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Top 8 IPL Devices for Hair Removal At Home

The science behind IPL devices for at-home laser hair removal, has been made to offer flexibility and satisfaction for users. It is a technological advancement designed to tackle the removal of hair at home, and skin rejuvenation for most users.

Gone are the days when people are made to visit a salon, and battle with the confidence of stripping off before a stranger. Right in the comfort of your personal space, you will enjoy the luxury to effortlessly handle your hair removal process and keep your confidence in intact.

In this article, we’ll be exploring a list of the best 8 Intense Pulse-Light laser devices, that are used for hair removal at home:


Ulike IPL HAIR REMOVER - The Ulike brand is an ice-cooling IPL laser hair removal that has hit the beauty industry with many benefits for its customers.

As a  5th generational IPL hair remover, it provides the following advantages that would make your hair removal process satisfactory and comfortable:

  • Painless treatment – Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology makes the hair removal process painless by reducing the epidemic temperature to 10 Celsius degree. That in turn, would compress cold and result to a comfortable treatment.
  • Five energy levels – Considering the various sensitivity of different skin types, the Ulike at-home hair remover comes with different levels of power intensity. To enhance compatibility, you could start from the lowest level, and gradually proceed to the highest after your skin must have adapted to the flash.
  • Ultra-light design – it comes in a 284g ultra light compact design which makes it flexible to use.
  • Easy to Clean - The flat surface design, which is rarely available on the market, makes the whole cleaning process easier and makes.


KENZZI HAIR REMOVER – This is another hair removal brand that promises you easy comfort. It’s a multi-functional IPL handset that minimizes acne, reduces hair spots, age spots, face wrinkles, and helps manage other skin conditions.

If you’re wondering what they do differently, here are the few benefits that make the Kenzzi hair removal brand amongst the best:

  • It is a safe device to use, with a 5 level technological energy intensity. This quality is efficient for skin balancing, and long lasting effects at home.
  • It offers fast and easy treatment for the skin in minutes. It has the quality to treat any part of your body against aging, hair removal spots and more.
  • The Kenzzi hair removal handset is not gender-specific. Whether you are a man, or a woman, you can conveniently use the device for all parts of your body, starting from the head to the toe, including other sensitive areas.
  • It is an efficient IPL laser hair removal device that promises a 4-weeks permanent result, and a long lasting smooth skin.


BRAUN LASER HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE – Shaving has gotten better with the Braun laser hair remover in the market. This brand is a little more particular with the male edition of laser hair removal. They have the following qualities that mark them outstanding:

  • They’ve been tested and recommended as skin safe by the skin health alliance
  • Their devices treat both legs in less than 5 minutes
  • They have a long record of 100 years in the beauty industry for producing simple, useful and long-lasting products
  • Their products are designed for various skin, and hair types.


NOOD HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE – This hair removal brand has proven overtime, that it has the at-home solution to unwanted hairs.

With a record of over 600 five-star reviews, previously published on various fashion platforms, here are a few things to note about them:

  • Their hair removal devices offer up to 8-weeks long-lasting result. This is far beyond what has been recorded from other IPL brands
  • The devices deliver a quicker result across all part of the body.
  • While delivering good results, the nood hair removal device also appears to be quite pocket-friendly, which is a typical example of affordable luxury.


BOSIDIN LASER HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE – The Bosidin hair remover, also known as the “dynamic cooling device” has mainly targeted to deliver sensation onto your beautiful skin.

It works by creating a cool sensational feeling just before the pulsed light is emitted, and this makes the hair removal process a one-step method. Here is more of their amazing benefits in the beauty industry so far:

  • It uses light energy with a wavelength ranging from 650-910nm. This intensity will effectively restrain the hair from growing anytime soon.
  • The light energy is as high as 95%, which can effortlessly penetrate the hair follicles and minimizes the effects of some unhelpful wavelengths on the skin.
  • There’s a high quality technology involved in this hair removal device. Yet, it performs greatly without causing any damage on the skin. While, it concentrates deeply on the hair follicles, it only has a gentle influence on the skin surface.
  • There’s a valuable tip attached with shopping the Bosidin IPL hair removal device. Their skin experts service team will provide you with a lifetime consultation service, regarding the hair removal treatment at home.


ROSESKINCO LUMI IPL HANDSET – This hair removal device is specially made to leave the skin soft like a baby’s, and smooth like a dolphin. It delivers permanent hair reduction with valid results after 4-days of treatment. It also:

  • Comes in a handy design,
  • Convenient for all body types,
  • Offers painless result, unlike waxing,
  • And its ability to eliminate in-grown hair has been described as the future of hair removal


SILK’N HAIR REMOVAL DEVICE – This option shows vividly, the innovative wonders of at-home hair removal devices.

The silk’n brand has many variants of the IPL laser removal. On their catalog (, you will discover:

  • Silk’n infinity hair removal device that uses pulse-light to permanently eliminate hair growth without any reaction,
  • Silk’n flash&Go express that comes in a very handy size, and faster for hair removal
  • Silk’n flash&Go jewel that is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists, and many others.

It is one of the fast growing brand in the beauty industry for producing hair removal devices that are versatile in nature.


JOVS HAIR REMOVER– Here is another means to enjoy luxury while handling your hair removal process at home!

The Jovs IPL laser device has stormed the beauty market with an amazing feature in a mini-LCD touch screen, and a rotating head that leaves you with a fantastic experience.

 It is considered as one of the best hair removal device with the following alluring properties:

  • A sleek matte exterior design that reeks of class
  • It works for skin rejuvenation
  • It comes with a pulse light that penetrates deeply through different optical filters. Example is the 3cm square head for skin rejuvenation and hair on hand, the 3.6cm square head for the leg hair and armpit, the 1cm square head for the face and lips, then, the 2cm head for the public hair.



With the combination of high-functionality and interesting physical designs, these at-home IPL laser hair removal devices continue to make waves in the beauty industry.

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