About Ulike

Founded in 2013, Ulike is one of the leading providers of home beauty devices, selling over 3 million units in 17 countries worldwide.

We are determined to solve the hair removal problems of women worldwide. We believe everyone should be able to remove their unwanted body hair wherever and whenever they want. This is why we've developed portable, professional, and pain-free laser hair removal devices designed to give you a salon-grade experience in the comfort of your home (or hotel room!).

R&D is at the core of who we are, and we invest at least 30% of our yearly profits into developing hair removal technology. For example, our latest innovative Sapphire Ice-Cooling patent technology is a triple temperature control cooling system designed to significantly remove pain reduce common side effects. Our handsets guarantee results in only 4-6 weeks, as opposed to the 8-week industry standard making Ulike a safe, convenient, and efficient hair removal choice.

Our Vision

Ulike aims to solve the problems during and after the hair removal process so that our customers can complete their hair removal in their own homes and not just in the beauty salons while lowering the overall cost.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us at support@ulikeglobal.com

Our Work

The Rose series is the 5th generation of Ulike products. Through extensive investments in R&D and offline product testing, we constantly upgrade the product design, improving consumers' experience with every upgrade. From the prototype where it was only possible to accomplish hair removal to the 2nd generation that reduced skin heating, to the 4th generation that's free from pain to the skin with Ice-Cooling technology, the 6th generation of the Rose series is an innovative combination of all our efforts since the beginning. As our technology continues to progress, Ulike's product will enable beauty salon-grade hair removal for women and men in the comfort of their own homes.


R&D Powerful Strength of Ulike

Ulike products are Internationally Certified