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Laser hair removal is so expensive, is there an alternative

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Hair removal has now become a common practice for both males and females. People use many different methods like waxing, shaving, plucking, threading, etc. for regular hair removal at home. But all these methods don’t give satisfactory results unless done under proper professional guidance. However, the development in technology has made things easier. Technology has introduced different methods like laser hair removal and electrolysis for your ease.

Are you looking for an inexpensive hair removal technique as an alternative to laser hair removal? In this article we will discuss laser hair removal at a beauty salon and its alternative in detail.

Laser Hair Removal – What is it?

Laser hair removal is a medical process that is used to remove hair with the help of a laser beam. Laser method uses a laser beam to destroy the hair follicles to restrict the growth of hair. It is suited for all skin types. However, it doesn’t ensure long-lasting hair removal. Moreover, you need to attend multiple laser removal sittings and post-treatment sittings for maintenance, making it very expensive.  Several laser hair removal companies like Milan Laser Hair Removal and Clearstone Laser Hair removal are considered for laser hair removal by people, but it becomes unaffordable for many people. It is one of the major reasons why many people are looking for different inexpensive alternatives for laser hair removal.

It works best on light-colored skin with dark-colored hair, as the basic idea is to treat the pigment of hair follicles with the laser beam. Although you can use it on any part of the skin, the best results are seen on legs, arms, armpits, and bikini line. The laser hair removal technique is easy to use on the skin that has good contrast with hair i.e., hair is of dark color and skin is fair. It happens because the basic idea of this technique is to damage the pigmented hair follicle, not the skin. The chances of skin damage come into existence when there is very little difference between the hair and skin color. However, with the advancing technology, laser has developed and become suitable for dark-toned people too.


Risks of side effects are different as per the different skin types, color, pre-treatment, and post-treatment care. It can lead to skin irritation or even pigmentation. Laser hair removal rarely shows the side effects like excessive hair growth around the treated area, greying of hair, or darkening of the skin. That’s why laser hair removal is strictly prohibited for the eyelids and other sensitive areas around the eyes.


While going for Laser Hair Removal, you should always keep your doctor’s advice in mind. Many necessary precautions are required to keep your skin and the treated area safe and free from damage. We have mentioned some of them below:

  • Stay out of the sun to prevent your skin from becoming pigmented.
  • Avoid other hair removal methods around the time of laser hair removal.
  • Remember to ask your doctor about the medications to be avoided before and after the treatment.

Better Alternative to Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is effective as it lengthens the time of hair regrowth, but at the same time it is damn expensive, not everybody can afford laser hair removal regularly after certain intervals. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be effective for people with light-colored hair. The ice-cooling hair removal is a better alternative to this. The best part is that it is a nearly painless and less time-consuming hair removal treatment.

Ulike introduces the Sapphire IPL Hair removal technique as an alternative to laser hair removal, which has several impressive qualities:

  • Nearly painless: First things first, it is completely nearly painless. We often tend to delay hair removal because of the number of preparations and the pain, but here the problem is solved. There is no need to bear the pain with the Sapphire IPL hair removal technique.
  • Changeable Intensity levels: The device consists of 5 intensity levels, which you can adjust as per the need and adaptability of your skin. As soon as your skin becomes comfortable with a lower intensity, switch to the higher one.
  • Convenient: It is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. You can easily work with this device single-handedly, without the support of even the other hand.
  • Privacy efficiency: Opting for a laser treatment is extremely time-consuming and, at the same time, it hinders your privacy. Many times it becomes difficult to be comfortable with someone else for such a private thing. But with the Ulike Sapphire hair removal technique, nobody will ever come to know about what and when you did.
  • Less expensive: The Ulike IPL hair removal technique costs less than the laser treatment because you don't need to purchase this tool every time you go for hair removal. Hence, it naturally costs lesser than the laser treatment as it is a recurring expense.


Laser Hair Removal

Ulike IPL Hair Removal

It disturbs the schedule completely.

It is extremely easy and convenient to use.

It hurts your privacy to an extreme level.

Renders your privacy.

It does not include your choice while being operated.

You can easily switch the intensity levels as per your choice.

You need a lot of preparations before going for laser hair removal.

No extra preparations are required, rather you can easily carry the device in your bag without any extra effort.


Laser hair removal is an effective technique for hair removal. However, everybody can't afford it due to its higher cost. Ulike IPL hair removal technique helps get rid of that budget problem; it is highly budget-friendly as it is a one-time investment without further maintenance charges. To top it all, this technique is dramatically convenient to use as it offers many advantages like no preparations required, easy to handle, offers you privacy to groom yourself as per your choice, etc. If you are among the people looking for an alternative to traditional hair removal techniques, you should try the Ulike IPL hair removal device once.

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