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Ulike Sapphire AIR+ Light Green IPL Hair Removal Handset

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    International Authoritative Certification Effective, Comfortable and Safe

    • Painless hair removal by Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology

    • Savings more than $10k expense than hair removal at a beauty salon

    • Salon-Grade hair removal in the comfort of your own home

    • Safety and hygiene are guaranteed with no skin damage

    • Easy to Clean with its flat surface design

    • All Body Parts’ hair can be treated within the five levels of energy

    • All Body Parts’ with its versatile design

    • Effective hair reduction by 90% in just 4 weeks

    Why Ulike?

    No Skin Damage / Nonallergenic
    Sapphire Pain-Free Patent Technology
    One-Off Investment & Whole-Body Suitability
    90% Hair reduction in 4 weeks

    Our Product

    Offline Beauty Salon

    Other Products

    Traditional Methods

    • Look Great & Pain-Free

      Look Great & Pain-Free

      Painless hair removal throughout the entire process.

    • Saves Time & Money

      Saves Time & Money

      Turn your time and money spent in beauty salons into other leisure.

    • Salon-Grade Experience

      Salon-Grade Experience

      Enjoy the same quality with less money and more hygiene.

    • More Privacy

      More Privacy

      Only you work on your face, underarms, legs, and around your private parts.

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    Permanent Hair Removal in 5 Weeks

    • Kelly - Week 4

      “This has easily been the best investment I have ever made!! I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my skin, my legs look so much better than they ever have, my skin feels so much smoother and I never have to think about shaving ever again, this thing is a miracle worker!!"

    Suitable Skin & Hair Color

    The working theory of IPL hair removal is to convert light energy into heat energy to destroy the hair follicle regeneration structure, thus inhibiting hair growth and causing the follicle to shrivel. Therefore, the device is only suitable for those with skin tones I to V on the Fitzpatrick Scale; the device shouldn't be used on those with very dark skin tones (VI) or those with very light blonde, red, or grey/white hair. Please double-check before purchasing, and you are welcome to consult before purchasing us at

    Skin Colour

    Dark Brown
    Dark Brown
    Very Dark
    Very Dark

    Hair Colour

    Dark Brown
    Dark Brown
    Light Blonde
    Light Blonde

    In the Box

    Sapphire Air - Light Green
    1. Sapphire Air - Light Green
    Charging Base & Cable
    2. Charging Base & Cable
    Safety Glass
    3. Safety Glass
    4. Razor
    Product Description Book
    5. Product Description Book
    User Manual
    6. User Manual


    When can I see the effects, and is it permanent?

    Most customers start to see evident hair reduction after 3-4 weeks. With 1 treatment per week, the effect becomes completely evident after 12 weeks. After each treatment, hair will grow much more sparsely and thinly. Eventually, hair reduction becomes permanent. To maintain the skin’s smoothness, you need to do 1 treatment every 2 to 3 months or as required. Both the outcome and frequency of treatment are different case by case.

    According to FDA’s regulations, permanent hair removal means ‘continued and steady reduction of hair over a prolonged period’, which we provide, though some may interpret the term ‘permanent’ differently. Please know that even the photo-therapy used in clinics is not entirely permanent.

    Is Ulike IPL Hair Remover safe, and will it cause skin disease?

    We have conducted many clinical trials on IPL’s safety and effectiveness, and because of this, IPL has become a widely used hair removal method in clinics and households.

    If you follow the instructions, our handset will not bring any harm to you. Ulike guarantees that all UV lights have been filtered away from the IPL’s light spectrum, including all wavelengths below 1200 nanometres. This industry standard applies to most IPL systems and is done to prevent skin damage by the light rays, which means that you will never experience chronic complications such as skin disease and skin aging.

    Do I need to shave before using IPL?

    Yes, we recommend that you shave the treatment area before using your handset. And wait for 10 hours before using the handset to avoid any allergic reaction. Shaving the hair to the appropriate length will avoid burns during the treatment and will also effectively target the hair follicles.

    Is IPL suited for my skin and hair colors?

    The device is only suitable for those with skin tones I to V on the Fitzpatrick Scale; the device shouldn't be used on those with very dark skin tones (VI) or those with very light blonde, red, or grey/white hair. (See the chart in previos section)