Best IPL Hair Removal Solution

  • Visible Results in 4 weeks
  • Painless Treatment

Powerful IPL for a Powerful You. 

Powerful women make life seem smooth; while powerful IPL hair removal devices make your skin smoother.

When you look and feel your best the rest of life just seems to fall into place.

Rediscover your inner-confidence.

You’re gorgeous as you are, but if you prefer to remove unwanted hair, Ulike’s painless treatments are the undeniable choice.

Get salon-like results and feel proud and comfortable in your skin.

Invest in yourself, and feel your best.

Enjoy some well-deserved me-time and pamper yourself. Simplify your beauty routine with Ulike’s IPL hair removal devices. Save considerable money and get rid of pesky fuzz in a private and healthy way, all from the comfort of your home. It’s just that easy. 

Feel fantastic and enjoy health benefits.

Hair removal is a key part of any skin care routine, which as we all know, is important for keeping yourself healthy. IPL treatment is proven to be safer for your skin than outdated methods like waxing and shaving. Be healthy, happy, and keep your entire body ready to take on the world!

FDA-Cleared and Ready for Action

Globally Certified Safe for Home Use

Get noticeable results after just 4 weeks

Are you tired that the silky smooth bikini line only lasts for one night? Then those spiky bushes just stuck their way out, and here comes the itches, the scratches and sometimes the unbearable ingrowns? With Ulike, you can get salon-smooth results year-round! Bye-bye, unwanted hairs!

No zapping! Just chilling!

Ulike adopts clinical-grade patented sapphire ice-touch technology to lower the temperature from 158℉ to 50℉ at the point of contact with your skin.

The hair removal experience is truly painfree combined with proven effectiveness. Enjoy painless and effective hair removal experience with Ulike.

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