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Body Hair Removal For Teenage Girls

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It is every girl’s dream to look good, confident, prominent, and adorable. But what if unwanted hair becomes a joy killer and makes them insecure? This is a big question that’s worth asking because whether we like it or not, it will happen. And if you make a fuss about removal, it will puncture her charisma and overall confidence!

A time would when every teenager will reach the stage of puberty and begin to grow hair on different body regions. When that time comes for your girl, please do not let it steal her self-esteem.

A lot of parents are currently engaging their teens to practice teenage hair removal and it doesn’t cost any harm to their bodies.



The ideal age for any girl to start practicing hair removal should be from 15 years. This is likely when she’ll start responding to the call of puberty and start growing thicker skin.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting a couple of girl hair removal methods that will allow your teen-ward to enjoy the grace of smoother skin.


  1. Shaving: Of course, shaving is always the number one hair removal method on the list. It is the most common practice of getting rid of body hair that is also suitable for teenage girls.

And because you’ll be dealing with young skin that has just begun the process of maturity, you will need to prep the body before you start shaving.

First, you should make sure that the skin is wet to enable the blade to glide easily and smoothly. In addition to using a shaver, also ensure to make use of a good shaving cream or gel, as this will help make it a painless experience for your girl.

You should consider this method for any part of the body.


  1. Waxing – Waxing is a little less common among teenagers but it is also an effective way of hair removal.

It is a simple method that involves the use of warm wax and body strip.

However, the process of waxing may come with a little discomfort because you will be expected to pull the hair from the root. This experience is never a thing that every teenage girl would want to associate with.

But if your girl seems to have a better resistance level, consider waxing as an option for all parts of the body.

Also bear in mind, that waxing will most likely leave you with some skin irritations like redness, itchiness, bumps, and ingrown hairs.


  1. Hair removal cream – This is a very cheap and easy way to remove hair from teenage skin. It requires so little effort yet offers great results.

If the use of depilatory cream is the method that your ward prefers (of course, who wouldn’t? It’s easy to choose), remember that her skin is still tender and may react to the chemical contents of the products.


For safety purposes, start by carrying out a patch test on a small part of her skin, as this will help confirm her level of sensitivity.

If the test goes well, you can carry on with the hair removal process. It comes with no pain at all, and works for every part of the body, except for the face.


  1. The use of laser hair removal – Everyone deserves to enjoy luxury and that includes teenage girls! The use of laser hair removal devices is an expensive way of removing body hair with permanent results.

It produces laser light that will efficiently terminate those unwanted hairs from the hair follicles, leaving you permanently with smoother skin. It is suitable for most parts of the body, but you will need to do it under the guidance and assistance of a skin specialist.


  1. IPL hair removal devices – You’ll find that the IPL hair removal option is somewhat close to the laser hair removal method.

But the difference with IPL devices is that it has lesser effects of the light intensity on the skin.

When you use an IPL device, the lights from it are spread across a broader section of the hair follicles, making it concentrates less deeply.

This hair removal method with lesser function may be compatible with younger skin but, you need more frequent treatment sessions for good results. An example of such a device is the Ulike IPL hair removal handset, which can be used for every part of the body.

Note: We would generally recommend the age range for IPL-use to be 15 and above, and this is because body hair becomes mature at this age. Some follicles mature at a younger age. Therefore, whether or not to use IPL will depend on the user. We recommend anyone under 18 gain approval from their parents or have consulted a specialist (cosmetician or dermatologist) before using our products.


  1. Threading – Threading works best for the face. It’s a complicated process of plucking unwanted hairs on the face by twisting a two-strand thin rope over it.

The best region for this method is the eyebrow, chin, and upper lips.

Since it involves some hair-pulling processes, there might be side effects from using this method. For example – redness, ingrown hair, and other skin irritations.



There is no best way for a girl to remove her body hair. The answer to this question is dependent on individual preferences. If a girl prefers to wax her hair, it doesn’t automatically make waxing the best among the other methods. It is simply what works best for you.



A lot of adolescent girls are mostly interested in how they look and what their peers think of them. When they begin to develop body hairs that seem disturbing to their personality, then you know it’s time to practice girl hair removal.

It is very important, as it’ll help nurture their confidence and will go a long way.

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