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How to do facial and hand hair removal fast

Hirsutism is one of the most emotionally distressing conditions that a woman has to face because of hormonal issues. Now you might have wondered what hirsutism is. It is a medical condition in which unwanted body hair starts to grow thicker, darker, and heavier than the normally seen peach fuzz (thin and light hair growth) on the face, hands, and back. This issue normally arises when male hormones start to rise high in the female body.

Women feel more uncomfortable with their facial and hand hair so they start looking for different methods to get rid of it. You don’t need to go anywhere to find the solution because we will give you a way to it. Along with that, we will also discuss a frequently asked question that does laser hair removal work for hirsutism in this article? So, keep reading to know the permanent and fast solution for facial and hand hair removal.

What causes a Facial, Hand hair, and hairy Back?

If you are tweezing or waxing the unwanted body hair on a regular basis, it will grow back darker and heavier. If the body hair issue runs in your family then definitely you will also face this. But if both of them are not the problem then you might be facing the issue of hormonal imbalance. This imbalance leads to PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) which helps in making the facial, hand, and back hairy. We called this condition Hirsutism. Other than that Cushing syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, medication, and tumors can also lead to hirsutism in women.

Does laser hair removal work for Hirsutism?

A high percentage of women who have excess body hair and can afford to use expensive methods for hair reduction always go for laser hair removal method. It is considered a long-term hair reduction method and can give better results than other techniques like electrolysis, waxing, and shaving. There is a little possibility that some can get permanent hair removal. But here, the question is does laser hair removal work for hirsutism?

First, let’s understand how laser hair removal works.  Using the concept of selective photothermolysis, a laser gun is used to produce light with a certain wavelength. This light directly works on killing the hair growth cells present in the hair follicles with the help of targeting melanin (hair pigment). This method works only on dark hair and on light skin complexion.

Hirsutism in women arises due to the excessive production of the androgen hormone. Because of this, the unwanted hair grows dark and heavy at a fast rate. As laser hair removal method is only a long-term solution, not a permanent one and because of the hormonal activity, the hair will grow back.

How can I reduce Hirsutism naturally?

The main culprit in the case of Hirsutism is the high production of androgen (male hormone) in the female body. If you successfully reduce the level the androgen then the chances become fair to control unwanted hair growth. To do this, you should follow a healthy diet along with some physical activity in your daily routine. But this will take some time to give the result that you want. What will you do until then?

The laser hair reduction technique only works for a certain period. To remove the dark heavy hair growth because of the Hirsutism issue in women, you need a method that is more effective, and budget-friendly than the laser hair removal technique. Here Ulike Sapphire Painless IPL Hair Removal device will help you to deal with this distressing problem. This is a revolutionary device that uses an intense pulse light (IPL) technique and removes unwanted hair permanently. More than 500000 users around the world are happy with this product. To know more about this product, let’s focus on its amazing features.

  • It is the ultimate solution for painless hair removal treatment.
  • This handset starts giving effective results in 4 weeks.
  • Its flat head design comes with a custom-made sapphire which helps to block harmful UV light.
  • This device comes with FDA safety approval.
  • You can get a more private experience (get the salon-like treatment at your home)at less cost.

Final Words

Hirsutism hair especially on the face and hands sometimes becomes a reason for low self-confidence in some women who face it. If you are one of them then you have also experienced it in your life. There are different hair removal methods available in the market such as lasers, creams, waxing, and many more but all of them are temporary. If you want a permanent solution then the IPL hair removal technique can give you the best result. And for your comfort, Ulike Sapphire Painless IPL Hair Removal device uses the same IPL technique and give you more permanent result in less time.

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