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Pubic Hair Removal for Men

You’ll have one of two reactions when you see this topic: a clean chuckle or a cringe!  A bushy penis and hairy balls is a funny image to imagine. But this remains a valid topic because pubic hair removal for men is a conversation worth having.

Being a grown-up man does not stop at owning a mature penis and running after women with it.

Beyond all that, do you have the proper knowledge on how to handle your pubic hair removal as a man? What about those scanty hairs on your scrotal sack, can you care for them? You most likely cannot.

Well, now you have every reason to closely follow this article for tips on pubic hair removal for men.



Practically, we find that a man has more pubic hair to groom in his intimate area than a woman.

Starting from the section below the belt to the joint of the phallus, and every area of the scrotum; all these parts will accumulate hairs and get bushy at some point.

If you’re going to remove your pubic hairs, it has to be because you are an individual that prefers to stay hairless and clean.

However, it is also a fact that bacteria have their way of building a home in any damp or bushy environment. Hence, you may be forced to get rid of those curly and bushy things around your groin.

For the purpose of safety and precaution, we will carefully explore the different hairy regions of a man’s genital and the hair removal method that works best for each.


This area is like a lower extension of the waistline. It is the first part that ushers you into a man’s groin with visible sight of pubic hairs. The best hair removal methods for this space are:

  • Shaving – Shaving is a safe and nearly painless hair removal practice that can be done on the area below the waistline. This is from the fact that the skin on this region of a man’s pubes appears to be flat and easy to glide with a razor or a shaving stick.

For better practice, you should carefully shave towards the direction of your hair growth. And you can further choose to add shaving cream or soap to the process.

  • Waxing - Waxing could also be the pubic hair removal option that works for you. But because of the level of pain involved, some people would never go for it.

Although, it promises a longer-lasting result than other regular methods but, it comes with serious hair removal side effects like redness, ingrown hair, itching, and rash. The good thing with waxing is that you’ll enjoy a very smooth surface immediately after removing the hair.

  • Trimming – To manually trim the hairs on this area will also work perfectly, leaving you with no pain or skin irritation.

All you need is to gently cut those hairs with clean scissors and something to serve as a duster.

With this method, you have the option to decide on the exact length of hair you want.

  • Electric trimming devices – The use of electric shaver is another way of trimming down the pubic hair on this part.

It is a temporal measure that doesn’t offer a long-lasting result, but you will enjoy the luxury of a nearly painless and easy hair removal process.

It will also leave you to choose the length and pattern of how you want the pubes to appear.

  • Laser hair removal device is amongst the top best option for eliminating the hairs below your waistline. A typical example of a such magical device is Ulike IPL hair removal handset that offers a long-lasting result after four treatment sessions.

It works by beaming laser lights to eliminate hairs deeply from the follicles. If you never want to see those hair again, the Ulike device might be the best shot for you.

Note: IPL treatment is not advisable for use near the anus, inguinal, scrotum, and testicular parts. This is because these areas usually have dark pigments.



This area of a man’s private part is so delicate and full of veins. The hair removal method that is perfect for these joint parts are:

  • Manual trimming – It is easy to reduce the length of those hairs with scissors, as the part doesn’t grow as much as the waistline region.
  • Electrical trimming – It is the second option that will do the job perfectly without causing any irritation to the phallus. You can either do it when the penis is in a turgid state (hard) or a flaccid state (soft).
  • Hair removal cream – The application of hair removal cream will work fine for the lower belt and joint regions. It’s a very simple process to follow, but you need to confirm if your skin will react to the chemicals before you proceed.


This is the most sensitive part of a man’s genital area. If you going to practice the ball hair removal process, please note that extra care is required. In cases where you’re not sure of the venture, kindly seek the services of a health practitioner.

Meanwhile, here are the hair methods that can be applied to the scrotum:

  • Trimming with sharp beauty scissors – never make the mistake of using any kind of scissors on your scrotal sack. Sharp beauty scissors will allow you to carefully select and snip the scanty hairs.
  • Electrical trimming – You do not need any hair removal method that requires pressure. With the help of an electric trimmer, you can temporarily barb those few hairs lying on the balls.
  • The use of depilatory creams – Even though this method seems to be very easy and simple to apply, we would highly recommend you seek the advice of a medical professional before embarking on the process. The skin of your balls could react to the chemicals in the cream and that may result to damage. This option doesn’t always work for everyone, you need to first confirm if it’ll be ideal for you.

NOTE – The use of laser hair devices is very dangerous for the balls. If you are going to engage in pubic hair removal as a man, keep it in mind that you are handling the most delicate and sensitive aspect of your manhood.  We will not advise to apply aggressive hair removal methods like tweezing, waxing and plucking.


It is not your fault for being a grown man with mature penis and balls.

But as you’re also not responsible for when these genitals grow hairs like other private parts, you shouldn’t let these natural occurrences be the spoiler of your game. Always remember: what you allow is what will stay!

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