut oil) on the legs and arms before shaving for the smooth gliding of a razor on your sensitive skin.

2.     Threading

If you are looking for a method for facial hair removal for sensitive skin, then threading can be an option for you. Plucking or threading is a technique of hair removal from the root of the hair without using any chemicals on the skin. Only a string of thread and a certain motion are used to pull out the hair from the skin. However, you could notice some redness and bumps on the face. But that is temporary and disappears after a few hours. You can put some ice on the face after the threading process, which will help to reduce the redness and bumps in lesser amount of time. One downside of this method is that it is only used for removing facial hair. You can’t use this method on another part of the body to remove unwanted hair.

3.     Sugaring

Sugaring is a technique just like waxing but without the use of any wax filled with the artificial ingredient. The items used to make a sugaring paste are purely natural. It includes lemon, water, and sugar. This method can remove the shortest hair on the body (short as 1/16”). Moreover, it gives you less pain and irritation as compared to waxing. It is because the sugar paste pulls out the hair in the direction of hair growth. Although, if you have any allergy to lemon or sugar then, don’t go for this method. All and all it is a better way than waxing for sensitive skin.

4.     Laser

Another effective method is laser hair removal treatment, which can give you a permanent reduction of hair growth and is also suitable for sensitive skin. In this technique, the professionals use a laser light that is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair and eventually destroying it. But it is a little uncomfortable and gives some sensation like the pinging of an elastic band on the skin. Although, it is much suitable for sensitive skin. One of the downsides of this method is that it is too pricey, and doesn’t work on light-colored hair. If you are willing to spend the price, then you can give it a try.

5.     IPL

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal technique is something like laser hair removal treatment, but there is a difference between these two. Hair removal through laser technique is done with a single range beam to damage the hair follicles. On the other hand, IPL uses a broad range of light with multiple wavelengths at a weaker intensity. IPL method doesn’t cause any irritation or burn to the skin. And the best part of this method is that you can use the device all by yourself, at home. Whereas, laser treatment, you have to take a clinic appointment. IPL hair removal method is completely safe for sensitive skin, but it's important to wear an SPF30 and prevent the skin from sunlight during treatment.

How do you get rid of private Part hair on sensitive skin?

The private part area has the most sensitive skin on the body for both men and women. The hair on that part has to be treated more sensitively. The methods like waxing, laser, and depilatories are way too harsh on the private parts. So, how do you perform hair removal method for sensitive skin of private parts? Worry not, here we bring you a perfect solution. IPL hair removal technique is the best method that you can adopt to remove pubic hair on sensitive skin. And for this, we would recommend you Ulike Sapphire Painless IPL. This hair removal handset gives you complete liberty to remove the pubic hair all by yourself at home. It works gently on sensitive skin and reduces the growth of hair. Comes with a smart temperature control feature, protects your sensitive skin from heat. Ulike IPL hair removal handset is a perfect solution for hair removal for sensitive skin.


Now, we have provided you with all the necessary details regarding hair removal for sensitive skin. You are now able to understand each method and can analyze the best suitable method from above. Sensitive skin needs more care and protection from harsh chemicals and treatments. And removing unwanted body hair from sensitive skin is really a difficult task. However, you can try the Ulike IPL hair removal handset for removing unwanted body hair. It can reduce your stress of removing the unwanted hair.

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