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IPL Hair Removal vs. Candela Laser Hair Removal

At present, hair removal has become a common part of our hygiene and beauty routine. Removing hair not just has beauty benefits, but it also has several health benefits. It keeps our skin free from trapped dust on body hair, and it helps the skincare products reach the core of the skin most effectively as well. And all these benefits get even more intensified when you choose the suitable method of hair removal.

You must be aware that several types of hair removal methods are available. The most recent among them is the laser hair removal technique. It is a relatively recent method introduced and the most beneficial among the rest.

In the given discussion, we will be discussing and comparing the two most popular methods among them. One is IPL, and the other is the candela laser hair removal. If you are looking forward to opt for laser hair removal methods or are currently using laser hair removal techniques, the following discussion will readily help you. So, follow the given discussion to know the two types of hair removal methods, which among them is a better one and, most importantly, which tool is best for the laser hair removal technique. Let us now start with our discussion without delaying it any longer. 

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal is for Intense Pulsed Light hair removal method. And for that, it is vital that you know the best product that offers you the safest and the most delicate experience of hair removal. Thus, we recommend the most suitable and reliable project, Ulike Sapphire Air+ Dark Green. It is not just the most trustworthy product for hair removal of the IPL type, but its structure is incredibly stylish.

The product comes in different colours- white, light green and dark green. So, you can bring out the smooth and gorgeous self in you in the most stylish way. The tool is lightweight and very easily portable. You can carry it anywhere and everywhere. Also, if you have sensitive skin, this tool is perfect for you. It guarantees the cleanest look and the most delicate work on sensitive skin. Its powerful functioning and features make it the ideal IPL hair removal tool, and it is available at the best process.

You get a long-lasting hair removal solution with this tool in not more than four weeks. Ulike is ranked 1 in global sales, which thus, reflects how reliable and satisfactory the priest is at the worldwide level. Features like temperature control are available in this tool. You get the perfect salon-like experience but more privately and by saving a lot of time and expenses. 

What is Candela Laser Hair Removal?

Candela laser hair removal method is the dual wavelength laser platform treehouse which is another type of laser hair removal method. This technique is a long-lasting hair removal solution and is suitable for all skin types. In the candela hair removal technique, the hair removal procedure involves targeting the hair follicles at their very roots, thus making long-lasting hair removal possible.

The technique involves the release of a minor burst of delicate energy along with therapeutic heat that, through a few treatments, makes long-lasting hair removal possible. The laser functionality used in candela is the fastest and the most efficient one. Thus, it offers clean and sustainable roots for hair removal. Additionally, candela is a laser treatment that is functional in not just long-lasting hair removal but also removing acne scars, wrinkles, tattoos and psoriasis. It is also a very reliable and pain-free technique of laser hair removal that is very safe to opt for when planning long-lasting hair removal solutions. 

Now that you know about candela as a laser hair removal technique, you must know equally about IPL. The full form of IPL in IPL hair removal is the Intense Pulsed Light technique used for hair removal. This is also a long-lasting method of hair removal technique. The working procedure here is that a certain type of light is used to burn the hair follicles completely. Thus, the permanency of hair removal is guaranteed in this technique. In addition, the problem of ingrown does not persist anymore. About six sessions of IPL hair removal can long-lasting receive 70% of the body hair. The risk of damaging your skin is next to negligible. Thus, IPL is a safe, reliable, effective and efficient method of hair removal that you can unhesitantly opt for. 

Which is better?

The fundamental difference between Candela and IPL hair removal methods is that Candela is a laser hair treatment, whereas IPL is a hair removal treatment that uses intensified impulse light. The procedure of working in both of them is also different. In Candela, a small burst of delicate energy and optimum and safe heat is released at the hair follicles. And laser works at the root of the hair, removing them and thus, causing a long-lasting effect. On the other hand, in IPL, the light is used to burn the hair follicles, thus, even when they grow back, they do so slowly, and when they do, they fall off. Thus, the preference of individuals about going for or choosing which procedure varies completely.

The IPL uses wavelengths of light to get the work done whereas the laser hair removal method, that is, Candela, uses several shots of single laser light. So, the effectiveness is much more in IPL. But, the varying wavelength can cause skin burns at times. Although less effective than IPL, laser hair removal can be considered a safer method. Also, the candela laser treatment works on a constricted and narrowed area of your skin, while IPL works on a wide part of your skin. Here, Candela stands to be more beneficial than IPL. Lastly, the aspect of expenditure also varies. IPL is a cheaper technique than the Candela laser hair removal method.


Different people have different aspirations for their hair removal experience, and it is possible to compare the differences only. Thus, we have offered you all the necessary information. Now, you must be aware of your skin types, needs and demands that you want out of your hair removal journey. We have also discussed the best tool if you wish to the best IPL hair removal experience. So, chase the method that suits you the best and bring out your most elegant self of yours!

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