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How Can I Remove Upper Lip Hair at Home

Removal of upper lip hair can be a frustrating task. The face’s delicate skin can make waxing and threading incredibly painful, while tweezing is an inconsistent process that never quite seems to solve the moustache issue. These are three of the most common upper lip hair removal methods, but there are also many others such as sugaring, epilation, and razor trimmers. Below, we will explore the various pros and cons of these techniques, as well as the fast-growing trend of IPL hair removal - a method once reserved for the salon, now available for convenient use at home.

Is it normal to have upper lip hair?

First of all, it’s incredibly normal for anyone to have hair on their upper lip - even girls and women. Certain medical conditions like PCOS and hirsutism can exacerbate the appearance of the hair, but for the most part upper lip hair is simply a natural bodily growth. That said, it’s also normal to want to remove it, particularly if your hair is naturally dark and coarse.


With so many women looking for ways to get rid of pesky upper lip hairs, it’s no surprise that the beauty industry is full of ways to address the problem, both in a salon and at home.

Common Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods

  • Waxing

This is available at most beauty salons, as well as in nifty DIY kits for use at home. It can effectively strip all upper lip hairs, and with frequent treatments can even reduce hair growth long-term, but even those with a high pain tolerance find waxing difficult to bear. Furthermore, the cost of treatment can soon add up.


  • Threading

This technique is traditionally used for eyebrow shaping, but it can work elsewhere on the face too. It will make you wince, particularly during the first few times, but the result is a smooth upper lip that should last around a month before needing another go.


  • Face Trimmer

Essentially a small razor, face trimmers have seen a rise in popularity over recent years. Many are now battery-operated or rechargeable, designed to function in a similar way to beard groomers for men. Their compact design and sharp blades make hair removal easy and efficient but do pose the risk of cuts and nicks, and the regrowth can be rather unattractive. Just like shaving your legs, your upper lip hair is likely to grow back coarse and stubbly - the opposite of your goal!


  • Professional Laser

For an upper lip that stays fuzz-free the longest, with little to no side effects, professional laser treatment at a salon might be the way to go. For those with very dark, stubborn hair, upper lip laser hair removal is often the only option that significantly reduces hair growth long-term. This comes at a cost, however, as consistent laser treatments at a salon could set you back hundreds of pounds before you know it.

So, how do I quickly and painlessly get rid of upper lip hair?

If you’ve tried several methods of upper lip hair removal and just can’t seem to find a solution that’s both effective and cost-efficient, an IPL device could be the answer to your problems.


Designed as a laser-style treatment that’s safe for you to carry out at home, IPL (‘intense pulsed light’) technology is seeing a huge rise in popularity across the globe. Its appeal lies in its ease of use and dramatic results, as it not only removes hair but kills it at the root, meaning that after a period of routine use you could go months and years without the need for further hair removal.


Ulike currently offers 3 exceptional IPL devices. Here are some of the ways they can help you achieve quick and painless upper lip laser hair removal:


1. Travel-Friendly Design

The compact, ergonomic design and lightweight feel (each handset weighs just 284g) not only makes usage more comfortable, it means you can take your hair removal global! The device fits neatly into luggage and keeps it within baggage weight requirements, so you can use it wherever you go.


2. Sapphire Ice Cooling Technology

Our scientifically developed ‘sapphire ice cooling’ technology ensures the process is as painless as possible. IPL works by essentially converting light energy into heat, which then zaps the hair follicle. Normally, this would feel hot on the body and expose the skin to burn risks, but Ulike’s patented technology works to lower temperatures and keep the skin cool. 


3. Fast Results

After just 4 weeks using the Ulike handset, for no more than 10 minute intervals a few times a week, hair growth is proven to be visibly reduced by up to 90%. This is particularly good news for upper lip hair removal, where you want hair length, density, and quantity to be reduced as much, and as quickly, as possible.


While there are clearly many methods and tools at your disposal for hair removal, particularly for the pesky upper lip area, an IPL device is ostensibly the most efficient way to tackle your hairy problem. The laser-like technology ensures salon grade results that will last much longer than your usual waxing and shaving missions, with fewer risks to your skin too. Instead of forking out for a costly salon trip or committing to years of buying wasteful razors, give Ulike a go. 

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