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Top 5 IPL Hair Removal Devices

As mammals, humans also have hair on their body. According to mythology, humans are the evolved version of apes, so human beings consist of lesser hair on the body and more on the head. But nowadays, people tend to become more inclined towards a hairless, smooth body. It has become a style statement for people now. But over style and fashion, hair removal also has other benefits like it makes maintaining hygiene easier. Hair removal plays an important role in keeping you hygienic as hair appreciate a sweaty body and sweat attracts bacteria which creates odor. Also, hair removal takes out dead cells with it, which makes the skin after hair removal look fairer than before.

There are multiple methods of hair removal, some people go for traditional methods like waxing, shaving, tweezing, and threading whereas some prefer new-age things like laser hair removal, epilators, or electrolysis. Earlier waxing used to be the most effective way of removing hair but it takes a lot of effort to remove hair by waxing at a time and at the same time, it is damn painful. That’s why laser hair removal techniques were introduced as there is less effort required for these and it is a no-pain experience to remove hair using this concentrated beam of laser. Read on to know how hair removal can be painless.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

Intense Pulsed Light is a kind of light treatment that produces high-intensity light to treat various issues in the skin. The light produced by the device is absorbed by the pigment of the hair, causing a buildup of energy which later converts into heat. The heat travels down to the roots of the hair and destroys the cells that produce new hair. Now the best part is that it is a fast and a painless hair removal process. Some of the best hair removal devices are listed below:

Top 5 IPL Hair Removal Devices

1.     Ulike IPL hair removal:

Ulike has always aimed at home-based beauty devices since its origin. The brand has always tried to give its best to the consumer. The new sapphire ice patent cooling technology introduced by the brand is very suitable for hair removal at home.

Features and Working

Ulike IPL hair removal handset provides ease in the process of hair removal as it is completely painless and safe for the skin. The handset has a five-level intensity, which offers you the choice to set the intensity of light as per the comfort and adaptability of your skin. Being light-weight and small, it is easy to handle and use. It can be operated single-handedly so that, you can keep your hair removal thing private. It allows you to work at your convenience and comfort.

2.     Braun laser hair removal:

Braun the brand introduces the Silk-Expert Pro5 IPL. The Silk-Expert Pro5 reads the tone and nature of the skin and adjusts the light intensity accordingly to maintain a balance between safety and efficiency.

Features and working

The Silk-Expert Pro5 IPL is extremely easy to use. It has got two heads one is for small and precise areas like the bikini line, armpits, upper lips, etc. and the other is definitely for larger areas like arms, legs, belly, etc. With it, you will find a razor for a smooth shaving experience. Before actually using the Silk-Expert, you need to shave the area first. Because after shaving, the hair follicles remain inside and the light from the device disables them.

3.     Kenzzi Hair Removal:

The Kenzzi hair removal device is a small handset that can be used and is easy to handle. It works on the permanent reduction of hair growth and gives its completed results in a period of 12 weeks.

Features and Working

The Kenzzi’s 5-level intensity makes it completely safe and efficient to use. You can switch levels as your skin becomes comfortable with the lower level. One of the unique features of the Kenzzi hair removal device is the fan inside it. The function of the fan is to keep the handset cool even after being continuously used. This unique feature makes it comfortable to use on any body part. Another advantage of using Kenzzi is that it emits the beam of light only when it senses skin on its head. As a result it becomes harmless if it goes near the eyes or any other sensitive area.

4.     Nood Hair Removal:

The Nood Hair removal treatment is another effortless way of getting hair removal done. The brand provides an amalgamation of hair removal and skin care. The main aim of the product is to remove hair efficiently in the minimum time possible.

Features and working

Nood hair removal treatment also offers different intensity levels as per your comfort. The brand pairs the best beauty products with hair removal at home. Along with the handset device and cord, you also get a moisturizing cream to apply after the treatment.

5.     Philips Laser Hair Removal:

Philips offers an IPL device, Lumea IPL 9000. It is also one of the most effective hair removal devices. The brand aims at 92% hair growth reduction in a few uses.

Features and working

The “Lumea IPL 9000” is the most efficient and time-saving hair removal process. Both men and women can use it. And most importantly, it is safe to use the device on any of your body parts.


Like the two sides of a coin, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are listed below:



It is highly cost-effective and affordable for everyone out there.

It has more chances of hair regrowth.

It offers you the treatment at home without any hindrance in your privacy.

If in case you have a hormonal imbalance, its effectiveness reduces.


IPL treatment for hair removal is easy and very effective to use. You should think about giving it a try as it is highly affordable at the same time. However, there are chances of hair regrowth, but to date, no hair removal technique guarantees permanent hair removal including laser hair removal. It has many advantages and is completely harmless for the skin compared to other hair removal techniques. If you are looking forward to permanent hair removal, you should not wait to try Ulike IPL hair Removal Device at home.

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